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1. III.假定资本由于劳动生产力不断提高而增加到15000镑,现在每年生产商品30000件,每件成本价格13先令,利润2先令,也就是每件按15先令出售。因此,年周转额=30000×15先令=22500镑,其中19500镑为预付资本,3000镑为利润。所以,p/k=2/13=3000/19500=155/13%。但是,p/C=3000/15000=20%。
2.   Now stood her castle faste by the sea, And often with her friendes walked she, Her to disport upon the bank on high, There as many a ship and barge sigh,* *saw Sailing their courses, where them list to go. But then was that a parcel* of her woe, *part For to herself full oft, "Alas!" said she, Is there no ship, of so many as I see, Will bringe home my lord? then were my heart All warish'd* of this bitter paine's smart." *cured <6> Another time would she sit and think, And cast her eyen downward from the brink; But when she saw the grisly rockes blake,* *black For very fear so would her hearte quake, That on her feet she might her not sustene* *sustain Then would she sit adown upon the green, And piteously *into the sea behold,* *look out on the sea* And say right thus, with *careful sikes* cold: *painful sighs* "Eternal God! that through thy purveyance Leadest this world by certain governance, *In idle,* as men say, ye nothing make; *idly, in vain* But, Lord, these grisly fiendly rockes blake, That seem rather a foul confusion Of work, than any fair creation Of such a perfect wise God and stable, Why have ye wrought this work unreasonable? For by this work, north, south, or west, or east, There is not foster'd man, nor bird, nor beast: It doth no good, to my wit, but *annoyeth.* *works mischief* <7> See ye not, Lord, how mankind it destroyeth? A hundred thousand bodies of mankind Have rockes slain, *all be they not in mind;* *though they are Which mankind is so fair part of thy work, forgotten* Thou madest it like to thine owen mark.* *image Then seemed it ye had a great cherte* *love, affection Toward mankind; but how then may it be That ye such meanes make it to destroy? Which meanes do no good, but ever annoy. I wot well, clerkes will say as them lest,* *please By arguments, that all is for the best, Although I can the causes not y-know; But thilke* God that made the wind to blow, *that As keep my lord, this is my conclusion: To clerks leave I all disputation: But would to God that all these rockes blake Were sunken into helle for his sake These rockes slay mine hearte for the fear." Thus would she say, with many a piteous tear.
3. 滴滴方面表示,后续会根据产品使用情况,陆续在全国各城市上线该功能。
4. 但是,麻布到货币的形态变化,麻布的出售,对他这个麻布生产者来说,虽然已经发生,然而,对麻布本身来说,还没有发生。麻布仍旧作为商品资本处在市场上,有待于完成它的第一形态变化,即卖掉。对这批麻布来说,不过是它的所有者改变了。按它本身的性质来说,按它在过程中所处的地位来说,它仍旧是商品资本,是要出售的商品;只是它现在是在商人手中,而不象以前那样是在生产者手中。把麻布卖掉的职能,即对麻布形态变化的第一阶段起中介作用的职能,由商人从生产者手里接过来了,成为商人的特殊业务了,而以前,这种职能是生产者在完成生产麻布的职能以后要由自己去完成的。
5.   "Thence we sailed sadly on, glad to have escaped death, though wehad lost our comrades, and came to the Aeaean island, where Circelives a great and cunning goddess who is own sister to the magicianAeetes- for they are both children of the sun by Perse, who isdaughter to Oceanus. We brought our ship into a safe harbour without aword, for some god guided us thither, and having landed we there fortwo days and two nights, worn out in body and mind. When the morningof the third day came I took my spear and my sword, and went away fromthe ship to reconnoitre, and see if I could discover signs of humanhandiwork, or hear the sound of voices. Climbing to the top of ahigh look-out I espied the smoke of Circe's house rising upwardsamid a dense forest of trees, and when I saw this I doubted whether,having seen the smoke, I would not go on at once and find out more,but in the end I deemed it best to go back to the ship, give the mentheir dinners, and send some of them instead of going myself.
6. 27.苹果AppStore去年营收超500亿美元但增速已显著放缓1月8日消息,苹果公司宣布,自2008年上线以来,AppStore应用商店已为开发者带来1550亿美元的收入,高于2019年1月披露的1200亿美元。


1.   It came to passe, and no long time since, that a young Florentine ofours, named Niccolo de Cignano, but more usually called Salabetto,imployed as Factor for his Maister, arrived at Palermo; his Shipstored with many Woollen Cloathes, a remainder of such as had bin soldat the Mart of Salerno; amounting in valew to above five hundredFlorines of Gold. When he had given in his packet to theCustome-house, and made them up safe in his Warehouse; withoutmaking shew of desiring any speedy dispatch, he delighted to viewall parts of the City, as mens minds are continuallie addicted toNovelties. He being a very faire and affable yong man, easie to kindleaffection in a very modest eie: it fortuned, that a Courtezane, one ofour before remembred shavers, who termed hir selfe Madame Biancafiore,having heard somewhat concerning his affairs, beganne to dartamorous glances at him. Which the indiscreete youth perceyving, andthinking her to be some great Lady: began also to grow halfeperswaded, that his comely person was pleasing to her and therefore hewould carrie this good fortune of his somewhat cautelously.
2. 感谢大家了,发现了报警也行。
3. 我是个俗气至顶的人,见山是山,见海是海,见花便是花……这几句话长期被和王小波绑定在一起。
4.   "Yes, sir," replied the abbe; "and you are the person whomM. de Boville, formerly an inspector of prisons, sends to mefrom the prefect of police?"
5.   We found dinner ready, and waiting for us in Mrs. Fairfax's room.
6. 为什么“自黑”和“自嘲”呢?因为自黑和自嘲是互联网的营销利器,这些年“风口理论”为小米博得了不少关注。


1.   Bonacieux called a long time; but as such cries, on account oftheir frequency, brought nobody in the Rue des Fossoyeurs, and aslately the mercer's house had a bad name, finding that nobodycame, he went out continuing to call, his voice being heardfainter and fainter as he went in the direction of the Rue duBac.
2.   In the case of most of our anciently domesticated animals and plants, I do not think it is possible to come to any definite conclusion, whether they have descended from one or several species. The argument mainly relied on by those who believe in the multiple origin of our domestic animals is, that we find in the most ancient records, more especially on the monuments of Egypt, much diversity in the breeds; and that some of the breeds closely resemble, perhaps are identical with, those still existing. Even if this latter fact were found more strictly and generally true than seems to me to be the case, what does it show, but that some of our breeds originated there, four or five thousand years ago? But Mr Horner's researches have rendered it in some degree probable that man sufficiently civilized to have manufactured pottery existed in the valley of the Nile thirteen or fourteen thousand years ago; and who will pretend to say how long before these ancient periods, savages, like those of Tierra del Fuego or Australia, who possess a semi-domestic dog, may not have existed in Egypt?The whole subject must, I think, remain vague; nevertheless, I may, without here entering on any details, state that, from geographical and other considerations, I think it highly probable that our domestic dogs have descended from several wild species. In regard to sheep and goats I can form no opinion. I should think, from facts communicated to me by Mr Blyth, on the habits, voice, and constitution, &c., of the humped Indian cattle, that these had descended from a different aboriginal stock from our European cattle; and several competent judges believe that these latter have had more than one wild parent. With respect to horses, from reasons which I cannot give here, I am doubtfully inclined to believe, in opposition to several authors, that all the races have descended from one wild stock. Mr Blyth, whose opinion, from his large and varied stores of knowledge, I should value more than that of almost any one, thinks that all the breeds of poultry have proceeded from the common wild Indian fowl (Gallus bankiva). In regard to ducks and rabbits, the breeds of which differ considerably from each other in structure, I do not doubt that they all have descended from the common wild duck and rabbit.The doctrine of the origin of our several domestic races from several aboriginal stocks, has been carried to an absurd extreme by some authors. They believe that every race which breeds true, let the distinctive characters be ever so slight, has had its wild prototype. At this rate there must have existed at least a score of species of wild cattle, as many sheep, and several goats in Europe alone, and several even within Great Britain. One author believes that there formerly existed in Great Britain eleven wild species of sheep peculiar to it! When we bear in mind that Britain has now hardly one peculiar mammal, and France but few distinct from those of Germany and conversely, and so with Hungary, Spain, &c., but that each of these kingdoms possesses several peculiar breeds of cattle, sheep, &c., we must admit that many domestic breeds have originated in Europe; for whence could they have been derived, as these several countries do not possess a number of peculiar species as distinct parent-stocks? So it is in India. Even in the case of the domestic dogs of the whole world, which I fully admit have probably descended from several wild species, I cannot doubt that there has been an immense amount of inherited variation. Who can believe that animals closely resembling the Italian greyhound, the bloodhound, the bull-dog, or Blenheim spaniel, &c. so unlike all wild Canidae ever existed freely in a state of nature? It has often been loosely said that all our races of dogs have been produced by the crossing of a few aboriginal species; but by crossing we can get only forms in some degree intermediate between their parents; and if we account for our several domestic races by this process, we must admit the former existence of the most extreme forms, as the Italian greyhound, bloodhound, bull-dog, &c., in the wild state. Moreover, the possibility of making distinct races by crossing has been greatly exaggerated. There can be no doubt that a race may be modified by occasional crosses, if aided by the careful selection of those individual mongrels, which present any desired character; but that a race could be obtained nearly intermediate between two extremely different races or species, I can hardly believe. Sir J. Sebright expressly experimentised for this object, and failed. The offspring from the first cross between two pure breeds is tolerably and sometimes (as I have found with pigeons) extremely uniform, and everything seems simple enough; but when these mongrels are crossed one with another for several generations, hardly two of them will be alike, and then the extreme difficulty, or rather utter hopelessness, of the task becomes apparent. Certainly, a breed intermediate between two very distinct breeds could not be got without extreme care and long-continued selection; nor can I find a single case on record of a permanent race having been thus formed.On the Breeds of the Domestic pigeon.
3.   When the Bishop had heard all the discourse, highly he commended thewisedome of the Gentlewoman, and worthy assistance of her brethren,who contemning to soile their hands in the blood of a Priest, rathersought to shame him as hee deserved. The Bishop enjoyned him apennance of repentance for forty dayes after, but love and disdainemade him weepe nine and forty: Moreover, it was a long while after,before he durst be seene abroad. But when he came to walke thestreets, the Boyes would point their fingers at him, saying. Beholdthe Provoste that lay with Ciutazza: Which was such a wearisome lifeto him, that he became (well neere) distracted in his wits. In thismanner the honest Gentlewoman discharged her dutie, and rid herselfe of the Provosts importunity: Ciutazza had a merry night of it,and a new Smocke also for her labour.
4. 于是我们又收获了一个推论:量涨价跌或量跌价涨,说明供给曲线在变化,供给一方在主导市场的波动。
5. 2、温氏:多中心分布式成就行业巨头温氏为适应公司+农户的商业模式,设计了平台化+分布式组织模式,建立信息化系统,采取物联网平台链接家庭农场。
6. 无节制的同情,只会让对方感觉自己更渺小更脆弱其实当信息过载,面对各种真假传言,人们除了无助,也会产生心理学中所谓的无节制的同情。


1.   As the Fishes were throwne up to the servant, alive as they were, hetooke the best and fairest of them, and brought them to the Table,where they skipt and mounted before the King, Count Guy de Montfortand the Father: some leaping from the Table into the Pond againe,and others, the King (in a pleasing humour) voluntarily threw backe tothe Damosels. jesting and sporting in this manner, till the servanthad drest divers of them in exquisite order, and served them to theTable according as Signior Neri had ordained. When the Damosels sawthe Fishes service performed, and perceived that they had fishedsufficiently: they came forth of the water, their garments then (beingwet) hanging close about them, even as if they hid no part of theirbodies. Each having taken those things againe, which at first theybrought with them, and saluting the king in like humility as theydid before, returned home to the mansion house.
2.   `Why don't you speak ordinary English?' she said coldly.
3. 在较短的时间内,刘学辉便大刀阔斧的完成了乐视在转型过程中的战略与经营管理体系构建。
4. 值得一提的是,每位旅客在飞机上还填写了一份旅客信息登记表,其中除了个人信息,特设一栏,须填写有无湖北接触史。
5. 2月5日,抚州市临川区第一人民医院发布通知,做出对其开除,永不录用决定。
6. 网友:别让我妈知道……来源:中国蓝新闻他叫刘文鑫,是浙江农林大学的大一学生。


1. 他给这台机器命名为阿瓦隆,取自日本动漫《Fate》中最强的防御武器,也是亚瑟王传说中,威尔士极乐世界的别称,亚瑟王最终的栖息之地。
2. 农村的经济、社会混乱应该由新的城市中心所提供的机会来加以平衡。商业和工业的增长导致大城市如孟买、马德拉斯和加尔各答与工业城市如艾哈迈达巴德和贾姆谢德布尔的发展。在这些中心出现了一个中产阶级,它由地产和城市财产的所有人、政府官员、商人以及各种专门职业者如律师、医生和记者组成。到1914年,城市人口大约相当于印度总人口的10%。印度人民并没有由于西方的影响而境况更好,很可能境况更坏。为什么呢?其基本原因就在于上述发展不足以吸收农村大批被迫离乡背井的人。不过,应该提到,城市中的新兴中产阶级代表了一个具有重要意义的政治改革,这一改革最后将改变印度的面貌和印度与世界其他国家的关系。中产阶级取代了已为英国征服者所驱逐的旧的统治集团,并提供了促进正在迅速发展的。民族主义运动和新的思潮的推动力;民族主义运动和新思潮正在使印度恢复生气。
3. 第二部分:裂变费米逃出魔爪(2)

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