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1.   The accompanying diagram will aid us in understanding this rather perplexing subject. Let A to L represent the species of a genus large in its own country; these species are supposed to resemble each other in unequal degrees, as is so generally the case in nature, and as is represented in the diagram by the letters standing at unequal distances. I have said a large genus, because we have seen in the second chapter, that on an average more of the species of large genera vary than of small genera; and the varying species of the large genera present a greater number of varieties. We have, also, seen that the species, which are the commonest and the most widely-diffused, vary more than rare species with restricted ranges. Let (A) be a common, widely-diffused, and varying species, belonging to a genus large in its own country. The little fan of diverging dotted lines of unequal lengths proceeding from (A), may represent its varying offspring. The variations are supposed to be extremely slight, but of the most diversified nature; they are not supposed all to appear simultaneously, but often after long intervals of time; nor are they all supposed to endure for equal periods. Only those variations which are in some way profitable will be preserved or naturally selected. And here the importance of the principle of benefit being derived from divergence of character comes in; for this will generally lead to the most different or divergent variations (represented by the outer dotted lines) being preserved and accumulated by natural selection. When a dotted line reaches one of the horizontal lines, and is there marked by a small numbered letter, a sufficient amount of variation is supposed to have been accumulated to have formed a fairly well-marked variety, such as would be thought worthy of record in a systematic work.The intervals between the horizontal lines in the diagram, may represent each a thousand generations; but it would have been better if each had represented ten thousand generations. After a thousand generations, species (A) is supposed to have produced two fairly well-marked varieties, namely a1 and m1. These two varieties will generally continue to be exposed to the same conditions which made their parents variable, and the tendency to variability is in itself hereditary, consequently they will tend to vary, and generally to vary in nearly the same manner as their parents varied. Moreover, these two varieties, being only slightly modified forms, will tend to inherit those advantages which made their common parent (A) more numerous than most of the other inhabitants of the same country; they will likewise partake of those more general advantages which made the genus to which the parent-species belonged, a large genus in its own country. And these circumstances we know to be favourable to the production of new varieties.
2. 原标题:北京首例新冠肺炎患者离世前后离世者是一位能源老兵、勤奋进取的职业经理人,热爱生活的中年男士,他突然离世的消息,让熟悉他的人对新冠病毒的凶狠感同身受《财经》记者徐沛宇李斯洋|文一个星期内辗转武汉、上海、郑州、北京四地之后,就职于上海电气工程设计有限公司的杨军,在北京被新型冠状病毒拦住了奔波的脚步。
3.   `Shall I show her to you? Will you come and see he''
4.   Here was a coincidence! I immediately went into an explanation how I had never seen my own father; and how my mother and I had always lived by ourselves in the happiest state imaginable, and lived so then, and always meant to live so; and how my father's grave was in the churchyard near our house, and shaded by a tree, beneath the boughs of which I had walked and heard the birds sing many a pleasant morning. But there were some differences between Em'ly's orphanhood and mine, it appeared. She had lost her mother before her father; and where her father's grave was no one knew, except that it was somewhere in the depths of the sea.
5. 上述证据显示,2015年11月25日,陇东公司做出股东会决议,决定向兰州银行庆阳分行申请贷款3000万元,期限一年,以华远公司名下房产及土地作为抵押。
6.   'Never in my life.'


1. “金钱已经不重要了,重要的是,足球运动员们应当知道自己是多么的幸运,有这么多的人在为他们的权益而努力斗争。他们必须积极地加入到反种族歧视的社团中来。要知道,在这项工作中,团结就是力量。我们应当利用这次会议(这里指1999年11月22日——23日,欧盟委员会在法国斯特拉斯堡召开的一次相关会议),来加强这种协作关系。”
2.   Instances could be given of the same variety being produced under conditions of life as different as can well be conceived; and, on the other hand, of different varieties being produced from the same species under the same conditions. Such facts show how indirectly the conditions of life must act. Again, innumerable instances are known to every naturalist of species keeping true, or not varying at all, although living under the most opposite climates. Such considerations as these incline me to lay very little weight on the direct action of the conditions of life. Indirectly, as already remarked, they seem to play an important part in affecting the reproductive system, and in thus inducing variability; and natural selection will then accumulate all profitable variations, however slight, until they become plainly developed and appreciable by us.
3.   The Origin of Species
4. 不顾事实的声明,难道不是企业社会责任感不佳的直接证明?需要说明的是,尽管鸿茅药酒有这样那样的问题,也不该将一个企业、一个产品一棍子打死。
5. 梁益建(左)立志成为医生?他做到了。
6. "I want her because I know she will like to see the presents," she explained. "She is a little girl, too, you know."


1. 2016年年底,关某锋开始通过微信、陌陌等网络聊天软件,以提供有偿性服务为由,实行敲诈勒索、抢劫、诈骗(以下简称仙人跳)。
2. 去年和前年,腾讯、阿里和百度都重组了内部架构,为ToB扫清道路。
3.   `Yes,' said the Marquis. `You are fatigued. Good-night!'
4.   "What? you have been to sea?"
5.   [The Parson proceeds to treat of the other cardinal sins, and their remedies: (2.) Envy, with its remedy, the love of God principally and of our neighbours as ourselves: (3.) Anger, with all its fruits in revenge, rancour, hate, discord, manslaughter, blasphemy, swearing, falsehood, flattery, chiding and reproving, scorning, treachery, sowing of strife, doubleness of tongue, betraying of counsel to a man's disgrace, menacing, idle words, jangling, japery or buffoonery, &c. -- and its remedy in the virtues called mansuetude, debonairte, or gentleness, and patience or sufferance: (4.) Sloth, or "Accidie," which comes after the sin of Anger, because Envy blinds the eyes of a man, and Anger troubleth a man, and Sloth maketh him heavy, thoughtful, and peevish. It is opposed to every estate of man -- as unfallen, and held to work in praising and adoring God; as sinful, and held to labour in praying for deliverance from sin; and as in the state of grace, and held to works of penitence. It resembles the heavy and sluggish condition of those in hell; it will suffer no hardness and no penance; it prevents any beginning of good works; it causes despair of God's mercy, which is the sin against the Holy Ghost; it induces somnolency and neglect of communion in prayer with God; and it breeds negligence or recklessness, that cares for nothing, and is the nurse of all mischiefs, if ignorance is their mother. Against Sloth, and these and other branches and fruits of it, the remedy lies in the virtue of fortitude or strength, in its various species of magnanimity or great courage; faith and hope in God and his saints; surety or sickerness, when a man fears nothing that can oppose the good works he has under taken; magnificence, when he carries out great works of goodness begun; constancy or stableness of heart; and other incentives to energy and laborious service: (5.) Avarice, or Covetousness, which is the root of all harms, since its votaries are idolaters, oppressors and enslavers of men, deceivers of their equals in business, simoniacs, gamblers, liars, thieves, false swearers, blasphemers, murderers, and sacrilegious. Its remedy lies in compassion and pity largely exercised, and in reasonable liberality -- for those who spend on "fool-largesse," or ostentation of worldly estate and luxury, shall receive the malison [condemnation] that Christ shall give at the day of doom to them that shall be damned: (6.) Gluttony; -- of which the Parson treats so briefly that the chapter may be given in full: -- ]
6.   "Adieu, then, sir, and do not forget the prescription."


1. 原标题:女子称被持刀抢劫,姐姐报警后女子却被刑拘5日……四川眉山一年轻女孩兰某某因与朋友们吃宵夜、喝酒至深夜,不小心把自己佩戴的金项链、戒指等首饰弄丢了,为避免家人责骂,居然向其家人、民警谎称自己被持刀抢劫。
2.   Margaret
3.   WHEN ended was the life of Saint Cecile, Ere we had ridden fully five mile, <2> At Boughton-under-Blee us gan o'ertake A man, that clothed was in clothes black, And underneath he wore a white surplice. His hackenay,* which was all pomely-gris,** *nag **dapple-gray So sweated, that it wonder was to see; It seem'd as he had pricked* miles three. *spurred The horse eke that his yeoman rode upon So sweated, that unnethes* might he gon.** *hardly **go About the peytrel <3> stood the foam full high; He was of foam, as *flecked as a pie.* *spotted like a magpie* A maile twyfold <4> on his crupper lay; It seemed that he carried little array; All light for summer rode this worthy man. And in my heart to wonder I began What that he was, till that I understood How that his cloak was sewed to his hood; For which, when I had long advised* me, *considered I deemed him some Canon for to be. His hat hung at his back down by a lace,* *cord For he had ridden more than trot or pace; He hadde pricked like as he were wood.* *mad A clote-leaf* he had laid under his hood, * burdock-leaf For sweat, and for to keep his head from heat. But it was joye for to see him sweat; His forehead dropped as a stillatory* *still Were full of plantain or of paritory.* *wallflower And when that he was come, he gan to cry, "God save," quoth he, "this jolly company. Fast have I pricked," quoth he, "for your sake, Because that I would you overtake, To riden in this merry company." His Yeoman was eke full of courtesy, And saide, "Sirs, now in the morning tide Out of your hostelry I saw you ride, And warned here my lord and sovereign, Which that to ride with you is full fain, For his disport; he loveth dalliance." "Friend, for thy warning God give thee good chance,"* *fortune Said oure Host; "certain it woulde seem Thy lord were wise, and so I may well deem; He is full jocund also, dare I lay; Can he aught tell a merry tale or tway, With which he gladden may this company?" "Who, Sir? my lord? Yea, Sir, withoute lie, He can* of mirth and eke of jollity *knows *Not but* enough; also, Sir, truste me, *not less than* An* ye him knew all so well as do I, *if Ye would wonder how well and craftily He coulde work, and that in sundry wise. He hath take on him many a great emprise,* *task, undertaking Which were full hard for any that is here To bring about, but* they of him it lear.** *unless **learn As homely as he rides amonges you, If ye him knew, it would be for your prow:* *advantage Ye woulde not forego his acquaintance For muche good, I dare lay in balance All that I have in my possession. He is a man of high discretion. I warn you well, he is a passing* man." *surpassing, extraordinary Well," quoth our Host, "I pray thee tell me than, Is he a clerk,* or no? Tell what he is." *scholar, priest "Nay, he is greater than a clerk, y-wis,"* *certainly Saide this Yeoman; "and, in wordes few, Host, of his craft somewhat I will you shew, I say, my lord can* such a subtlety *knows (But all his craft ye may not weet* of me, *learn And somewhat help I yet to his working), That all the ground on which we be riding Till that we come to Canterbury town, He could all cleane turnen up so down, And pave it all of silver and of gold." And when this Yeoman had this tale told Unto our Host, he said; "Ben'dicite! This thing is wonder marvellous to me, Since that thy lord is of so high prudence, Because of which men should him reverence, That of his worship* recketh he so lite;** *honour **little His *overest slop* it is not worth a mite *upper garment* As in effect to him, so may I go; It is all baudy* and to-tore also. *slovenly Why is thy lord so sluttish, I thee pray, And is of power better clothes to bey,* *buy If that his deed accordeth with thy speech? Telle me that, and that I thee beseech."
4. 比如说有些国际访客无法在国内的某些网站购物,由于他们的电话号码不是国内的,不满足结账表单中的电话输入项目验证规则。
5.   Never certainly have I seen a plainer confession of guilt upon humancountenances. The older man seemed numbed and dazed, with a heavy,sullen expression upon his strongly marked face. The son, on the otherhand, had dropped all that jaunty, dashing style which hadcharacterized him, and the ferocity of a dangerous wild beastgleamed in his dark eyes and distorted his handsome features. Theinspector said nothing, but, stepping to the door, he blew hiswhistle. Two of his constables came at the call.
6. When she came into Miss Minchin's sitting room in answer to her summons, her face was white and her eyes had dark rings around them. Her mouth was set as if she did not wish it to reveal what she had suffered and was suffering. She did not look in the least like the rose-colored butterfly child who had flown about from one of her treasures to the other in the decorated schoolroom. She looked instead a strange, desolate, almost grotesque little figure.


1. 在我国男孩割包皮也日益流行,据小儿泌尿外科的医生说,夏天给男孩割包皮的家长,每天都是组队前来的。
2. 英国人的确获得了地税包收者的忠心,但是,他们也在村庄引起一个他们完全没有预见到的革命。过去的公地安排这时在个体所有制、契约法、抵押权、扣押财物和拍卖面前让位。从前,对田赋的征收相当灵活,而这时,税额固定,赋税必须在规定的一天被交纳,否则就得拿出私有财产进行由公家主持的拍卖以偿还欠税。此外,这些奇怪的新法律由说外国语的外国官员实施,通常,这些外国官员几乎不了解当地的问题和习俗。在这些情况下,许多印度农民失去了自己的土地,或者绝望地陷于负债的境地。印度村庄传统的、非商业的、自给自足的生活渐渐地然而不可抗拒地结束了。
3.   "But if he really is a stranger to me," she replied, "why should I tell a lie and cause his death?"

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