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1. 报告指出,他们的家庭平均每月大约会收到200美元,这占到了他们家庭收入的60%。使用这笔稳定的汇款,他们的家人可以解决吃饭、住房、上学、医疗问题,改善卫生条件,进行一些投资,或者有一定的存款。
2. 四、商业贸易
3.   We had a beautiful little dinner. Quite an elegant dish of fish; the kidney-end of a loin of veal, roasted; fried sausage-meat; a partridge, and a pudding. There was wine, and there was strong ale; and after dinner Mrs. Micawber made us a bowl of hot punch with her own hands.
4.   "You know," he said, "I think I'm going to get the worst of mydeal down there."
5.   "Ah, I was quite sure you were a good and brave young man," saidMme. Bonacieux, holding out her hand to him, and placing theother upon the knocker of a little door almost hidden in thewall.
6.   There is also full many another thing That is unto our craft appertaining, Though I by order them not rehearse can, Because that I am a lewed* man; *unlearned Yet will I tell them as they come to mind, Although I cannot set them in their kind, As sal-armoniac, verdigris, borace; And sundry vessels made of earth and glass; <4> Our urinales, and our descensories, Phials, and croslets, and sublimatories, Cucurbites, and alembikes eke, And other suche, *dear enough a leek,* *worth less than a leek* It needeth not for to rehearse them all. Waters rubifying, and bulles' gall, Arsenic, sal-armoniac, and brimstone, And herbes could I tell eke many a one, As egremoine,* valerian, and lunary,** *agrimony **moon-wort And other such, if that me list to tarry; Our lampes burning bothe night and day, To bring about our craft if that we may; Our furnace eke of calcination, And of waters albification, Unslaked lime, chalk, and *glair of an ey,* *egg-white Powders diverse, ashes, dung, piss, and clay, Seared pokettes,<5> saltpetre, and vitriol; And divers fires made of wood and coal; Sal-tartar, alkali, salt preparate, And combust matters, and coagulate; Clay made with horse and manne's hair, and oil Of tartar, alum, glass, barm, wort, argoil,* *potter's clay<6> Rosalgar,* and other matters imbibing; *flowers of antimony And eke of our matters encorporing,* *incorporating And of our silver citrination, <7> Our cementing, and fermentation, Our ingots,* tests, and many thinges mo'. *moulds <8> I will you tell, as was me taught also, The foure spirits, and the bodies seven, By order, as oft I heard my lord them neven.* *name The first spirit Quicksilver called is; The second Orpiment; the third, y-wis, Sal-Armoniac, and the fourth Brimstone. The bodies sev'n eke, lo them here anon. Sol gold is, and Luna silver we threpe* *name <9> Mars iron, Mercury quicksilver we clepe;* *call Saturnus lead, and Jupiter is tin, And Venus copper, by my father's kin.


1. 随着快手,抖音,淘宝直播等新渠道的兴起,诞生了许多快品牌,抖品牌。
2. Model3是特斯拉打开大众市场的关键车型,2019年5月,中国消费者都在期待Model3史上最低价格的出炉。
3. 毫无疑问,这将变成一个越来越大众化和综合化的平台,最终与优酷、爱奇艺、腾讯视频等平台区别不大。
4.   "We are good friends, aren't we?" he said, extending his hand.
5. 然而,由不同化学疗法引起基因突变的风险仍然是未解之谜。
6. "I knew he wanted it for his children," said Sara. "I do believe I could make friends with him."


1. 新京报记者发现除了春甜学院外,还有大量良莠不齐的美牙培训班存在,大多以短期培训颁发证书为噱头,还有机构卖美牙仪,赠送美牙教程。
2.   此外,当地交警部门还对信号灯的倒计时器进行了改进,分批次将信号灯的倒计时器显示时间从以前的30秒到90秒,调整为9秒,进一步提高路口通行效率。
3.   "The safe is open," said a voice. "There is just the leastlittle crack in it. The lock has not been sprung."
4. 图为展览会上的无人驾驶汽车巨大的投入仅是问题的冰山一角。
5. "There's sense in that," Terry agreed. "I'll put off being king of Ladyland for one more day."
6. 据民警介绍,为了将这个犯罪团伙一网打尽,警方以涉案小货车为突破口,连续侦查了一个月。


1. 世界卫生组织的研究人员撰写的这份报告概述了世界各地青少年令人担忧的懒惰程度。
2. 2014年春节后,她再次上店铺找人,而刘女士夫妇已经把店铺转让,人去楼空。
3.   `Now, as to the future,' hinted Mr. Lorry.
4.   'What do I want? A new place, in a new house, amongst new faces,under new circumstances: I want this because it is of no use wantinganything better. How do people do to get a new place? They apply tofriends, I suppose: I have no friends. There are many others whohave no friends, who must look about for themselves and be their ownhelpers; and what is their resource?'
5. 拥有从机器人技术到计算机视觉和自然语言处理在内的具备必要技能的人的需求很高,他们面临一个明确的选择:在一家大型高科技公司中领薪水,在一家新兴初创公司中追逐更长期的机会,或者从头开始自己的业务。
6. 王业坤告诉紫牛新闻记者,虽然在直播平台上有很多令人叹为观止的视频,但在这些视频的背后,是数量多达几倍的没有公布的失败记录。


1. 西夏王陵出土的镶绿松石鎏金银饰
2.   Circumstances favourable to Natural Selection
3. 其中,腾讯视频会员数自2018年第二季度之后,增长率一路走低,从去年最高的18%下滑至今年第一季度的大致持平。

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      This made them all very angry, for they feared he might string thebow; Antinous therefore rebuked him fiercely saying, "Wretchedcreature, you have not so much as a grain of sense in your whole body;you ought to think yourself lucky in being allowed to dine unharmedamong your betters, without having any smaller portion served you thanwe others have had, and in being allowed to hear our conversation.No other beggar or stranger has been allowed to hear what we say amongourselves; the wine must have been doing you a mischief, as it doeswith all those drink immoderately. It was wine that inflamed theCentaur Eurytion when he was staying with Peirithous among theLapithae. When the wine had got into his head he went mad and didill deeds about the house of Peirithous; this angered the heroes whowere there assembled, so they rushed at him and cut off his ears andnostrils; then they dragged him through the doorway out of thehouse, so he went away crazed, and bore the burden of his crime,bereft of understanding. Henceforth, therefore, there was warbetween mankind and the centaurs, but he brought it upon himselfthrough his own drunkenness. In like manner I can tell you that itwill go hardly with you if you string the bow: you will find nomercy from any one here, for we shall at once ship you off to kingEchetus, who kills every one that comes near him: you will never getaway alive, so drink and keep quiet without getting into a quarrelwith men younger than yourself."

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      Again the mysterious voice replied in the affirmative, and again the servant echoed it. Upon this, I walked in, and in pursuance of the servant's directions walked upstairs; conscious, as I passed the back parlour-door, that I was surveyed by a mysterious eye, probably belonging to the mysterious voice.

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