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1. 此外,岳池还积极协调当地药企腾出一间约500平方米的生产厂房,作为这家河南企业在岳池的临时厂房,其他相关部门则积极为企业做好协调办证办照等服务工作。
2.   Telemachus and the son of Nestor stayed their horses at the gate,whereon Eteoneus servant to Menelaus came out, and as soon as he sawthem ran hurrying back into the house to tell his Master. He wentclose up to him and said, "Menelaus, there are some strangers comehere, two men, who look like sons of Jove. What are we to do? Shall wetake their horses out, or tell them to find friends elsewhere asthey best can?"
3.   As shee uttered these words, the teares streamed aboundantly downeher faire cheekes, preventing her of any further speech: so thatdejecting her head into her bosome, overcome with the predominanceof her passions, she fell upon the Counts knee, whereas else sheehad falne uppon the ground. When he, like a loyall and most honourableman, sharpely reprehended her fond and idle love: And when sheewould have embraced him about the necke to have kissed him; herepulsed her roughly from him, protesting upon his honourablereputation, that rather then hee would so wrong his Lord andMaister, he would endure a thousand deaths.
4. 9
5. 季度每股收益同比增长19%至4.99美元,也创下历史新高。
6. 之前央视3.15晚会就曝光过国内多家家政公司不用参加培训就能办理月嫂上岗证,甚至还有花钱买月嫂上岗证的行业乱象。


1. 在担任村会计的5年时间里,他与当地的工程老板接触多了起来,慢慢羡慕起了他们奢华的生活,一个靠当官发财的锦衣梦开始孕育。
2. adj. 有毒的
3. 百度的闭环移动生态从根本上改变了百度和企业、广告主们的关系。
4. 完全匹配广告系列,只需使用完全匹配关键字,而不使用否定关键字。
5. 最后,省钱的地方还在于在迪卡侬的营销推广。
6. 从消费者角度来说,票补少意味着低价票少了。


1. 2016年之前,互联网湘军英雄册上,找不到宿华的名字,而前辈诸如曾李青、熊晓鸽、张小龙、姚劲波、唐岩……早已功成名就。
2. 2月6日盘中,远程办公概念股金蝶国际和中软国际分别涨3.77%和5.33%,而美国视频会议软件公司Zoom在2月3日收盘涨逾15%,创下去年6月以来最大单日涨幅。
3. 承保数字化变化显著,经代新势力诞生?用户行为和新场景的驱动下,保险产品设计环节首先被改变。
4. 新任CEO会让WeWork驶向何方仍不得而知,但可以肯定的是,对WeWork而言,重整旗鼓是其目前的重中之重。
5. 冒顿是匈奴头曼单于之子。当其为太子时,头曼单于欲立所宠阏氏(匈奴皇后)之子为太子,将冒顿派往月氏(西域游牧部落)为质,随即发兵攻打月氏。月氏恼怒,欲杀冒顿,冒顿闻讯,盗得好马,逃回匈奴。头曼单于见其勇壮,乃令其统领万骑。但冒顿因此对头曼单于不满,他将所部训练成绝对服从、忠于自己的部队,为政变谋位作准备。他制造了一种名鸣镝的响箭,规定:鸣镝所射而不悉射者斩①。出猎时,他射出鸣镝,随从有不随鸣镝射往同一目标的皆斩。而后,他用鸣镝射自己的宝马,左右有不敢射者,也被立斩。进而,他又用鸣镝射自己的爱妻,左右仍有不敢射者,又被斩杀。后来,他以鸣镝射头曼单于的宝马,左右无一人不射。冒顿知部下绝对忠于自己了。在一次随父头曼单于出猎时,冒顿用鸣摘射头曼,左右皆随之放箭,射杀头曼。随后,冒顿又诛杀后母及异母弟,尽杀异己之大臣,自立为匈奴单于。
6. 法子英冲上去向他腹部捅了一刀,又对着陆中明头颈砍了一刀。


1.   In the diagram, each horizontal line has hitherto been supposed to represent a thousand generations, but each may represent a million or hundred million generations, and likewise a section of the successive strata of the earth's crust including extinct remains. We shall, when we come to our chapter on Geology, have to refer again to this subject, and I think we shall then see that the diagram throws light on the affinities of extinct beings, which, though generally belonging to the same orders, or families, or genera, with those now living, yet are often, in some degree, intermediate in character between existing groups; and we can understand this fact, for the extinct species lived at very ancient epochs when the branching lines of descent had diverged less.
2.   "My dear wife," replied Menelaus, "I see the likeness just as youdo. His hands and feet are just like Ulysses'; so is his hair, withthe shape of his head and the expression of his eyes. Moreover, when Iwas talking about Ulysses, and saying how much he had suffered on myaccount, tears fell from his eyes, and he hid his face in his mantle."
3. 对于企业而言,经营老客户,不能再仅停留在消费层面,还应该学会和客户交朋友,注重与客户之间的交互。
4. 编辑部位于成都的《科幻世界》创刊于1979年,被誉为中国科幻作家的摇篮,培养了刘慈欣、王晋康、何夕、韩松等一大批科幻名作家。
5.   Time went on. Whatever happened, nothing happened, because she was so beautifully out of contact. She and Clifford lived in their ideas and his books. She entertained...there were always people in the house. Time went on as the clock does, half past eight instead of half past seven.
6. 但是后来,鉴于作家贾马尔·卡舒吉(JamalKhashoggi)被谋杀,许多人认为儿子不应该采取沙特阿拉伯的钱。


1.   Having made, at least, this one hit, whatever it might prove to be worth, and no customers coming in to help him to any other, Mr. Barsad paid for what he had drunk, and took his leave: taking occasion to say, in a genteel manner, before he departed, that he looked forward to the pleasure of seeing Monsieur and Madame Defarge again. For some minutes after he had emerged into the outer presence of Saint Antoine, the husband and wife remained exactly as he had left them, lest he should come back.
2.   The remembrance of the scene at St. Germain presented itselfto the mind of the presumptuous Gascon. As quick asthought, he tore open the letter, in spite of the cry whichKitty uttered on seeing what he was going to do, or rather,what he was doing.
3. 在当年第二季度《中国货币政策执行报告》中,央行特意说明:货币政策并不针对个别商品价格变化进行调整。

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