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1. 每次取得一个数值都需要若干个小时,而且实验必须在夜间进行,因为夜间实验室空着,能保证水柱不被别的实验的震动所干扰。
2. 陕西省铜川市中级人民法院张贴的布告中写道:2006年6月,陈旭将19岁的叶某杀死。
3. 身上带了30多张身份证,通过网络购买,三年来一直在国内活动。
4. 这是一段发生在伊对App某相亲直播间,男、女嘉宾以及红娘三人之间的对话。
5. 五十多岁的刘思平在南京做生意,买了中转武汉返回河南南阳的高铁。
6.   To cleare which doubt, and for my further assurance of her wellmeanning toward me; if she wil undertake the performance of three suchthings as I must needes require in this case: I am afterward her owne,in any service she can command me. The first of them, is; that inthe presence of my Lord and Master, she kill his faire Faulcon,which so dearly hee affecteth. The second, to send me a locke ortuft of his beard, being puld away with her owne hand. The third andlast, with the same hand also, to pluck out one of his best andsoundest teeth, and send it mee as her loves true token. When Ifinde all these three effectually performed, I am wholly hers, and notbefore.


1. "If you please, 'm--it's me, mum," she explained. "I know I hadn't ought to. But I was lookin' at the doll, mum--an' I was frightened when you come in--an' slipped under the table."
2.   The princess had faith in the bird, who generally proved to be right, and taking the gardener with her early next morning followed out his directions carefully. After digging for some time they came upon a golden box fastened with little clasps.
3.   `You're at it agin, are you?
4.   Villefort rose, or rather sprang, from his chair, hastilyopened one of the drawers of his desk, emptied all the goldit contained into his pocket, stood motionless an instant,his hand pressed to his head, muttered a few inarticulatesounds, and then, perceiving that his servant had placed hiscloak on his shoulders, he sprang into the carriage,ordering the postilions to drive to M. de Saint-Meran's. Thehapless Dantes was doomed.
5. 演员安娜贝拉·肖拉指控韦恩斯坦曾在1993年时强奸过自己除对证人资格斤斤计较之外,韦恩斯坦的辩护律师团此前还曾提出过,希望能将此案移到纽约以外的地区审理,理由是这地方媒体林立,新闻报道力度极大,势必会影响到诸位陪审员的独立判断,难以保证当事人受到公正审判。
6.   "I'll tell you what," said he, "I should like to have a quiet littleglance into the details of this case. There is something in it whichfascinates me extremely. If you will permit me, Colonel, I willleave my friend Watson and you, and I will step round with theinspector to test the truth of one or two little fancies of mine. Iwill be with you again in half an hour."


1. We will promote coordinated urban development above and below the ground, and begin construction on at least another 2,000 kilometers of underground utility tunnels in cities. A three-year initiative will be launched to remove the risk of flooding in highly vulnerable urban areas; and further progress will be made in the development of sponge cities. All these efforts will make our cities more attractive and function better.
2. 原标题:重庆一公司高管向商家索贿541万,被判有期徒刑5年半1月13日,澎湃新闻(从重庆市渝北区人民检察院(以下简称渝北检察院)获悉,砂之船奥莱商业管理有限公司(以下简称砂之船公司)原高管陆某利用职权向商家索贿541万元,一审被判处有期徒刑五年六个月,并处罚金50万元。
3.   The Story of the Fisherman
4.   But, Commander of the Faithful, the love of gold had taken such possession of my heart, that I could not even stop to examine the riches, but fell upon the first pile of gold within my reach and began to heap it into a sack that I had brought with me.
5. de离开,priv=privat私人的-从私人那里拿走-剥夺
6. 为了不影响小学生健康,甘肃等省份甚至要求学校200米范围内禁售辣条。


1. 我看到你的变化是,以前我们两个交流我都能感受到你的热情,把孩子交给你去教育我肯定是放心的,因为能感觉你对孩子、教育是有热爱的,但是今天你聊的还是很理性的,为什么这些年会有这么大的变化?米雯娟:总得有点儿成长。
2.   So she went round the side of the house. At the back of the cottage the land rose steeply, so the back yard was sunken, and enclosed by a low stone wall. She turned the corner of the house and stopped. In the little yard two paces beyond her, the man was washing himself, utterly unaware. He was naked to the hips, his velveteen breeches slipping down over his slender loins. And his white slim back was curved over a big bowl of soapy water, in which he ducked his head, shaking his head with a queer, quick little motion, lifting his slender white arms, and pressing the soapy water from his ears, quick, subtle as a weasel playing with water, and utterly alone. Connie backed away round the corner of the house, and hurried away to the wood. In spite of herself, she had had a shock. After all, merely a man washing himself, commonplace enough, Heaven knows!
3. [stres]
4. 比如说,如果你是一家做机器人的公司,而快递送餐员已经不敢进医院了,那么给医院做送餐机器人是不是一个很大的商机?又比如说无人餐饮,无人机配送,这些是不是也会迎来春天?未来服务员和派送员可能将大幅减少。
5. The entire schoolroom rose to its feet as it had done the morning Sara remembered so well.
6.   Clifford steered cautiously down the slope of the knoll from the hall, and Connie kept her hand on the chair. In front lay the wood, the hazel thicket nearest, the purplish density of oaks beyond. From the wood's edge rabbits bobbed and nibbled. Rooks suddenly rose in a black train, and went trailing off over the little sky.


1. That afternoon we were all sitting together on the roof--we three and the tutors gathered about a table, no guards about. We had been made to understand some time earlier that if we would agree to do no violence they would withdraw their constant attendance, and we promised most willingly.
2. Personally, I was tremendously interested in that language, and seeing they had books, was eager to get at them, to dig into their history, if they had one.
3.   "Well were you called `the Silent,'" said he; "no name was ever better deserved. But for reasons of my own, which it is not necessary to mention, I desire you to leave the town, and never to come back."

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