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1.   'Ah! that pricks pride. Well, fetch me your portfolio, if you canvouch for its contents being original; but don't pass your word unlessyou are certain: I can recognise patchwork.'
2.   The Novell recounted by Madam Fiammetta, caused teares many times inthe eyes of all the company; but it being finished, the King shewing astearne countenance, saide; I should have much commended the kindnesseof fortune, if in the whole course of my life, I had tasted theleast moity of that delight, which Guiscardo received by conversingwith faire Ghismonda. Nor neede any of you to wonder thereat, or howit can be otherwise, because hourely I feele a thousand dyingtorments, without enjoying any hope of ease or pleasure: but referringmy fortunes to their owne poore condition, it is my will, that MadamPampinea proceed next in the argument of successelesse love, accordingas Madam Fiammetta hath already begun, to let fall more dew-drops onthe fire of mine afflictions. Madam Pampinea perceiving what a taskewas imposed on her, knew well (by her owne disposition) theinclination of the company, whereof shee was more respective then ofthe Kings command: wherefore, chusing rather to recreate theirspirits, then to satisfie the Kings melancholy humour; shedetermined to relate a Tale of mirthfull matter, and yet to keepewithin compasse of the purposed Argument It hath bene continually usedas a common Proverbe; that a bad man taken and reputed to be honestand good, may commit many evils, yet neither credited, or suspected:which proverbe giveth me very ample matter to speake of, and yet notvarying from our intention, concerning the hypocrisie of somereligious persons, who having their garments long and large, theirfaces made artificially pale, their language meeke and humble to getmens goods from them; yet sowre, harsh and stearne enough, in checkingand controuling other mens errours, as also in urging others togive, and themselves to take, without any other hope or meanes ofsalvation. Nor doe they endeavour like other men, to worke out theirsoules health with feare and trembling; but, even as if they were soleowners, Lords, and possessors of Paradice, will appoint to every dyingperson, place (there) of greater or lesser excellency, according asthey thinke good, or as the legacies left by them are in quantity,whereby they not onely deceive themselves, but all such as give creditto their subtile perswasions. And were it lawfull for me, to makeknowne no more then is meerely necessary; I could quickly discloseto simple credulous people, what craft lieth concealed under theirholy habites: and I would wish, that their lies and deluding shouldspeed with them, as they did with a Franciscane Friar, none of theyounger Novices, but one of them of greatest reputation, and belongingto one of the best Monasteries in Venice. Which I am the ratherdesirous to report, to recreate your spirits, after your teares forthe death of faire Ghismonda.
3.   'I came here by the Canterbury coach, today. I have been adopted by an aunt down in that part of the country, and have just finished my education there. How do YOU come to be here, Steerforth?'
4.   "I prayed him to forget her," she said, "but in vain; he threatened to do some desperate deed if I refused to go and ask your Majesty for the hand of the princess. Now I pray you to forgive not me alone, but my son Aladdin."
5.   by Charles Darwin
6. 再比如说Greylock就是每个人写一个对项目的看法、一个分数,但是这个都不算数。


1. 第二它做了一些优化,从这个角度来说,很大程度上打破了大家对折叠屏手机的一些偏见。
2. 从头脑风暴、项目组飞赴四川西安考察、供应链研发、采购、品控到设计以及最终的落地上线,只用了46天的时间。
3.   'Yes- "after life's fitful fever they sleep well,"' I muttered.'Where are you going now, Mrs. Fairfax?' for she was moving away.
4. 小财女曾扫过一次,发现加为好友后,对方的朋友圈都是养身、减肥的鸡汤和推销文文,便迅速拉黑,从此再也没有扫过。
5. 罗斯高认为,加拿大、美国、北欧等地,他们劳动力中有将近75%,至少是高中毕业。
6.   "Excellent!"


1.   "As he spoke he pulled the herb out of the ground an showed mewhat it was like. The root was black, while the flower was as white asmilk; the gods call it Moly, and mortal men cannot uproot it, butthe gods can do whatever they like.
2.   55. For the force of "cold," see note 22 to the Nun's Priest's Tale.
3. 当然有走通的,比如瑞幸咖啡,资本加持,疯狂扩张,上市,每一步都走对。
4. 该门店还会提供半成品元宵馅料和元宵面的销售服务,让顾客在家中也能大展身手。
5. 当年柳传志以65岁的高龄再次挂帅时,考虑到他的健康情况,联想内部专门成立了一个柳传志保健小组,具体工作就是为他制定健康计划。
6. 一个良性发展的社会,不能让行善事者处处提防、时时紧张。


1. 然而究竟是谁爆料了这段视频?当事几位家长均表示并非自己。
2.   A second smile, almost imperceptible, stole over the rosy lips ofthe pretty young woman.
3.   Camaralzaman warmly thanked the kind old man for offering him shelter, and was about to say more, but the gardener interrupted him with:
4.   A walk to Wasserhof were best.
5. 印刷B2B电商都印获千万级人民币天使轮融资印刷B2B电商平台都印科技宣布已完成千万级人民币天使轮融资。
6.   27. Crouche: protect by signing the sign of the cross.


1. 一六三五年(天聪九年)秋,察哈尔蒙古却图部王子阿尔斯兰领兵来到拉萨。他支持红教的藏巴汗反对黄教。但出于掳掠的目的,他又去攻打藏巴汗,攻下日喀则和江孜,四出焚掠。阿尔斯兰因被告发而被他的父王下令杀死。顾实汗与准噶尔部的巴图鲁浑台吉联合消灭了蒙古却图部。顾实汗来到拉萨,五世达赖赠给他“持教法王”的宗教称号。顾实汗也对达赖属下的官员给予封号。顾实汗返回和硕特部后,一六三八年(崇德三年)曾遣使邀请五世达赖,但未能成行。藏巴汗对黄教的敌视,促使五世达赖和黄教格鲁派僧俗更加依靠蒙古的支持,并请求顾实汗出兵援助。一六四○年,顾实汗为了解除黄教在东部的威胁,出兵攻打康(喀木)区信奉本教的必里王。次年,征服康区六“岗”,必里王被杀。蒙古兵驻西藏中部,击败藏巴汗噶玛丹均的军兵。战争继续了七个月之后,一六四一年底,擒杀藏巴汗。次年,攻下了后藏首府日喀则。
2.   `Blest be the tie that binds
3. 比5G快100倍,华为又要放大招了?最近一段时间,三大运营商相继推出了5G套餐,不过在看到价格之后,不少的网友也是感到了钱包上的压力。

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