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1. 听闻爱情,十有九悲。
2.   Ancilla came jocondly home with her answere, and a conclusion wasset downe for their meeting together at Santa Lucia del prato, whichaccordingly was performed, in very solemne conference between them.Her fond affection had such power over her, that shee had forgot, intowhat peril she brought his life, by such an unnatural nightwalke:but disclosed all her other intention to him, how loth she was to loseso deare a friend, and desiring him to exercise his utmost height ofskil, with large promises of her manifold favours to him, wheretoour Scholler thus replyed.
3.   Carrie put on her hat.
4.   'Is there only one?' I demanded.
5.   "Now, young man, regulate your conduct accordingly; and if youentertain, whether from your family, your relations, or even fromyour instincts, any of these enmities which we see constantlybreaking out against the cardinal, bid me adieu and let usseparate. I will aid you in many ways, but without attaching youto my person. I hope that my frankness at least will make you myfriend; for you are the only young man to whom I have hithertospoken as I have done to you."
6. But this story is not about that expedition. That was only the merest starter for ours.


1. 脑机接口所谓脑机接口,就是在大脑和假肢等外部设备之间建立一条直接传输大脑指令的通道,实现虽然存在脊髓及运动神经通路损坏,但大脑皮层功能尚健全的情况下,脑部的信号也能通过计算机解读,直接控制外部设备。
2. To the woman, growth, the securing of a husband, the subordinate activities of family life, and afterward such "social" or charitable interests as her position allows.
3. 在这种风向下,在消费互联网领域财务投资者迅速收手,医疗和企业服务一跃成为今年最热门的两个赛道。
4. 8月12日,港口城市天津的一座非法储存危险化学品的仓库发生一连串爆炸,导致173人死亡,数百人受伤,造成的破坏景象仿佛末日来袭。此次爆炸事件提出了有关中国在快速工业化进程中安全监管松懈的严肃问题。
5. 10月优惠幅度与9月没有太大区别,只是在10月国庆节期间购车会有礼品赠送,目前本店在10月优惠幅度最大的车型是探险者,优惠将近10万元。
6.   Connie disliked her; the spoilt, false little female. Nevertheless she wiped her face and took her hand. The keeper saluted in silence.


1. 红绿灯配时与人行系统改造方面,今年会对一些重点路口进行改造。
2.   'In what way is he peculiar?'
3. 按照目前的推进速度,到今年年底,瑞幸的中场战事就要到来。
4.   "Yes," continued Mme. Bonacieux, "yes, there are traitors here;but by the holy name of the Virgin, I swear that no one is moredevoted to your Majesty than I am. Those studs which the kingspeaks of, you gave them to the Duke of Buckingham, did you not?Those studs were enclosed in a little rosewood box which he heldunder his arm? Am I deceived? Is it not so, madame?""Oh, my God, my God!" murmured the queen, whose teeth chatteredwith fright.
5. 和今日头条的你想看什么,它推荐什么类似,听伴想做的是,在车内这个环境中,你想听什么,它播放什么。
6. 因而,税收负担落在第三等级肩上,尤其是落在农民肩上。后者占人口的80


1.   In her distress, "well nigh out of her wit for pure fear," she appealed for protection to Hector; who, "piteous of nature," and touched by her sorrow and her beauty, assured her of safety, so long as she pleased to dwell in Troy. The siege went on; but they of Troy did not neglect the honour and worship of their deities; most of all of "the relic hight Palladion, <4> that was their trust aboven ev'ry one." In April, "when clothed is the mead with newe green, of jolly Ver [Spring] the prime," the Trojans went to hold the festival of Palladion -- crowding to the temple, "in all their beste guise," lusty knights, fresh ladies, and maidens bright.
2. 盒马的终极目标是把所有的线下流量都变成盒马的流量,为消费者提供线上和线下不一样的服务。
3.   `Wrong! Good God, no! You're only too infinitely good to me...I can hardly bear it.'
4.   He thought upon it for a half-hour, not contemplating a messengeror a cab direct to the house, owing to the exposure of it, butfinding that time was slipping away to no purpose, he wrote theletter and then began to think again.
5. 联想记忆
6.   'Yes, and Miss Adele; they are in the dining-room, and John is gonefor a surgeon; for master has had an accident; his horse fell andhis ankle is sprained.'


1. 实际上,地磁信号相对稳定,抗干扰性较强,室内定位精准度能达到1-2米,从用户反馈得出的到店准确率达95%,远超传统室内定位技术,十域科技的地磁定位准确度经图商专业机构认证,平均误差不超过2米。
2. 其为消费者提供的主要价值为配送服务、价格便宜、购买便利性和品类齐全等,而消费者目前的顾虑是药品的保真性、配送时效性、购药过程中没有指导及不能使用医保,因此目前此种模式电商提供的价值和消费者在买药时的需求是不匹配的。
3. 此次融资将进一步推进LeanTaaSiQueue平台的完善,以及招聘工程、数据科学、产品管理、销售和营销岗位的领导人员。

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