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1.   There is no exception to the rule that every organic being naturally increases at so high a rate, that if not destroyed, the earth would soon be covered by the progeny of a single pair. Even slow-breeding man has doubled in twenty-five years, and at this rate, in a few thousand years, there would literally not be standing room for his progeny. Linnaeus has calculated that if an annual plant produced only two seeds and there is no plant so unproductive as this and their seedlings next year produced two, and so on, then in twenty years there would be a million plants. The elephant is reckoned to be the slowest breeder of all known animals, and I have taken some pains to estimate its probable minimum rate of natural increase: it will be under the mark to assume that it breeds when thirty years old, and goes on breeding till ninety years old, bringing forth three pairs of young in this interval; if this be so, at the end of the fifth century there would be alive fifteen million elephants, descended from the first pair.
2. 还有一个我没有想到的现象是,每个施工集团的董事长几乎都在现场指挥,与工人们同吃同住,原来我觉得可能只有中层干部会到现场指挥。
3. 第四章信贷与管制的周期①
4. 在专项行动中,三部门对利用网络、电商平台、社交媒体、电视购物栏目等渠道实施的食品安全违法行为重拳出击。
5.   Margaret
6. 其中到达日本的说法最为流行。很多学者根据《史记?淮南衡山列传》中说徐福得平原广泽止王不来一语作过细致而认真的考证,并根据日本多达100余处有关徐福的遗迹和纪念地,推断徐福东渡的终点应是日本。果真如此的话,那么有人可能会问:为什么比徐福东渡晚得多,造船技术也先进很多的日本遣唐使船那么容易沉没,而徐福却能成功呢?对此,日本学者千叶宗雄解释说,一方面是由于日本遣唐使船的船长和重要船员不得其人,航海技术低下;另一方面是由于徐福东渡的航线不同于唐朝和日本间的航线。徐福东渡是从山东琅琊出发,向北顺朝鲜西岸到南岸,再借助于日本海的左旋回流到日本。而唐朝和日本的航线是在长江口和日本之间。


1.   She looked in the other mirror's reflection at her back, her waist, her loins. She was getting thinner, but to her it was not becoming. The crumple of her waist at the back, as she bent back to look, was a little weary; and it used to be so gay-looking. And the longish slope of her haunches and her buttocks had lost its gleam and its sense of richness. Gone! Only the German boy had loved it, and he was ten years dead, very nearly. How time went by! Ten years dead, and she was only twenty-seven. The healthy boy with his fresh, clumsy sensuality that she had then been so scornful of! Where would she find it now? It was gone out of men. They had their pathetic, two-seconds spasms like Michaelis; but no healthy human sensuality, that warms the blood and freshens the whole being.
2.   The chair waited at the top of the pink path. Clifford looked round for Connie.
3.   "Oh, more than I can say, Kitty! I am mad for her!"Kitty breathed a second sigh.
4.   He took them and looked at them curiously.
5. 第二,人脸识别的防范对象更广。
6. 筹款平台方德瑞信负责人叶盈看来,这种以新闻热点引爆公众舆论的慈善捐款,往往会陷入争议。


1.   "In that case I shall come out to-morrow and talk it over withyou. Good-bye, and, above all, do not fret until you know that youreally have a cause for it."
2. ↑事发地上的血迹和头发孙先生告诉红星新闻记者,事发地点离哥哥所住小区门口仅50米,事后姜某乙主动报案,温州龙湾区中心派出所民警很快到场处置,孙某及其同事被送往医院治疗。
3.   Carrie became disgusted. "Such a man," she said to herselffrequently. More and more she visited. She put most of herspare money in clothes, which, after all, was not an astonishingamount. At last the opera she was with announced its departurewithin four weeks. "Last two weeks of the Great Comic Operasuccess ----The--------," etc., was upon all billboards and inthe newspapers, before she acted.
4.   What checks the natural tendency of each species to increase in number is most obscure. Look at the most vigorous species; by as much as it swarms in numbers, by so much will its tendency to increase be still further increased. We know not exactly what the checks are in even one single instance. Nor will this surprise any one who reflects how ignorant we are on this head, even in regard to mankind, so incomparably better known than any other animal. This subject has been ably treated by several authors, and I shall, in my future work, discuss some of the checks at considerable length, more especially in regard to the feral animals of South America. Here I will make only a few remarks, just to recall to the reader's mind some of the chief points. Eggs or very young animals seem generally to suffer most, but this is not invariably the case. With plants there is a vast destruction of seeds, but, from some observations which I have made, I believe that it is the seedlings which suffer most from germinating in ground already thickly stocked with other plants. Seedlings, also, are destroyed in vast numbers by various enemies; for instance, on a piece of ground three feet long and two wide, dug and cleared, and where there could be no choking from other plants, I marked all the seedlings of our native weeds as they came up, and out of the 357 no less than 295 were destroyed, chiefly by slugs and insects. If turf which has long been mown, and the case would be the same with turf closely browsed by quadrupeds, be let to grow, the more vigorous plants gradually kill the less vigorous, though fully grown, plants: thus out of twenty species growing on a little plot of turf (three feet by four) nine species perished from the other species being allowed to grow up freely.The amount of food for each species of course gives the extreme limit to which each can increase; but very frequently it is not the obtaining food, but the serving as prey to other animals, which determines the average numbers of a species. Thus, there seems to be little doubt that the stock of partridges, grouse, and hares on any large estate depends chiefly on the destruction of vermin. If not one head of game were shot during the next twenty years in England, and, at the same time, if no vermin were destroyed, there would, in all probability, be less game than at present, although hundreds of thousands of game animals are now annually killed. On the other hand, in some cases, as with the elephant and rhinoceros, none are destroyed by beasts of prey: even the tiger in India most rarely dares to attack a young elephant protected by its dam.
5. 要是不小心被桌角磕到,会冒出句脏话,绝不说好疼。
6.   "What do you mean?" she asked.


1. "If we just had something for bonbon dishes," Sara murmured. "There!"--darting to the trunk again. "I remember I saw something this minute."
2. 这些研究成果常应用于影视作品、游戏娱乐等。
3. 知情人士还透露,苹果内部会用1-100分的打分制来评估当前软件的质量。
4. 大多数打字机的键盘设计就是一个很好的例子。直到19世纪后期,对于打字机键盘的字母应该怎样排列仍然没有一个标准模式。1873年,克里斯托弗·斯科尔斯(ChristoPherScholes)协助设计了一种“新的改进了的”排法。这种排法取其左上方第一行头六个字母而称为QWERTY。选择QWERTY排法的目的是使最常用的字母之间的距离最大化。这在当时确实是一个很好的解决方案:有意降低打字员的速度,从而减少手工打字机各个字键出现卡位的现象。到了1904年,纽约雷明顿缝纫机公司(RemingtonSewingMachineCompanyofNewYork)已经大规模生产使用这一排法的打字机,而这种排法实际上也成为产业标准。不过,今天的电子打字机和文字处理器已经不存在字键卡位的间题。工程师们已经发明了一些新的键盘排法,比如DSK(德沃夏克简化键盘),能使打字员的手指移动距离缩短50%以上。同样一份材料,用DSK输入要比用QWERTY输入节省5%-10%的时间。[1]但QWERTY是一种存在已久的排法。几乎所有打字机都用这种排法,我们原来学习的也是这种排法,因此不大愿意再去学习接受一种新的键盘排法。于是,打字机和键盘生产商继续沿用QWERFY。一个包含错误的恶性循环就此形成。[2]
5. 熬过周期的德仪成都如今非常赚钱。
6. 八监区监狱民警兼艺术指导王胜逻告诉东方网·纵相新闻记者,冬日象征着冰冷而又肃杀的过往,服刑人员所要祭奠的正是过去那个罪恶的自己。


1. (杜茂林/图)截至1月26日15时,广东湛江徐闻县这家有一百多个房间的酒店,已接待湖北籍旅客81人。
2. 我经常心情沮丧
3. 正当中原地区爆发秦末农民起义和楚汉战争期间,匈奴奴隶制国家也发生了一次重要的宫廷政变,即冒顿杀死了他的父亲头曼单于,并取而代之。

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