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1.   "`Count of Morcerf,' said the president, `do not allowyourself to be cast down; answer. The justice of the courtis supreme and impartial as that of God; it will not sufferyou to be trampled on by your enemies without giving you anopportunity of defending yourself. Shall further inquiriesbe made? Shall two members of the House be sent to Yanina?Speak!' Morcerf did not reply. Then all the members lookedat each other with terror. They knew the count's energeticand violent temper; it must be, indeed, a dreadful blowwhich would deprive him of courage to defend himself. Theyexpected that his stupefied silence would be followed by afiery outburst. `Well,' asked the president, `what is yourdecision?'
2. 按照当前的黄金价格来算,半年时间,光分红就可以让雷军再买2.6块一公斤的黄金。
3. 值得一提的是主摄相机的参数,根据爆料,GalaxyS11有望搭载全新的一亿像素,有望搭载全新的一亿像素相机,此前该相机已经配备在小米CC9Pro上,并取得了121分的DxOMark成绩,如果配备在该机上,相信GalaxyS11一定会有惊喜。
4.   Monsieur the Marquis in his travelling carriage (which might have been lighter), conducted by four post-horses and two postilions, fagged up a steep hill. A blush on the countenance of Monsieur the Marquis was no impeachment of his high breeding; it was not from within; it was occasioned by an external circumstance beyond his control--the setting sun give up, and wither away give up, and wither away.
5.   The men resented it...she should have pretended to hear nothing. They hated her admitting she had attended so closely to such talk.
6.   But all these reasons were combated, destroyed, overthrown, bythat feeling of intimate pain which, on certain occasions, takespossession of our being, and cries to us so as to be understoodunmistakably that some great misfortune is hanging over us.Then D'Artagnan became almost wild. He ran along the high road,took the path he had before taken, and reaching the ferry,interrogated the boatman.


1. 宗教最在乎的其实是秩序,宗教的目的就是创造和维持社会结构;而科学最在乎的则是力量,科学的目的是通过研究得到力量,以治疗疾病、征伐作战、生产食物。就个人而言,科学家和神职人员可能很在意真理;但就整体而言,科学和宗教对真理的喜好远不及秩序和力量。因此,两者一拍即合。对于真理毫不妥协的追求,其实是一次灵性之旅,在宗教或科学机构之内却很少见。
2. 营销的确能让更多人知道你的产品,但是能够留住顾客,就只有实实在在的产品质量。
3. 现在还有个做法可能勉强算得上,就是品牌官方接梗的玩法,比如kindle的盖面、VANS王安石、芝华仕时髦瘫等等,毕竟大部分品牌平时都是一本正经端着的,但消费者最爱看的其实是品牌接梗、自黑,甚至是翻车,就看品牌能否很好地驾驭这些自带话题的传播因子了。
4.   When Meliboeus had heard the great skills [arguments, reasons] and reasons of Dame Prudence, and her wise information and teaching, his heart gan incline to the will of his wife, considering her true intent, he conformed him anon and assented fully to work after her counsel, and thanked God, of whom proceedeth all goodness and all virtue, that him sent a wife of so great discretion. And when the day came that his adversaries should appear in his presence, he spake to them full goodly, and said in this wise; "Albeit so, that of your pride and high presumption and folly, an of your negligence and unconning, [ignorance] ye have misborne [misbehaved] you, and trespassed [done injury] unto me, yet forasmuch as I see and behold your great humility, and that ye be sorry and repentant of your guilts, it constraineth me to do you grace and mercy. Wherefore I receive you into my grace, and forgive you utterly all the offences, injuries, and wrongs, that ye have done against me and mine, to this effect and to this end, that God of his endless mercy will at the time of our dying forgive us our guilts, that we have trespassed to him in this wretched world; for doubtless, if we be sorry and repentant of the sins and guilts which we have trespassed in the sight of our Lord God, he is so free and so merciable [merciful], that he will forgive us our guilts, and bring us to the bliss that never hath end." Amen.
5. 3.846路(杨秀店-大北窑南),受京沪高速双向北京段全线封闭影响,采取绕行措施,双向绕行走十八里店南桥不甩站。
6. 对此,江苏苏博律师事务所吴波建议,一旦遭遇家庭暴力,应该立刻报警。


1.   "Here is the first notice which I can find. It is in the personalcolumn of the Morning Post, and dates, as you see, some weeks back:"A marriage has been arranged [it says] and will, if rumour iscorrect, very shortly take place, between Lord Robert St. Simon,second son of the Duke of Balmoral, and Miss Hatty Doran, the onlydaughter of Aloysius Doran, Esq., of San Francisco, Cal., U.S.A.That is all."
2. 医生项轶说:我定的国外航空公司的机票,好像没法退费,不过我已经都安排好了。
3.   I say. I am like one who died young. All my life might have been.'
4. 这也与我们今年的观察相符。
5. 有的学校在低年级阶段还能够保证正常体育教学,但越接近升学考,就越忽视体育课,甚至一刀切地取消。
6. 1992年6月3日,她们向北京市朝阳区人民法院提起诉讼,认为被告的行为严重地侵犯了她们的名誉权,要求:一、被告赔礼道歉并消除影响。


1. 在孩子1岁的时候,黄女士花了10万元帮他报读一家名为,东方启音的儿童言语课程,此前一直在荔湾小区上课。
2. 这其实是对恐惧的一种反向形成,好像我知道的可怕的事情越多,我就越能控制可怕的事情发生,这其实是一种心理反向形成的防御机制,但是这种防御机制反而会让人们对于一些不能求证的消息就被淹没和吞噬,心理防线会被击溃,所以要控制自己不去看很多消极的新闻。
3. 什么是想,是对这个世界的观察与思考,与世界对话的一个过程。
4. "Have you no kind of life where it is possible?" asked Zava.
5.   Chapter 4
6. 组合C:直销+渠道直销负责一线城市,二三四线城市交给渠道代理商负责。


1. "No. She will think I am in bed. Don't stir."
2.   There is nothing in this world more delightful than that middlestate in which we mentally balance at times, possessed of themeans, lured by desire, and yet deterred by conscience or want ofdecision. When Carrie began wandering around the store amid thefine displays she was in this mood. Her original experience inthis same place had given her a high opinion of its merits. Nowshe paused at each individual bit of finery, where before she hadhurried on. Her woman's heart was warm with desire for them.How would she look in this, how charming that would make her!She came upon the corset counter and paused in rich reverie asshe noted the dainty concoctions of colour and lace theredisplayed. If she would only make up her mind, she could haveone of those now. She lingered in the jewelry department. Shesaw the earrings, the bracelets, the pins, the chains. Whatwould she not have given if she could have had them all! Shewould look fine too, if only she had some of these things.
3. 资本寒冬,企业融资新机遇何在?资金从来都是每个创业公司的生死线,每个创业公司都需要钱。

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      "The first case reported was four days ago," said he. "It was at theshop of Morse Hudson, who has a place for the sale of pictures andstatues in the Kennington Road. The assistant had left the frontshop for an instant, when he heard a crash, and hurrying in he found aplaster bust of Napoleon, which stood with several other works ofart upon the counter, lying shivered into fragments. He rushed outinto the road, but, although several passers-by declared that they hadnoticed a man run out of the shop, he could neither see anyone norcould he find any means of identifying the rascal. It seemed to be oneof those senseless acts of Hooliganism which occur from time totime, and it was reported to the constable on the beat as such. Theplaster cast was not worth more than a few shillings, and the wholeaffair appeared to be too childish for any particular investigation."The second case, however, was more serious, and also more singular.It occurred only last night.

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      These ladies were deferentially received by Miss Temple, as Mrs.and the Misses Brocklehurst, and conducted to seats of honour at thetop of the room. It seems they had come in the carriage with theirreverend relative, and had been conducting a rummaging scrutiny of theroom upstairs, while he transacted business with the housekeeper,questioned the laundress, and lectured the superintendent. They nowproceeded to address divers remarks and reproofs to Miss Smith, whowas charged with the care of the linen and the inspection of thedormitories: but I had no time to listen to what they said; othermatters called off and enchained my attention.

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      We can clearly see this in the case of animals with simple habits. Take the case of a carnivorous quadruped, of which the number that can be supported in any country has long ago arrived at its full average. If its natural powers of increase be allowed to act, it can succeed in increasing (the country not undergoing any change in its conditions) only by its varying descendants seizing on places at present occupied by other animals: some of them, for instance, being enabled to feed on new kinds of prey, either dead or alive; some inhabiting new stations, climbing trees, frequenting water, and some perhaps becoming less carnivorous. The more diversified in habits and structure the descendants of our carnivorous animal became, the more places they would be enabled to occupy. What applies to one animal will apply throughout all time to all animals that is, if they vary for otherwise natural selection can do nothing. So it will be with plants. It has been experimentally proved, that if a plot of ground be sown with several distinct genera of grasses, a greater number of plants and a greater weight of dry herbage can thus be raised. The same has been found to hold good when first one variety and then several mixed varieties of wheat have been sown on equal spaces of ground. Hence, if any one species of grass were to go on varying, and those varieties were continually selected which differed from each other in at all the same manner as distinct species and genera of grasses differ from each other, a greater number of individual plants of this species of grass, including its modified descendants, would succeed in living on the same piece of ground. And we well know that each species and each variety of grass is annually sowing almost countless seeds; and thus, as it may be said, is striving its utmost to increase its numbers. Consequently, I cannot doubt that in the course of many thousands of generations, the most distinct varieties of any one species of grass would always have the best chance of succeeding and of increasing in numbers, and thus of supplanting the less distinct varieties; and varieties, when rendered very distinct from each other, take the rank of species.The truth of the principle, that the greatest amount of life can be supported by great diversification of structure, is seen under many natural circumstances. In an extremely small area, especially if freely open to immigration, and where the contest between individual and individual must be severe, we always find great diversity in its inhabitants. For instance, I found that a piece of turf, three feet by four in size, which had been exposed for many years to exactly the same conditions, supported twenty species of plants, and these belonged to eighteen genera and to eight orders, which shows how much these plants differed from each other. So it is with the plants and insects on small and uniform islets; and so in small ponds of fresh water. Farmers find that they can raise most food by a rotation of plants belonging to the most different orders: nature follows what may be called a simultaneous rotation. Most of the animals and plants which live close round any small piece of ground, could live on it (supposing it not to be in any way peculiar in its nature), and may be said to be striving to the utmost to live there; but, it is seen, that where they come into the closest competition with each other, the advantages of diversification of structure, with the accompanying differences of habit and constitution, determine that the inhabitants, which thus jostle each other most closely, shall, as a general rule, belong to what we call different genera and orders.The same principle is seen in the naturalisation of plants through man's agency in foreign lands. It might have been expected that the plants which have succeeded in becoming naturalised in any land would generally have been closely allied to the indigenes; for these are commonly looked at as specially created and adapted for their own country. It might, also, perhaps have been expected that naturalised plants would have belonged to a few groups more especially adapted to certain stations in their new homes. But the case is very different; and Alph. De Candolle has well remarked in his great and admirable work, that floras gain by naturalisation, proportionally with the number of the native genera and species, far more in new genera than in new species. To give a single instance: in the last edition of Dr Asa Gray's 'Manual of the Flora of the Northern United States,' 260 naturalised plants are enumerated, and these belong to 162 genera. We thus see that these naturalised plants are of a highly diversified nature. They differ, moreover, to a large extent from the indigenes, for out of the 162 genera, no less than 100 genera are not there indigenous, and thus a large proportional addition is made to the genera of these States.By considering the nature of the plants or animals which have struggled successfully with the indigenes of any country, and have there become naturalised, we can gain some crude idea in what manner some of the natives would have had to be modified, in order to have gained an advantage over the other natives; and we may, I think, at least safely infer that diversification of structure, amounting to new generic differences, would have been profitable to them.

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      Gracious company, there is no defect in this Banquet, or more debarsit of the honour it might else have, but onely the presence ofTheobaldo, who having bin continually in your company, it seemes youare not willing to take knowledge of him, and therefore I meane myselfe to shew him. So, uncasing himselfe out of his Pilgrimes clothes,and standing in his Hose and Doublet, to their no little admiration,they all knew him, yet doubted whether it were he, or no. Which heperceiving, he repeated his brethrens and absent kindreds names, andwhat occurrences hapned betweene them from time to time, beside therelation of his owne passed fortunes, inciting teares in the eyes ofhis brethren, and all else there present, every one hugging andembracing him, yea, many beside, who were no kin at all to him.Hermelina onely excepted: which when Aldobrandino saw, he said untoher; How now Hermelina? Why doest thou not welcome home Theobaldo,so kindly as the rest have done?

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