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1.   I knew well - better perhaps than he thought, as far as my poor mother was concerned - and I obeyed him to the letter. I retreated to my own room no more; I took refuge with Peggotty no more; but sat wearily in the parlour day after day, looking forward to night, and bedtime.
2.   "With the utmost pleasure," replied the Sultan; "and as I am all impatience to see the sister of such accomplished young men you may expect me the day after to-morrow."
3. 见证了刘咏昭特殊婚礼的池州二院重症医学科护士江光慧告诉记者,看得出小伙子很有孝心,其女友也非常通情达礼。
4. 房产证上,现在是写的公司名字,但正在转让过程中。
5. 其中一位留驻北京的设计师也向我们表示,工作基本没受什么影响。
6. 由于看中其品牌知名度,附近不少家长选择将孩子送到这里。


1. 不止一个消息源表示,因个人原因,孙枢将在近期离开滴滴,目前基本确定了,接下来准备创业,可能会做一个和以往不一样的出行产品。
2. 想要提高产品的销售额,转化率和用户价值是重点。
3. affection
4.   "Confess that it is for the sake of making me talk that youinvent this story and create this personage."
5.   And the Musketeer, with his usual coolness, reseated himselfbefore the remains of the breakfast.
6. 经销商以固体饮料充当婴幼儿配方奶粉进行销售,属虚假宣传,涉嫌违反《中华人民共和国消费者权益保护法》。


1. 记者注意到,受到武汉新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情的影响,公众的防护意识有了明显提高,超过一半的进出京旅客都佩戴了口罩。
3.   As he uttered these words he gave a frightful yell. The merchant, quite as much terrified at the hideous face of the monster as at his words, answered him tremblingly, "Alas, good sir, what can I have done to you to deserve death?"
4.   It all happened as the Sultan had foreseen, and the two brothers appeared in their sister's apartments just as she was in the act of stepping into bed, and told their tale.
5. 随着信用制度的发展,象伦敦那样大的集中的货币市场就兴起了。这个货币市场,同时还是这种证券交易的中心。银行家把公众的货币资本大量交给这伙商人去支配,因此,这帮赌棍就繁殖起来。
6. 丰厚的利润下,掘金者众。


1. 这个家庭中心内部有三个摄像头,它能够连接到你的手机,你可以通过手机看冰箱里有什么。所以它基本上是一个6000美元替代用纸笔完成购物清单的替代品。
2. 《请以你的名字呼唤我 》
3.   "My good fellow," said Chateau-Renaud, "the count is yourfriend and you treat him accordingly. Do not believe whatAlbert is telling you, countess; so far from the sensationexcited in the Parisian circles by the appearance of theCount of Monte Cristo having abated, I take upon myself todeclare that it is as strong as ever. His first astoundingact upon coming amongst us was to present a pair of horses,worth 32,000 francs, to Madame Danglars; his second, thealmost miraculous preservation of Madame de Villefort'slife; now it seems that he has carried off the prize awardedby the Jockey Club. I therefore maintain, in spite ofMorcerf, that not only is the count the object of interestat this present moment, but also that he will continue to beso for a month longer if he pleases to exhibit aneccentricity of conduct which, after all, may be hisordinary mode of existence."
4. 想一想再看
5. 此前兰州兽研所近百人布鲁氏菌病感染事件,持续受到关注。
6. 我们的成长速度超过了很多员工数10倍于我们的公司。


1. 王啸对第一财经记者表示,远程办公类产品想要抓取用户,需要具备易用性、可靠性、功能性,沟通和信息同步的实时性、有效性,以及工作和任务协同的顺畅性和效率。
2.   "Well, well," said Andrea, "that isn't a bad idea."
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      When the Marquesse perceyved, that Grizelda beleeved verily, thisyong daughter of hers should be his wife, and answered him in sohonest and modest manner: he commanded her to sit downe by him, andsaide. Grizelda, it is now more then fitte time, that thou shouldsttaste the fruite of thy long admired patience, and that they whohave thought me cruell, harsh and uncivill natured, should at lengthobserve, that I have done nothing basely, or unadvisedly. For this wasa worke premeditated before, for enstructing thee, what it is to bea married wife, and to let them know (whosoever they be) how to takeand keepe a wife. Which hath begotten (to me) perpetuall joy andhappinesse, so long as I have a day to live with thee: a matterwhereof I stoode before greatly in feare, and which (in marriage Ithought) would never happen to me.

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      "'Do not,' they exclaimed, 'be mad enough to provoke this savagecreature further; he has thrown one rock at us already which droveus back again to the mainland, and we made sure it had been thedeath of us; if he had then heard any further sound of voices he wouldhave pounded our heads and our ship's timbers into a jelly with therugged rocks he would have heaved at us, for he can throw them along way.'

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      "'Pooh man; you should soar above it. You are not in your truesphere. Now, I'll tell you how it stands with me. What I have to offeris little enough when measured by your ability, but when compared withMawson's it's light to dark. Let me see. When do you go to Mawson's?'"'On Monday.'

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      His Wife being very timorous, yet diligent to doe whatsoever hecommanded, so prevailed with the Wife of Spinelloccio: that she cameto them quickely, and so much the rather, because her Husband dinedabroad. Shee being come up into the Chamber, Zeppa gave her most kindeentertainment, taking her gently by the hand, and winking on his Wife,that she should betake her selfe to the kitchin, to see dinnerspeedily prepared, while he sat conversing with his neighbour in theChamber.

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      E'en hell hath its peculiar laws, I see! I'm glad of that! a pact may then bemade, The which you gentlemen will surely keep?Mephistopheles

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      Having invited Helen and me to approach the table, and placedbefore each of us a cup of tea with one delicious but thin morsel oftoast, she got up, unlocked a drawer, and taking from it a parcelwrapped in paper, disclosed presently to our eyes a good-sizedseed-cake.

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      I did so, not at first aware what was his intention; but when I sawhim lift and poise the book and stand in act to hurl it, Iinstinctively started aside with a cry of alarm: not soon enough,however; the volume was flung, it hit me, and I fell, striking my headagainst the door and cutting it. The cut bled, the pain was sharp:my terror had passed its climax; other feelings succeeded.