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1. 当然,也希望更多的品牌也本着这样的心态来做。
2. 在这份相敬如宾里,除了爱情与亲情,其实还有一份尊重。
3. She plunged into the gory records of the French Revolution, and told such stories of it that Ermengarde's eyes grew round with alarm and she held her breath. But though she was rather terrified, there was a delightful thrill in listening, and she was not likely to forget Robespierre again, or to have any doubts about the Princesse de Lamballe.
4. 推荐序勤奋的兔子(5)
5.   "Of what use would it be? Shut the dungeon as if he werealive -- that is all." Then the steps retreated, and thevoices died away in the distance; the noise of the door,with its creaking hinges and bolts ceased, and a silencemore sombre than that of solitude ensued, -- the silence ofdeath, which was all-pervasive, and struck its icy chill tothe very soul of Dantes. Then he raised the flag-stonecautiously with his head, and looked carefully around thechamber. It was empty, and Dantes emerged from the tunnel.
6. 2015年11月,中国人民银行发行了新版100元纸币,其防伪能力和印制质量明显提升,受到社会广泛好评。


1. 希望也可以给各位带来一些收获。
2.   'Some local irritation, ma'am?'
3. 为避免交通管制,我每天凌晨4点便起床,5点多赶到工地,从早上6点蹲到晚上9点,自带干粮,水。
4. 发布错的消息大家也会焦虑。
5. 的确它也是A股市场上企业级信息技术排名前两位的代表。
6. 在第四节我会分析租值消散理念最重要的谬误。


1.   I see no reason to limit the process of modification, as now explained, to the formation of genera alone. If, in our diagram, we suppose the amount of change represented by each successive group of diverging dotted lines to be very great, the forms marked a214 to p14, those marked b14 and f14, and those marked o14 to m14, will form three very distinct genera. We shall also have two very distinct genera descended from (I) and as these latter two genera, both from continued divergence of character and from inheritance from a different parent, will differ widely from the three genera descended from (A), the two little groups of genera will form two distinct families, or even orders, according to the amount of divergent modification supposed to be represented in the diagram. And the two new families, or orders, will have descended from two species of the original genus; and these two species are supposed to have descended from one species of a still more ancient and unknown genus.
2. 如果一次接触大量病毒,即使免疫功能正常,也可能患病。
3. 血淋淋的故事,就此开始。
4. ['trit?bl]
5.   "Thence we sailed onward with sorrow in our hearts, but glad to haveescaped death though we had lost our comrades, nor did we leave tillwe had thrice invoked each one of the poor fellows who had perished bythe hands of the Cicons. Then Jove raised the North wind against ustill it blew a hurricane, so that land and sky were hidden in thickclouds, and night sprang forth out of the heavens. We let the shipsrun before the gale, but the force of the wind tore our sails totatters, so we took them down for fear of shipwreck, and rowed ourhardest towards the land. There we lay two days and two nightssuffering much alike from toil and distress of mind, but on themorning of the third day we again raised our masts, set sail, and tookour places, letting the wind and steersmen direct our ship. I shouldhave got home at that time unharmed had not the North wind and thecurrents been against me as I was doubling Cape Malea, and set meoff my course hard by the island of Cythera.
6. 我以‘羅字为例,从篆文来看是可以拆开讲解的:上面是网,下面左边是丝,右边是鸟。


1. "Yes," she answered. "I am very hungry, and I am much obliged to you for your kindness; and"--she was going to add--"there is a child outside who is hungrier than I am." But just at that moment two or three customers came in at once, and each one seemed in a hurry, so she could only thank the woman again and go out.
2. 自该学校的国际管理学硕士(International Master in Management)项目首次被纳入榜单以来,该学校的排名在过去两年上升31个位置。
3. "Was it--a ghost?" quaked Ermengarde.
4. 各地抗击疫情均是在统一的抗疫指挥部调度下,由政府多个部门协同,发动群众全民参与。
5. I had always been proud of my country, of course. Everyone is. Compared with the other lands and other races I knew, the United States of America had always seemed to me, speaking modestly, as good as the best of them.
6. 但我们一不小心把它做成了文章作为内容的载体,使得其他的短内容的形式没有呈现出来,那使得我们在短内容方面有一定的缺失。


1.   "Montium custos nemorumque, Virgo, Quae laborantes utero puellas Ter vocata audis adimisque leto, Diva triformis."
2.   Comparison yet never might be maked Between him and another conqueror; For all this world for dread of him had quaked He was of knighthood and of freedom flow'r: Fortune him made the heir of her honour. Save wine and women, nothing might assuage His high intent in arms and labour, So was he full of leonine courage.
3.   Mephistopheles

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      Somewhat early the next morning, the Lady, in care of her sicke Sonshealth, was up and ready betimes, and taking another Gentlewomanwith her; onely as a morning recreation, shee walked to Frederigoespoore Countrey Farme, knowing that it would not a little glad him tosee her. At the time of her arrivall there, he was (by chance) in asilly Garden, on the backe-side of the a si House, because (as yet) itwas no convenient time for flight: but when he heard, that Madam Glanawas come thither, and desired to have some conference with him; as onealmost confounded with admiration, in all hast he ran to her, andsaluted her with most humble reverence. She in all modest and graciousmanner, requited him with the like salutations, thus speaking tohim. Signior Frederigo, your owne best wishes befriend you, I am nowcome hither, to recompence some part of your passed travailes, whichheretofore you pretended traval I to suffer for my sake, when yourlove was more to me, then did well become you to offer, or my selfe toaccept. And such is the nature of my recompence, that I make myselfe your guest, and meane this day to dine with as also thisGentlewoman, making no doubt of our welcome: whereto, with lowlyreverence, thus he replyed.

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      Monseigneur had one truly noble idea of general public business, which was, to let everything go on in its own way; of particular public business, Monseigneur had the other truly noble idea that it must all go his way--tend to his own power and pocket. Of his pleasures, general and particular, Monseigneur had the other truly noble idea, that the world was made for them. The text of his order (altered from the original by only a pronoun, which is not much) `ran: `The earth and the fulness thereof are mine, saith Monseigneur.'