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1. 而一个国家是否可以信任另一个国家或地区提供的产品,这个问题以前就出现过。
2.   The fellow turned a keen, watchful face on the inquirer.
3.   A maid servant then brought them water in a beautiful golden ewerand poured it into a silver basin for them to wash their hands, andshe drew a clean table beside them. An upper servant brought thembread, and offered them many good things of what there was in thehouse, the carver fetched them plates of all manner of meats and setcups of gold by their side, and a man-servant brought them wine andpoured it out for them.
4.   Know then (most gracious assembly) that it is not many yeeres since,when there lived in Salerne, a very famous Physitian, named SignieurMazzeo della Montagna, who being already well entred into yeeres,would (neverthelesse) marrie with a beautifull young Mayden of theCity, bestowing rich garments, gaudie attyres, Ringes, and Jewelles onher, such as few Women else could any way equall, because hee lovedher most deerely. Yet being an aged man, and never remembring, howvaine and idle a thing it is, for age to make such an unfittingElection, injurious to both; and therefore endangering that domestickeagreement, which ought to be the sole and maine comfort of Marriage:it maketh me therefore to misdoubt, that as in our former Tale ofSigniour Ricciardo de Cinzica, some dayes of the Calender did hereseeme as distastefull, as those that occasioned the other Womansdiscontentment. In such unequall choyses, Parents commonly are moreblamewoorthy, then any imputation, to bee layde on the young Women,who gladdely would enjoy such as in heart they have elected: butthat their Parents, looking through the glasse of greedie lucre, doeoverthrow both their owne hopes, and the faire fortunes of theirchildren together.
5.   青岛队因此还换上了小外援亚当斯,从而保证更稳定的接球。
6. n. 舒适,安逸,安慰,慰藉


1. 其实从几年前开始,柳传志就一直在为联想的股权清晰而努力。是一个极其富有谋略的人,他深知在当前的国情下,股权清晰到人是一块“熔化中的黄金”,既诱人又毁人,他不甘心无所作为,但又绝不铤而走险。1988年,他对香港公司的股份设计便很耐人寻味。1992年,他又申请将公司脱离计算所的管辖,而直接纳入中国科学院的名下。1994年2月,联想在香港联交所挂牌上市,柳传志乘机提出了一个“股份制改造的方案”。按此方案的设想,联想资产的55%归国家所有,45%归员工。对于这个方案,中国科学院没有异议,但是却立即被财政部和国有资产管理局打回,毕竟在当时,如此大胆的股权清晰尚无先例,谁也不敢担当“国有资产流失”的罪名。
2. 走到王某家门口,就看见顺着门缝呼呼往外冒烟。
3. 它获取了冷战以来难得的战略优势地位。
4. 在2019年最后一个季度中,阿里巴巴双十一爆卖、赴港二次上市成功、组织架构再次调整,张勇前台、马云后台的新模式看起来交接顺利。
5. 蒙古大汗历来只能由成吉思汗的后裔承袭。所以,也先权势虽盛,仍不能不在名义上奉脱脱不花为汗。也先杀脱脱不花弟,自称大元可汗,而不称蒙古大汗,以摆脱蒙古立汗制度的束缚,但自立为汗便根本背离了蒙古族的历史传统,为蒙古诸王贵族所不容。依汉法重建大元国号与年号,也为草原贵族所不取。一四五四年,瓦刺知院阿刺率诸贵族起兵讨伐也先。也先兵败被杀。瓦刺无汗,逐渐离析。明人称为鞑靼的东蒙古诸部贵族相继兴起。
6.   "Now I will give you the evidence of Susan Tarlton, who is theonly person who can say anything positive about the matter. It wasin the forenoon, between eleven and twelve. She was engaged at themoment in hanging some curtains in the upstairs front bedroom.Professor Coram was still in bed, for when the weather is bad heseldom rises before midday. The housekeeper was busied with somework in the back of the house. Willoughby Smith had been in hisbedroom, which he uses as a sitting-room, but the maid heard him atthat moment pass along the passage and descend to the studyimmediately below her. She did not see him, but she says that shecould not be mistaken in his quick, firm tread. She did not hear thestudy door close, but a minute or so later there was a dreadful cry inthe room below. It was a wild, hoarse scream, so strange and unnaturalthat it might have come either from a man or a woman. At the sameinstant there was a heavy thud, which shook the old house, and thenall was silence. The maid stood petrified for a moment, and then,recovering her courage, she ran downstairs. The study door was shutand she opened it. Inside, young Mr. Willoughby Smith was stretchedupon the floor. At first she could see no injury, but as she triedto raise him she saw that blood was pouring from the underside ofhis neck. It was pierced by a very small but very deep wound, whichhad divided the carotid artery. The instrument with which the injuryhad been inflicted lay upon the carpet beside him. It was one of thosesmall sealing-wax knives to be found on old-fashioned writingtables, with an ivory handle and a stiff blade. It was part of thefittings of the professor's own desk.


1. 民族电影的国际化抑或国家化?类型片与国家叙事的融合去年开年,《流浪地球》可谓是点燃了春节档的口水战战火,这部制作精良但整体相对平庸的电影开启了所谓中国科幻电影元年,科幻电影作为一种可以和好莱坞竞争的指标被人提及。
2. 原标题:王思聪尚有1条限制消费令未撤销已撤3条中新网客户端12月25日电(彭婧如)记者25日查询中国执行信息公开网发现,上海静安法院11月21日对王思聪发布的3条限制消费令已撤销,但北京二中院的限制消费文件还可查询到。
3.   To test the truth of this anticipation I have arranged the plants of twelve countries, and the coleopterous insects of two districts, into two nearly equal masses, the species of the larger genera on one side, and those of the smaller genera on the other side, and it has invariably proved to be the case that a larger proportion of the species on the side of the larger genera present varieties, than on the side of the smaller genera. Moreover, the species of the large genera which present any varieties, invariably present a larger average number of varieties than do the species of the small genera. Both these results follow when another division is made, and when all the smallest genera, with from only one to four species, are absolutely excluded from the tables. These facts are of plain signification on the view that species are only strongly marked and permanent varieties; for whenever many species of the same genus have been formed, or where, if we may use the expression, the manufactory of species has been active, we ought generally to find the manufactory still in action, more especially as we have every reason to believe the process of manufacturing new species to be a slow one. And this certainly is the case, if varieties be looked at as incipient species; for my tables clearly show as a general rule that, wherever many species of a genus have been formed, the species of that genus present a number of varieties, that is of incipient species, beyond the average. It is not that all large genera are now varying much, and are thus increasing in the number of their species, or that no small genera are now varying and increasing; for if this had been so, it would have been fatal to my theory; inasmuch as geology plainly tells us that small genera have in the lapse of time often increased greatly in size; and that large genera have often come to their maxima, declined, and disappeared. All that we want to show is, that where many species of a genus have been formed, on an average many are still forming; and this holds good.There are other relations between the species of large genera and their recorded varieties which deserve notice. We have seen that there is no infallible criterion by which to distinguish species and well-marked varieties; and in those cases in which intermediate links have not been found between doubtful forms, naturalists are compelled to come to a determination by the amount of difference between them, judging by analogy whether or not the amount suffices to raise one or both to the rank of species. Hence the amount of difference is one very important criterion in settling whether two forms should be ranked as species or varieties. Now Fries has remarked in regard to plants, and Westwood in regard to insects, that in large genera the amount of difference between the species is often exceedingly small. I have endeavoured to test this numerically by averages, and, as far as my imperfect results go, they always confirm the view. I have also consulted some sagacious and most experienced observers, and, after deliberation, they concur in this view. In this respect, therefore, the species of the larger genera resemble varieties, more than do the species of the smaller genera. Or the case may be put in another way, and it may be said, that in the larger genera, in which a number of varieties or incipient species greater than the average are now manufacturing, many of the species already manufactured still to a certain extent resemble varieties, for they differ from each other by a less than usual amount of difference.Moreover, the species of the large genera are related to each other, in the same manner as the varieties of any one species are related to each other. No naturalist pretends that all the species of a genus are equally distinct from each other; they may generally be divided into sub-genera, or sections, or lesser groups. As Fries has well remarked, little groups of species are generally clustered like satellites around certain other species. And what are varieties but groups of forms, unequally related to each other, and clustered round certain forms that is, round their parent-species? Undoubtedly there is one most important point of difference between varieties and species; namely, that the amount of difference between varieties, when compared with each other or with their parent-species, is much less than that between the species of the same genus. But when we come to discuss the principle, as I call it, of Divergence of Character, we shall see how this may be explained, and how the lesser differences between varieties will tend to increase into the greater differences between species.There is one other point which seems to me worth notice. Varieties generally have much restricted ranges: this statement is indeed scarcely more than a truism, for if a variety were found to have a wider range than that of its supposed parent-species, their denominations ought to be reversed. But there is also reason to believe, that those species which are very closely allied to other species, and in so far resemble varieties, often have much restricted ranges. For instance, Mr H. C. Watson has marked for me in the well-sifted London Catalogue of plants (4th edition) 63 plants which are therein ranked as species, but which he considers as so closely allied to other species as to be of doubtful value: these 63 reputed species range on an average over 6.9 of the provinces into which Mr Watson has divided Great Britain. Now, in this same catalogue, 53 acknowledged varieties are recorded, and these range over 7.7 provinces; whereas, the species to which these varieties belong range over 14.3 provinces. So that the acknowledged varieties have very nearly the same restricted average range, as have those very closely allied forms, marked for me by Mr Watson as doubtful species, but which are almost universally ranked by British botanists as good and true species.Finally, then, varieties have the same general characters as species, for they cannot be distinguished from species, except, firstly, by the discovery of intermediate linking forms, and the occurrence of such links cannot affect the actual characters of the forms which they connect; and except, secondly, by a certain amount of difference, for two forms, if differing very little, are generally ranked as varieties, notwithstanding that intermediate linking forms have not been discovered; but the amount of difference considered necessary to give to two forms the rank of species is quite indefinite. In genera having more than the average number of species in any country, the species of these genera have more than the average number of varieties. In large genera the species are apt to be closely, but unequally, allied together, forming little clusters round certain species. Species very closely allied to other species apparently have restricted ranges. In all these several respects the species of large genera present a strong analogy with varieties. And we can clearly understand these analogies, if species have once existed as varieties, and have thus originated: whereas, these analogies are utterly inexplicable if each species has been independently created.We have, also, seen that it is the most flourishing and dominant species of the larger genera which on an average vary most; and varieties, as we shall hereafter see, tend to become converted into new and distinct species. The larger genera thus tend to become larger; and throughout nature the forms of life which are now dominant tend to become still more dominant by leaving many modified and dominant descendants. But by steps hereafter to be explained, the larger genera also tend to break up into smaller genera. And thus, the forms of life throughout the universe become divided into groups subordinate to groups.
4. 猫狗能从众多动物中脱颖而出占C位,成为人类的伴侣动物,也是经历了漫长的和人类相爱相杀的磨合岁月。
5. 机器的这些改良,只有在它们被安装在适宜的新厂房中的时候,才能充分发挥它们的作用。
6. 庭审中,杜某、苏某当庭表示,对指控事实及罪名均没有异议。


1. 为什么会有这样的怪现象呢?经济学的传统答案,是比较优势定律。这定律佛利民认为是最重要的,我在卷二第二章的第二节,分析「比较成本」时说过了。比较成本的理念,无疑可以解释专业生产的行为,但我认为不是佛老说的那样重要,因为专业生产还有其他重要的决定因素。我认为如果世界上所有的人天生一样,每个人的比较成本相同,专业生产还会发生。除比较成本外,专业生产还有其他三个因素,可能更为重要。
2.   Here again: Mr. Lorry's inquiries into Miss Pross's personal history had established the fact that her brother Solomon was a heartless scoundrel who had stripped her of everything she possessed, as a stake to speculate with, and had abandoned her in her poverty for evermore, with no touch of compunction. Miss Pross's fidelity of belief in Solomon (deducting a mere trifle for this slight mistake) was quite a serious matter with Mr. Lorry, and had its weight in his good opinion of her.
3.   "`December 22d. Twenty-four geese at 7s. 6d.'"
4. [犹太教]犹太教(Judaism)是世界三大一神信仰中最早而且最古老的宗教,也是犹太民族的生活方式及信仰。犹太教的主要诫命与教义来自《托拉》(妥拉),即圣经的前五卷书。犹太教信奉的是耶和华神,希伯来语称“????”。托拉广义上指耶和华神启示给以色列人的真义,亦指耶和华神启示给人类教导与指引。狭义上指《旧约》的首五卷(犹太人不称旧约),又称律法书或《摩西五经》即《创世记》、《出埃及记》、《利未记》、《民数记》和《申命记》。犹太教(Judaism),旧称为挑筋教、蓝帽回回,是在公元前2000年西亚地区的游牧民族希伯来人中产生的。犹太教最重要的教义,在于只有一位神,即无形并且永恒的上帝。他愿所有的人,行公义,好怜悯,因为上帝按照他的形象造人,所以人都应该有尊严且受到尊敬地对待。犹太人以学习及祈祷来侍奉上帝,同时遵行摩西五经上所指引的诫命。与世界上其他宗教不一样,犹太教不欢迎外族信仰犹太教,不主动到外族人中···更多
5. 我们花了大量时间给他做心理建设工作。
6. She gave Becky a little cheerful shake.


1. 他们每天早上8点上班,下午6点下班后回到宿舍,除了刷手机,什么也做不了。
2. 但小编认为无论如何我们还是需要警惕海康威视面临的风险。
3. 审美红利与成图率直接相关,后者是指每一百个购买产品的用户,百分之多少会自发地拍照分享,这个指标能够侧面反映新人群的审美倾向。

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