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1.   'I know you do, sir,' returned Mr. Peggotty, 'and thankee again. Mas'r Davy, he can remember what she was; you may judge for your own self what she is; but neither of you can't fully know what she has been, is, and will be, to my loving art. I am rough, sir,' said Mr. Peggotty, 'I am as rough as a Sea Porkypine; but no one, unless, mayhap, it is a woman, can know, I think, what our little Em'ly is to me. And betwixt ourselves,' sinking his voice lower yet, 'that woman's name ain't Missis Gummidge neither, though she has a world of merits.' Mr. Peggotty ruffled his hair again, with both hands, as a further preparation for what he was going to say, and went on, with a hand upon each of his knees:
2.   When Madam Pampinea sate silent, and the Querries boldnesse equalledwith his crafty cunning, and great wisedom in the King had passedamongst them with a generall applause; the Queene turning her selfe toMadam Philomena, appointed her to follow next in order as the rest haddone before her: whereupon Philomena began after this maner.
3. 格罗夫斯:“这个城市的大小正好使我们可以没有疑问地弄清楚原子弹的真实效果……”
4.   "But what shall you do with him?"
5. 此外,Rokid宣布目前RokidAR团队正在研发下一代双目产品,该产品是一款轻量级一体式AR眼镜,预计在2020年第三季度发布。
6.   "You have been cruelly used," said Holmes.


1.   'To me? Bless you, child; what an idea! To me! I am only thehousekeeper- the manager. To be sure I am distantly related to theRochesters by the mother's side, or at least my husband was; he wasa clergyman, incumbent of Hay- that little village yonder on the hill-and that church near the gates was his. The present Mr. Rochester'smother was a Fairfax, second cousin to my husband: but I never presumeon the connection- in fact, it is nothing to me; I consider myselfquite in the light of an ordinary housekeeper: my employer is alwayscivil, and I expect nothing more.'
2.   "Tell us, then, of your true relations with Mr. Gibson's wife.""She hated me, Mr. Holmes. She hated me with all the fervour ofher tropical nature. She was a woman who would do nothing by halves,and the measure of her love fear her husband was the measure also ofher hatred for me. It is probable that she misunderstood ourrelations. I would not wish to wrong her, but she loved so vividlyin a physical sense that she could hardly understand the mental, andeven spiritual, tie which held her husband to me, or imagine that itwas only my desire to influence his power to good ends which kept meunder his roof. I can see now that I was wrong. Nothing couldjustify me in remaining where I was a cause of unhappiness, and yet itis certain that the unhappiness would have remained even if I had leftthe house."
3. 是的,劳动生产很重要,但是由于生产资料非常有限,一吨煤一旦用来炼钢,就无法再用来取暖,所以必须预先知道“生产什么”和“生产多少”。在这个问题上判断错误就会造成劳动力和生产资料的浪费。因此,关于“生产什么”以及“生产多少”的信息,与劳动力和生产资料同样重要。
4. 警方称,截至1月22日晚,已抓获殴打医生的罗某和陈某。
5. 据王文宗介绍,由于两岸虱目鱼契作项目5年期满而至今未续约,农渔民的生产积极性大打折扣,学甲的虱目鱼产量预计将下降到7000吨左右。
6. 她说,自己先是查了家周边的宠物店,春节宠物猫的寄养价格跳到了一天一百到二百之间,实在昂贵。


1. “就像亚瑟·米勒的销售商一样,一个足球迷必须得做梦。”
2. 在付钱的时候,警察过来了,警察带他去了当地的卫生院,经检查他的身体一切正常,他得到了一份健康证明,还把他送到了上饶高速口。
3. 虽然营收规模增长迅猛,但盈利并不十分理想,2016年-2018年期间,分别亏损为3.4亿、7.6亿、33.5亿。
4. "You'll find they have their faults too," Terry insisted; and partly in self-defense, we all three began to look for those faults of theirs. We had been very strong on this subject before we got there--in those baseless speculations of ours.
5.   It was with a singular jumble of sadness and pleasure that I used to linger about my native place, until the reddening winter sun admonished me that it was time to start on my returning walk. But, when the place was left behind, and especially when Steerforth and I were happily seated over our dinner by a blazing fire, it was delicious to think of having been there. So it was, though in a softened degree, when I went to my neat room at night; and, turning over the leaves of the crocodile-book (which was always there, upon a little table), remembered with a grateful heart how blest I was in having such a friend as Steerforth, such a friend as Peggotty, and such a substitute for what I had lost as my excellent and generous aunt.
6. 没有办法,她们只能寄希望于平台协商。


1. X
2. 中国三十年代的资料,显示以谷粮为固定租金的,百分之八十三有上述的逃避条款;而以货币为固定租金的,只百分之六十三有此条款。不难明白:一般性的失收,农作物市价上升,农户以货币交租损失较小。
3. Sara laid her purchases on the table.
4. 事发时,该企业在现场施工的17人中,有3人失联,其他人员均安全撤离。
5. 元素周围留白越多,它就越容易被聚焦。
6. 各种毛巾,都要放进锅里煮。


1.   "Ah, I have no data. I cannot tell. Perhaps you have yourself formedsome opinion?"
2. "Here is her trunk," said Sara. "Let us open it and look at her things."
3. 早在2013年,亚马逊就提出了无人机送货计划,三年后其开发出的PrimeAir送货无人机即送出了第一单。

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    7. Flying Lotus “You’re Dead” (Warp) The new fusion makes no apologies for the old fusion, just a series of upgrades. As a producer, Flying Lotus values continuity as much as disruption, hazy beauty as well as jump-cut clamor. His suitelike reflection on death leaves room for irreverent wit — and, on “Never Catch Me,” one of the year’s best verses by Kendrick Lamar.

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