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1.   'I have none.'
2. 毛卓云与艾滋病在押人员进行交流。
3. 原标题:霸铺被曝光后起诉媒体:这能是律师干出的事?守法的尺子只量别人,不量量自己?▲央视新闻视频截图你的问题,主要在于读书太少而想得太多,杨绛的这句话曾让很多人有醍醐灌顶之感。
4.   `Yes, Lady Chatterley's not looking at all well! Why, she used to be that bonny, didn't she now? But she's been failing all winter! Oh, it's hard, it is. Poor Sir Clifford! Eh, that war, it's a lot to answer for.'
5. "You don't know that you are saying these things to a princess, and that if I chose I could wave my hand and order you to execution. I only spare you because I am a princess, and you are a poor, stupid, unkind, vulgar old thing, and don't know any better."
6. 其实,大疫也算是有恩于中国互联网行业。


1. 原标题:台湾花莲山区发生落石砸车意外2名游客受伤送医中新网12月31日电据台湾中央社报道,台湾花莲山区连日阴雨,中横公路长春隧道附近30日下午发生落石砸车意外,造成一辆自小客车内2人受伤,其中驾驶员伤势较为严重,头、脚撕裂伤。
2.   `I suppose I can take her to the cottage?' asked Connie.
3. 此前收银人员手写订单,月均错单损失约6000元,通过电子化系统,基本避免了错单和丢单情况。
4. 华北环境前线负责人高琼证实,他们曾在河北辛集、无极一带,发现盗猎者将鸟类饲养在废旧房子里,并不往南方贩卖,而是卖给佛教协会放生的人,牟取暴利,像麻雀,一般2元至5元不等。
5. 瑞德西韦是一款什么药?2月4日,国际知名学术期刊CellResearch(《细胞研究》)刊发第一作者为中科院武汉病毒所研究员王曼丽等人的论文(《瑞德西韦和磷酸氯喹能在体外有效抑制新型冠状病毒(2019-nCoV)》)。
6. 基于强大的X-Bolt联盟链技术,慷宝社区云打造了包含物业企业、业主、商家、广告商、积分兑换平台等角色的去中心化社区通证体系及体系内使用的通证——慷慷分。


1. 原标题:铁路餐饮按需供给才能实现双赢来源:北京青年报春运即将迎来客流量最集中的时段,铁路餐饮价格偏高的问题再成消费者关注的热点。
2. 2019年11月4日,杭州交警在工作中通过大数据发现徐某富多次以出租车作为作案车辆,在本市辖区蓄意擦碰其他车辆制造交通事故骗取理赔款,涉嫌诈骗。
3.   To these foresaid things answered Meliboeus unto his wife Prudence: "All thy words," quoth he, "be true, and thereto [also] profitable, but truly mine heart is troubled with this sorrow so grievously, that I know not what to do." "Let call," quoth Prudence, "thy true friends all, and thy lineage, which be wise, and tell to them your case, and hearken what they say in counselling, and govern you after their sentence [opinion]. Solomon saith, 'Work all things by counsel, and thou shall never repent.'" Then, by counsel of his wife Prudence, this Meliboeus let call [sent for] a great congregation of folk, as surgeons, physicians, old folk and young, and some of his old enemies reconciled (as by their semblance) to his love and to his grace; and therewithal there come some of his neighbours, that did him reverence more for dread than for love, as happeneth oft. There come also full many subtle flatterers, and wise advocates learned in the law. And when these folk together assembled were, this Meliboeus in sorrowful wise showed them his case, and by the manner of his speech it seemed that in heart he bare a cruel ire, ready to do vengeance upon his foes, and suddenly desired that the war should begin, but nevertheless yet asked he their counsel in this matter. A surgeon, by licence and assent of such as were wise, up rose, and to Meliboeus said as ye may hear. "Sir," quoth he, "as to us surgeons appertaineth, that we do to every wight the best that we can, where as we be withholden, [employed] and to our patient that we do no damage; wherefore it happeneth many a time and oft, that when two men have wounded each other, one same surgeon healeth them both; wherefore unto our art it is not pertinent to nurse war, nor parties to support [take sides]. But certes, as to the warishing [healing] of your daughter, albeit so that perilously she be wounded, we shall do so attentive business from day to night, that, with the grace of God, she shall be whole and sound, as soon as is possible." Almost right in the same wise the physicians answered, save that they said a few words more: that right as maladies be cured by their contraries, right so shall man warish war (by peace). His neighbours full of envy, his feigned friends that seemed reconciled, and his flatterers, made semblance of weeping, and impaired and agregged [aggravated] much of this matter, in praising greatly Meliboeus of might, of power, of riches, and of friends, despising the power of his adversaries: and said utterly, that he anon should wreak him on his foes, and begin war.
4.   The prince lay with his face half hidden by the coverlet. Maimoune lifted it a little and beheld the most beautiful youth she had ever seen.
5. 可偏偏不凑巧的是,第二天刚好是周一,故宫闭馆,有媒体大早就发来提醒。
6. 原标题:关于下沉市场的35个真相铅笔道荐语:移动互联网流量见顶,下沉市场被普遍认为是增量来源。


1. 秦某某、戚某某、张某某自愿共同赔偿公司损失,在案件提起公诉前,涉案企业损失已全部挽回。
2. 那个人逗我说:我在这儿呢,你不敢又抑郁了。
3. 原因有三:其一,中国人口红利仍然存在,总人口将在2029年达到14.9亿的峰值。
4.   'Oh, bless you!' said Peggotty, looking at me again at last. 'Don't you know? She's going to stay for a fortnight with Mrs. Grayper. Mrs. Grayper's going to have a lot of company.'
5. 交易商分类报告
6.   "I woulde live in peace, if that I might; Wherefore I am disposed utterly, As I his sister served ere* by night, *before Right so think I to serve him privily. This warn I you, that ye not suddenly Out of yourself for no woe should outraie;* *become outrageous, rave Be patient, and thereof I you pray."


1.   Connie felt there was truth in this. But she also felt that Mick was hardly making a display of selflessness.
2. 但是,从社会观点看,情况究全不同。1714至1820年间,英国有600万英亩以上的土地被圈占。这意味着严重的混乱和苦难。贫穷的农民失去了自己的部分甚至全部的土地,被迫当租地人或做散工的人,否则,就不得不去城里寻找工作。英国自耕农被大批地逐出家园这一现象把关心社会的个别人吓坏了,他们直言不讳地起来反对。虽然圈占土地的过程是使人不安、令人不快的,但就工业革命而言,它履行了两个必不可少的职责——它为工厂提供了劳动力,为城市提供了粮食。因此,因地可以看作是英因工业在19世纪居首位的一种先决条件。圈地确也在欧洲一些别的国家发生过,但在程度上要小得多。例如,在法国,法国革命为农民提供了更多的土地,从而增加了他们对故乡的依恋,使他们不愿意收拾行李上别处。
3.   'Very ready,' said Mrs. Gummidge, shaking her head, and wiping her eyes. 'Yes, yes, very ready. I am sorry it should be along of me that you're so ready.'

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