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2. "Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't," she said stoutly. "But when I CAN I'm all right. And what I believe is that we always could--if we practiced enough. I've been practicing a good deal lately, and it's beginning to be easier than it used to be. When things are horrible--just horrible--I think as hard as ever I can of being a princess. I say to myself, `I am a princess, and I am a fairy one, and because I am a fairy nothing can hurt me or make me uncomfortable.' You don't know how it makes you forget"-- with a laugh.
3.   I know of no case better adapted to show the importance of the laws of correlation in modifying important structures, independently of utility and, therefore, of natural selection, than that of the difference between the outer and inner flowers in some Compositous and Umbelliferous plants. Every one knows the difference in the ray and central florets of, for instance, the daisy, and this difference is often accompanied with the abortion of parts of the flower. But, in some Compositous plants, the seeds also differ in shape and sculpture; and even the ovary itself, with its accessory parts, differs, as has been described by Cassini. These differences have been attributed by some authors to pressure, and the shape of the seeds in the ray-florets in some Compositae countenances this idea; but, in the case of the corolla of the Umbelliferae, it is by no means, as Dr Hooker informs me, in species with the densest heads that the inner and outer flowers most frequently differ. It might have been thought that the development of the ray-petals by drawing nourishment from certain other parts of the flower had caused their abortion; but in some Compositae there is a difference in the seeds of the outer and inner florets without any difference in the corolla. Possibly, these several differences may be connected with some difference in the flow of nutriment towards the central and external flowers: we know, at least, that in irregular flowers, those nearest to the axis are oftenest subject to peloria, and become regular. I may add, as an instance of this, and of a striking case of correlation, that I have recently observed in some garden pelargoniums, that the central flower of the truss often loses the patches of darker colour in the two upper petals; and that when this occurs, the adherent nectary is quite aborted; when the colour is absent from only one of the two upper petals, the nectary is only much shortened.With respect to the difference in the corolla of the central and exterior flowers of a head or umbel, I do not feel at all sure that C. C. Sprengel's idea that the ray-florets serve to attract insects, whose agency is highly advantageous in the fertilisation of plants of these two orders, is so far-fetched, as it may at first appear: and if it be advantageous, natural selection may have come into play. But in regard to the differences both in the internal and external structure of the seeds, which are not always correlated with any differences in the flowers, it seems impossible that they can be in any way advantageous to the plant: yet in the Umbelliferae these differences are of such apparent importance the seeds being in some cases, according to Tausch, orthospermous in the exterior flowers and coelospermous in the central flowers, that the elder De Candolle founded his main divisions of the order on analogous differences. Hence we see that modifications of structure, viewed by systematists as of high value, may be wholly due to unknown laws of correlated growth, and without being, as far as we can see, of the slightest service to the species.We may often falsely attribute to correlation of growth, structures which are common to whole groups of species, and which in truth are simply due to inheritance; for an ancient progenitor may have acquired through natural selection some one modification in structure, and, after thousands of generations, some other and independent modification; and these two modifications, having been transmitted to a whole group of descendants with diverse habits, would naturally be thought to be correlated in some necessary manner. So, again, I do not doubt that some apparent correlations, occurring throughout whole orders, are entirely due to the manner alone in which natural selection can act. For instance, Alph. De Candolle has remarked that winged seeds are never found in fruits which do not open: I should explain the rule by the fact that seeds could not gradually become winged through natural selection, except in fruits which opened; so that the individual plants producing seeds which were a little better fitted to be wafted further, might get an advantage over those producing seed less fitted for dispersal; and this process could not possibly go on in fruit which did not open.The elder Geoffroy and Goethe propounded, at about the same period, their law of compensation or balancement of growth; or, as Goethe expressed it, 'in order to spend on one side, nature is forced to economise on the other side.' I think this holds true to a certain extent with our domestic productions: if nourishment flows to one part or organ in excess, it rarely flows, at least in excess, to another part; thus it is difficult to get a cow to give much milk and to fatten readily. The same varieties of the cabbage do not yield abundant and nutritious foliage and a copious supply of oil-bearing seeds. When the seeds in our fruits become atrophied, the fruit itself gains largely in size and quality. In our poultry, a large tuft of feathers on the head is generally accompanied by a diminished comb, and a large beard by diminished wattles. With species in a state of nature it can hardly be maintained that the law is of universal application; but many good observers, more especially botanists, believe in its truth. I will not, however, here give any instances, for I see hardly any way of distinguishing between the effects, on the one hand, of a part being largely developed through natural selection and another and adjoining part being reduced by this same process or by disuse, and, on the other hand, the actual withdrawal of nutriment from one part owing to the excess of growth in another and adjoining part.I suspect, also, that some of the cases of compensation which have been advanced, and likewise some other facts, may be merged under a more general principle, namely, that natural selection is continually trying to economise in every part of the organisation. If under changed conditions of life a structure before useful becomes less useful, any diminution, however slight, in its development, will be seized on by natural selection, for it will profit the individual not to have its nutriment wasted in building up an useless structure. I can thus only understand a fact with which I was much struck when examining cirripedes, and of which many other instances could be given: namely, that when a cirripede is parasitic within another and is thus protected, it loses more or less completely its own shell or carapace. This is the case with the male Ibla, and in a truly extraordinary manner with the Proteolepas: for the carapace in all other cirripedes consists of the three highly-important anterior segments of the head enormously developed, and furnished with great nerves and muscles; but in the parasitic and protected Proteolepas, the whole anterior part of the head is reduced to the merest rudiment attached to the bases of the prehensile antennae. Now the saving of a large and complex structure, when rendered superfluous by the parasitic habits of the Proteolepas, though effected by slow steps, would be a decided advantage to each successive individual of the species; for in the struggle for life to which every animal is exposed, each individual Proteolepas would have a better chance of supporting itself, by less nutriment being wasted in developing a structure now become useless.Thus, as I believe, natural selection will always succeed in the long run in reducing and saving every part of the organisation, as soon as it is rendered superfluous, without by any means causing some other part to be largely developed in a corresponding degree. And, conversely, that natural selection may perfectly well succeed in largely developing any organ, without requiring as a necessary compensation the reduction of some adjoining part.
4. 根据上海市统计局发布的数据显示,截止2015年年底,上海市外来常住人口数量减少至980万人,占该市大约2400万常住人口总量的40.6%。
5. 科尔宾表示,工党政府也打算跟欧盟协商拟定一份新的脱欧协议,在6个月内将这份协议与是否继续留在欧盟的选项一起付诸公投。
6. 比如,包括女排在内的很多重点项目在国家体育总局训练局训练,以前这些队伍是采用半封闭管理的方式,训练局的部分场地在满足国家队训练之外也向公众开放。


1. 且基于影片自带的知名度和口碑,因此只要能保障一定的上座率便可控制盈亏、保证基本收益,更甚者还能撬动影片内在价值,获得更多利润空间。
2. 但汽车和手机差异巨大,很难形成巨大的赢者通吃和超高毛利,因此我暂时没有看到当前如此高估值的逻辑,除非是真正的长线持有者。
3.   "You have nothing to add then, which could assist me?"
4. 而2019年拉卡拉预告的净利润也是8亿元左右。
5. 其中,全新的HUAWEIMatePadPro平板电脑新品作为华为最新的旗舰级平板电脑,拥有超窄边框,90%的屏占比,屏幕四周边框等距4.9毫米。
6.   `With the child!'


1.   My head still ached and bled with the blow and fall I had received:no one had reproved John for wantonly striking me; and because I hadturned against him to avert farther irrational violence, I wasloaded with general opprobrium.
2. 保康县马良镇马良街的新郎徐先生与新娘孙女士原定于2月10日举行婚礼,没想到却遇上疫情防控的特殊时期。
3. 他还笑称:我觉得我就像是个年轻人,我还这么年轻,连我都不敢相信。
4. 花园山血透中心有4名高度疑似患者,而且其中一人昨日已经确诊,光谷有3名高度疑似患者。
5. 1、出门戴口罩外出建议佩戴医用外科口罩或N95口罩。
6. 要求法院判令被告立即做出整改,使原告每次通过收费站时能从电子显示屏获知具体收费信息。


1.   After dinner, they sung divers excellent Canzonnets, and then somewent to sleepe, others played at the Chesse, and some at the Tables:But Dioneus and Madam Lauretta, they sung the love-conflict betweeneTroylus and Cressida. Now was the houre come, of repairing to theirformer Consistory or meeting place, the Queene having theretogenerally summoned them, and seating themselves (as they were wontto doe) about the faire fountaine. As the Queene was commanding tobegin the first Novell, an accident suddenly happened, which never hadbefalne before: to wit, they heard a great noyse and tumult, among thehoushold servants in the Kitchin. Whereupon, the Queene caused theMaster of the Houshold to be called, demaunding of him, what noyseit was, and what might be the occasion thereof? He made answere,that Lacisca and Tindaro were at some words of discontentment, butwhat was the occasion thereof, he knew not. Whereupon, the Queenecommanded that they should be sent for, (their anger and violentspeeches still continuing) and being come into her presence, shedemaunded the reason of their discord; and Tindaro offering to makeanswere, Lacisca (being somewhat more ancient then he, and of afiercer fiery spirit, even as if her heart would have leapt out of hermouth) turned her selfe to him, and with a scornefull frowningcountenance, said. See how this bold, unmannerly and beastly fellow,dare presume to speake in this place before me: Stand by (saucyimpudence) and give your better leave to answere; then turning tothe Queene, thus shee proceeded.
2.   There is nothing half so green that I know anywhere, as the grass of that churchyard; nothing half so shady as its trees; nothing half so quiet as its tombstones. The sheep are feeding there, when I kneel up, early in the morning, in my little bed in a closet within my mother's room, to look out at it; and I see the red light shining on the sun-dial, and think within myself, 'Is the sun dial glad, I wonder, that it can tell the time again?'
3. 纺织手工业的原料在种桑养蚕,汉时对农桑业很重视,每年必由皇后举行养蚕仪式。这种采桑养蚕也是妇女们的劳动,汉乐府民歌中有一诗名《陌上桑》,叙述秦罗敷在春月采桑时严辞斥责一个侮弄她的太守的故事。
4. 公司核心源代码被盗用,对于高速发展的创业公司来说是一件性质恶劣、影响较大的犯罪行为。
5. 运营思路之深没谁敢说自己全都懂。
6. 单词virtue 联想记忆:


1.   Faust
2.   "Sir James, sir!" said he with solemn face. "Sir James died thismorning."
3. 海景房、精装修、几十万就能拥有这些话术无不吸引着海内外投资者前往看一看、瞧一瞧,更不要说近两年的出海和东南亚创业趋势了。

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