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1. 即时快讯1、小米、OPPO和vivo联合开发GDSA技术平台据报道,小米、OPPO和vivo三家手机商正在联合开发一个被称为GDSA(GlobalDeveloperServiceAlliance)的技术服务生态平台。
2. 人,东汉时最杰出的科学家,也是世界上最早的伟大天文学家之一。
3. ,赛道井喷式增长,吸引了资本的关注,预期2020年会有更多标的获投。
4.   How many cups of tea I drank, because Dora made it, I don't know. But, I perfectly remember that I sat swilling tea until my whole nervous system, if I had had any in those days, must have gone by the board. By and by we went to church. Miss Murdstone was between Dora and me in the pew; but I heard her sing, and the congregation vanished. A sermon was delivered - about Dora, of course - and I am afraid that is all I know of the service.
5. 胰腺产生胰岛素,如果你的胰腺没有这样做,你需要人工注射胰岛素。因此,糖尿病患者必须进行的日常事例是检查他们的血糖,并且在必要时注射胰岛素。
6.   `I can't say.'


1.   The Moone having past the heaven, lost her bright splendor, by thearising of a more powerfull light, and every part of our world beganto looke cleare: when the Queene (being risen) caused all theCompany to be called, walking forth afterward upon the pearled dewe(so farre as was supposed convenient) in faire and familiar conferencetogether, according as severally they were disposed, and repetition ofdivers the passed Novels, especially those which were most pleasing,and seemed so by their present commendations. But the Sunne beeingsomewhat higher mounted, gave such a sensible warmth to the ayre, ascaused their returne backe to the Pallace, where the Tables werereadily covered against their comming, strewed with sweete hearbes andodoriferous flowers, seating themselves at the Tables (before the heatgrew more violent) according as the Queene commanded.
2. 民警提醒市民停放电动车时,不仅要停放在有人看管的停车场内,还要仔细检查一下是否落了锁。
3.   To the questions which D'Artagnan put concerning her health,she replied, "Bad, very bad."
4.   "No, madam," replied one, "we are no blood relations at all, only brothers by our mode of life."
5.   Those wordes, and those womanishe thinges, She heard them right as though she thennes* were, *thence; in some For, God it wot, her heart on other thing is; other place Although the body sat among them there, Her advertence* is always elleswhere; *attention For Troilus full fast her soule sought; Withoute word, on him alway she thought.
6. 重点单词


1.   There were footfalls outside, the door opened, and InspectorMorton appeared.
2.   "Of *mean stature,* and seemly to behold, *middling height* Lusty and fresh, demure of countenance, Young and well shap'd, with haire sheen* as gold, *shining With eyne as crystal, farced* with pleasance; *crammed And she gan stir mine heart a lite* to dance; *little But suddenly she vanish gan right there: Thus I may say, I love, and wot* not where." *know
3. 原标题:美团打车上线出租车感谢费,上海市消保委下周一约谈美团打车上线出租车感谢费,上海市消保委将约谈美团打车。
4. 伯父家的情况稍好,但生活也不宽裕。
5. "I've always thought it was a pathetic sight, both ways--to see a man or a woman taking a dog to walk--at the end of a string."
6. 第二节:造价的行为


1.   Pontonous then mixed wine and water, and handed it round aftergiving every man his drink-offering. When they had made theirofferings, and had drunk each as much as he was minded, Alcinous said:
2.   "If my Lord suspects they have been stolen, perhaps the personwho stole them still has them in his hands."
3. 本来在诉讼之前可以试着先向法院申请先予执行劳动报酬。
4. 二、新的智力水平
5. "We were living on rations before we worked it out," she said. "But we did work it out. You see, before a child comes to one of us there is a period of utter exaltation--the whole being is uplifted and filled with a concentrated desire for that child. We learned to look forward to that period with the greatest caution. Often our young women, those to whom motherhood had not yet come, would voluntarily defer it. When that deep inner demand for a child began to be felt she would deliberately engage in the most active work, physical and mental; and even more important, would solace her longing by the direct care and service of the babies we already had."
6. 尤其在移动互联网领域,这一优势更为凸显。


1.   18. Stound: short time; German, "stunde", hour.
2. “I thought it would be impossible to replace Steve, and to some extent that’s true,” says Professor Michael Cusumano of MIT’s Sloan School of Management. “But internally the spirit is still alive and the company is organising around a less confrontational culture. We have to give Tim credit for that.”
3.   "Good-night," said the little actress, tenderly.

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      "The second was the crime of which you were accused when youasked for a confessor, and the Abbe Busoni came to visit youat your request in the prison at Nimes."

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      Sir Simon perceiving, that she would not trust him upon barewords, nor any thing was to be done, without Salvum me fac, whereashis meaning was Sine custodia; thus answered. Well Belcolove, seeingyou dare not credit my bringing the tenne Florines, according to mypromised day: I will leave you a good pawne, my very best Cloake,lyned quite thorough with rich Silke, and made up in the choysestmanner.

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      Dawneth the day unto his kind resort, And Phoebus your father, with his streames red, Adorns the morrow, consuming the sort* *crowd Of misty cloudes, that would overlade True humble heartes with their mistihead.* *dimness, mistiness New comfort adaws,* when your eyen clear *dawns, awakens Disclose and spread, my life's lady dear.

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