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1. 完全匹配广告系列,只需使用完全匹配关键字,而不使用否定关键字。
2. 县公安局一举将正在进行聚众赌博的人员抓获。
3. 715
4.   Hence I look at individual differences, though of small interest to the systematist, as of high importance for us, as being the first step towards such slight varieties as are barely thought worth recording in works on natural history. And I look at varieties which are in any degree more distinct and permanent, as steps leading to more strongly marked and more permanent varieties; and at these latter, as leading to sub-species, and to species. The passage from one stage of difference to another and higher stage may be, in some cases, due merely to the long-continued action of different physical conditions in two different regions; but I have not much faith in this view; and I attribute the passage of a variety, from a state in which it differs very slightly from its parent to one in which it differs more, to the action of natural selection in accumulating (as will hereafter be more fully explained) differences of structure in certain definite directions. Hence I believe a well-marked variety may be justly called an incipient species; but whether this belief be justifiable must be judged of by the general weight of the several facts and views given throughout this work.It need not be supposed that all varieties or incipient species necessarily attain the rank of species. They may whilst in this incipient state become extinct, or they may endure as varieties for very long periods, as has been shown to be the case by Mr Wollaston with the varieties of certain fossil land-shells in Madeira. If a variety were to flourish so as to exceed in numbers the parent species, it would then rank as the species, and the species as the variety; or it might come to supplant and exterminate the parent species; or both might co-exist, and both rank as independent species. But we shall hereafter have to return to this subject.
5. vt. 起草,征
6. 其一,缴纳报名费但尚未开课的培训班可全额退款。


1. 开发一套系统,需要的投入并不小,维护和升级这样的智能系统,更需要结合大数据的反馈不断完善,成本并不低。
2. 据外媒报道称,有行业相关人士分析,基于开发者获得应用程序销售额70%的分成,这意味着AppStore在2019年的总销售额最高可达500亿美元,并为苹果创造了约150亿美元的收入。
3. 科达股份股东褚明理减持1009万股套现约5372万元1月3日,科达股份公告,股东褚明理在上海证券交易所通过竞价交易方式减持1008.8万股,股份减少0.76%,权益变动后持股比例为2.28%。
4. 除了泥石流,安置点附近一座巴吉姑萤石矿矿山,也对安置点构成了威胁。
5. 当时业界一片哀嚎:微软之下,寸草不生。
6. "Looks to me as if the absence of men made them more feminine in that regard, anyhow," he suggested.


1. 债权人对FF公司股权结构和未来潜力仍存质疑,贾跃亭的个人破产重组方案在各种阻力下仍悬而未决。
2. 庞中华出版的部分图书1997年,庞中华在军队中演讲硬笔书法1997年,清华大学的同学们和庞中华在一起  7  我的快乐教学法,差不多就是在八十年代形成的。
3. 最早提出近于上述的分离概念的,应该是英国的卓域克(E.Chadwick)。此君于一八二九年发表了一篇关于警察或公安的文章,指出盗窃或抢劫的行为对社会有害,犯罪的不需要赔偿给受害者,对社会无效率,所以政府要设立公安或警察管治。卓域克是米尔(J.S.Mill)的朋友。后者的智商之高,据说是人类纪录,而又是经济学大师。他于一八三四年提出了贫民法律,指出贫困的人对社会有损害,应该予以协助。更重要的是米尔于一八四八年提出灯塔的例子,其后于一八八三年瑟域克(H.Sidgwick)再把灯塔大事宣扬。
4. 今年1月至7月,该账户汇入款项的金额多为6000元或6000元的倍数,账户资金达2400余万元。
5. 澎湃新闻记者秦盛图提及扇贝近期突然大批量死亡的原因,大家众说纷纭。
6.   Forsooth dost pity her? At night, when at our wheels we sat, Abroad ourmothers ne'er would let us stir. Then with her lover she must chat, Or on thebench or in the dusky walk, Thinking the hours too brief for their sweet talk;Her proud head she will have to bow, And in white sheet do penance now!Margaret


1. 不过我很结实,曾经在健美方面屡获殊荣、现在仍每天健身的墨菲边展示着自己的肌肉边说,他选错了房子。
2.   I returned to the window and fetched it thence.
3. "I promised him I would bear it," she said. "And I will. You have to bear things. Think what soldiers bear! Papa is a soldier. If there was a war he would have to bear marching and thirstiness and, perhaps, deep wounds. And he would never say a word--not one word."
4.   And many pointes of his passion; How Godde's Son in this world was withhold* *employed To do mankinde plein* remission, *full That was y-bound in sin and cares cold.* *wretched <12> All this thing she unto Tiburce told, And after that Tiburce, in good intent, With Valerian to Pope Urban he went.
5. 森森妈妈还记得,送走孩子的那天,她是哭着回家的。
6. 后来,张卫荣与另一名苏州商人顾三官因借款、股权转让等问题发生经济纠纷。


1. 《副总统》(Veep):Netflix公司的热门剧《纸牌屋》(House of Cards)今年露出疲态,但另一部讽刺华盛顿的HBO电视剧《副总统》却在第三季中更上一层楼。塞琳娜(朱莉娅·路易斯-德莱弗斯[Julia Louis-Dreyfus]饰)和助手加里(Gary,托尼·黑尔[Tony Hale]饰)在洗手间里发现自己即将成为总统后,激动得失声大笑,成为2014年喜剧片中最滑稽的一幕。
2.   "Where to?"
3. 创始人陈新思认为,通稿发布不等于有效传播。

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