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1. 根据目标公司目前的规划,上市公司的授权供应商与目标公司拟合作的线下渠道供应商重叠较少,预计重叠度不会超过20%,南极电商还特意强调,目标公司拟议业务不仅不会减损上市公司主营收入,反而会基于NANJIREN品牌授权费的定价及支付安排,以新拓收入来源和增长点的方式直接增加上市公司的主营收入。
2.   "After all you tell me," remarked the king, "I can no longer doubt your word; but how and whence the lady came, or why she should have stayed so short a time I cannot imagine. The whole affair is indeed mysterious. Come, my dear son, let us wait together for happier days."
3.   "He and she."
4.   49. Reeve: A land-steward; still called "grieve" -- Anglo-Saxon, "gerefa" in some parts of Scotland.
5.   The Marquis took a gentle little pinch of snuff, and shook his head; as elegantly despondent as he could becomingly be of a country still containing himself, that great means of regeneration.
6. 两侧工人拉动铁链,检查车便会向前缓慢移动,从黄河东岸到达黄河西岸。


1. 当被害人像陈先生一样对犯罪嫌疑人产生好感后,嫌疑人就会约网友见面,然后引诱被害人来到店铺所在地,实施诈骗。
2. 现在弟弟已经没有钱治病了,是我们两个姐姐在帮忙凑钱。
3.  这一句句让人驻足的文案,均来自网易云音乐的乐评。
4. 经过长时间的疏导,一天,胡杰忽然向毛卓云发问:毛领导,你说我该怎么救赎自己?毛卓云说,若每天做一件好事就可以算得上救赎。
5.   'Pooh! you can't be silly enough to wish to leave such a splendidplace?'
6. 交班结束,在熊维宁教授的带领下,我和另外两位同组的队友进入了内部病房,开始早上的查房工作。


1.   At the cottage the door stood open, and there was a rattling heard inside. Connie lingered, the child slipped her hand, and ran indoors.
2.   During that day we spoke of other things, but when night came, and the same ceremony was repeated, I implored them most earnestly to let me know the meaning of it all.
3. 雷军掌管的小米,不断地追加研发,小米在2018年研发投入58亿元,比2017年增长了81%,从2016年到2018年,小米三年研发费用达到了111亿元。
4. 毅宗喜与汉人相处,习汉族文化。边地汉人犯罪,多来投附。一○六五年,毅宗在宋秦凤路俘掳汉人苏立,授以汉官。陕西文人景询犯罪逃来夏国,毅宗以景询为学士,参与国事。
5. 直播也给他带来很多乐趣,粉丝们经常会告诉他本来不知道的事情:“他们有次让我去拍热气球节,我才知道在布里斯托(英国南部城市)有这么一个节日!”为了和粉丝更好地交流,他特意另外开了一个微信私人账号,专门用于和粉丝聊天。


1. 报道称,对于接受活组织检查的人,诊断后中位数存活期为8个月,对摘除部分肿瘤的人,诊断后中位数存活期为11个月,而对完全摘除肿瘤的人,诊断后中位数存活期是大约16个月。
2.   'That proves you have a wicked heart; and you must pray to God tochange it: to give you a new and clean one: to take away your heart ofstone and give you a heart of flesh.'
3. 而在2007年,世界PC保有量已达10亿台,市场遇到增长瓶颈。
4.   Once home he said to the genie: "Build me a palace of the finest marble, set with jasper, agate, and other precious stones. In the middle you shall build me a large hall with a dome, its four walls of massy gold and silver, each side having six windows, whose lattices, all except one, which is to be left unfinished, must be set with diamonds and rubies. There must be stables and horses and grooms and slaves; go and see about it!"
5. 所以,Twitter在这个场景下,所使用的文案是“我和您一样讨厌垃圾邮件。
6.   MY mother had a sure foreboding at the second glance, that it was Miss Betsey. The setting sun was glowing on the strange lady, over the garden-fence, and she came walking up to the door with a fell rigidity of figure and composure of countenance that could have belonged to nobody else.


1.   'That is my little boy,' said Bessie directly.
2. With these women the most salient quality in all their institutions was reasonableness. When I dug into the records to follow out any line of development, that was the most astonishing thing--the conscious effort to make it better.
3.   With these words she made them all want to come, and they flocked tothe assembly till seats and standing room were alike crowded. Everyone was struck with the appearance of Ulysses, for Minerva hadbeautified him about the head and shoulders, making him look tallerand stouter than he really was, that he might impress the Phaeciansfavourably as being a very remarkable man, and might come off wellin the many trials of skill to which they would challenge him. Then,when they were got together, Alcinous spoke:

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      Much about this season of the yeare, there returned a young Schollerfrom Paris, named Felice, faire of complexion, comely of person,ingeniously witted and skilfully learned, who (soone after) grewinto familiarity, with Puccio: now because he could resolve him inmany doubts, depending on his profession of Alchimy, (himselfehaving onely practise, but no great learning) he used many questionsto him, shewed him very especiall matters of secrecy, entertaining himoften to dinners and suppers, whensoever he pleased to come andconverse with him; and his daughter likewise, perceiving with whatfavour her Father respected him, became the more familiar with him,allowing him good regard and reverence.

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    This founding father argued that the college would both guard against the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils and ensure the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.

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      He recovered himself so quickly, however, that Mr. Lorry had doubts of his business eye. The arm of the golden giant in the hall was not more steady than he was, when he stopped under it to remark to them that he was not yet proof against slight surprises (if he ever would be), and that the rain had startled him.