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1. 衣裳玉佩备章采,乘舆刺绣,公侯九卿以下皆织成。
2. 小李说:出门时无意中发现大门上的猫眼有些松动,好像是被人为破坏过。
3. 周围的人说得多了,赵光军干脆把自己的微信签名改成“别跟我提互联网思维!”吴海燕当时也提过这样的建议,但她的方式让赵光军更愿意接受。
4. 后来发现还是最原始的方法最管用,就发动志愿者和物业逐人打电话。
5.   'Let you stay with your uncle? Why, you doen't mean to ask me that! Stay with your uncle, Moppet? When your husband that'll be so soon, is here fur to take you home? Now a person wouldn't think it, fur to see this little thing alongside a rough-weather chap like me,' said Mr. Peggotty, looking round at both of us, with infinite pride; 'but the sea ain't more salt in it than she has fondness in her for her uncle - a foolish little Em'ly!'
6. 最终成本不断增高,收入却没有增加,于是就一地鸡毛了。


1. Terry put it up to me, saying I was the sociologist, and I explained that the laws of nature require a struggle for existence, and that in the struggle the fittest survive, and the unfit perish. In our economic struggle, I continued, there was always plenty of opportunity for the fittest to reach the top, which they did, in great numbers, particularly in our country; that where there was severe economic pressure the lowest classes of course felt it the worst, and that among the poorest of all the women were driven into the labor market by necessity.
2. We listened.
3. 酷家乐用2B去打2C,跟企业方谈,我给你提供一个软件,你可以方便的服务你的客户,我可以提高你的入店转化率。
4.   His wife explained that she had merely `asked a blessing.'
5. Belgium
6. 忽必烈得到乃颜反讯,先命伯颜亲自去乃颜军中察看虚实,命土土哈肃清驻军在上拉河上的也不干等叛王;并遣伯颜进据和林,遮断乃颜与海都的联系。五月,忽必烈自上都出兵,扶病亲征。由于蒙古军将多是乃颜的将校或戚属,两军对阵时往往“立马相响语,辄释杖不战”,忽必烈命李庭、董士选等统领汉军,用“汉法”战。六月,大军在撒儿都鲁败乃颜部将塔不带、金刚奴,进逼乃颜在辽河上的失刺斡耳朵。乃颜是景教的信奉者,在他的旗帜上立十字架为标志,军号十万,以车环卫为营。忽必烈以步卒持长矛,在火炮掩护下进攻。马可波罗在记述这次战役时写道:“由是双方部众执弓弩骨朵刀矛而战,其迅捷可谓奇观。人们只见双方发矢蔽天,有如暴雨。双方骑卒坠马而死者为数甚众,陈尸满地。死伤之中,各处声起,有如雷震。”乃颜兵败被擒。七月,失都儿北犯咸平,兵败,哈丹及其余党北逃。忽必烈留玉昔帖木儿辅皇孙铁穆耳进讨。一二八八年(至元二十五年),铁穆耳、土土哈、李庭等进击哈丹在呼伦贝尔地区的据点。哈丹流窜辽东、辽西及高丽之间,一二九一年(至元二十八年)被最后击破。


1. 第六部分:德国的原子弹开发遇到了大麻烦努力收到了实效
2.   My Dear Cousin, Here is the authorization from my sister to withdrawour little servant from the convent of Bethune, the air of which youthink is bad for her. My sister sends you this authorization with greatpleasure, for she is very partial to the little girl, to whom sheintends to be more serviceable hereafter.
3. 日中减去必要劳动时间,就得到剩余劳动的量。12小时减去10小时,还剩2小时,这里看不出,在这种条件下剩余劳动怎么能够延长到2小时以上。当然资本家可以不付给工人5先令,而只付给4先令6便士,或者更少。再生产这4先令6便士价值,有9个劳动小时就够了,这样,在一个十二小时工作日中,剩余劳动就不是2小时,而是3小时了,剩余价值本身也就从1先令提高到1先令6便士了。但是这个结果的获得,只是由于把工人的工资压低到劳动力价值以下。工人只得到他在9小时内生产的4先令6便士,他所支配的生活资料比以前少1/10,因此,他的劳动力只能有萎缩的再生产。在这里,剩余劳动的延长,只是由于打破剩余劳动的正常界限,剩余劳动的范围的扩大,只是由于侵占了必要劳动时间的范围。虽然这种方法在工资的实际运动中起着重要的作用,但是在这里它应该被排除,因为我们假定,一切商品,包括劳动力在内,都是按其十足的价值买卖的。这是一个理论分析所必须的假定,但并不意味着可以原谅资本家对工人利益的这种侵犯。既然作了这样的假定,那末劳动力的生产或劳动力价值的再生产所必要的劳动时间,就不能因为工人的工资低于他的劳动力的价值而减少,而只有当这个价值本身降低时才减少。在工作日长度已定的情况下,剩余劳动的延长必然是由于必要劳动时间的缩短,而不是相反,必要劳动时间的缩短是由于剩余劳动的延长。如果用数学来表达,由于等号没有方向性,因而这两者是一致的。但在现实逻辑上却不是这样。现代庸俗经济学热衷于数学运用的原因之一,正在于数理逻辑常常不是现实逻辑的正确表达方式。就我们的例子来说,劳动力的价值必需在实际上降低1/10,必要劳动时间才能减少1/10,从10小时减到9小时,从而使剩余劳动从2小时延长到3小时。
4. 创业者在那个时代就像一个帆板运动员,要不断调整自己的姿态,去顺着风向往前走。
5.   Good Father (answered the Woman) never make you any doubt thereof,for I would rather endure death it selfe, then disclose any thingwhich you enjoyne me to keepe secret: wherefore, I beseech you Sirto tell me, how, and by what meanes it may be done. If (quoth theAbbot) you desire to have him perfectly cured, of disease so dangerousand offensive, of necessity he Must be sent into Purgatory. How maythat be done, saide the woman, he being alive? He must needs die,answered the Abbot, for his more speedy passage thither; and when hehath endured so much punishment, as may expiate the quality of hisjealousie, we have certaine devoute and zealous prayers, whereby tobring him backe againe to life, in as able manner as ever he was.Why then, replyed the woman, I must remaine in the state of aWiddow? Very true, saide the Abbot, for a certaine time, in allwhich space, you may not (by no meanes) marrie againe, because theheavens will therewith be highly offended: but Ferando beingreturned to life againe, you must repossesse him as your Husband,but never to be jealous any more. Alas Sir (quoth the woman) so thathe may be cured of his wicked jealousie, and I no longer live insuch an hellish imprisonment, do as you please.
6.   `You may feel it, I don't.'


1.   14. "for the mastery" was applied to medicines in the sense of "sovereign" as we now apply it to a remedy.
2. 一位是乐视网董秘张特创办了长路体育。
3.   `Yes, talking...'
4. 《指引》从政策上明确了“银行”在网贷行业的角色定位,指出“商业银行”是唯一具有P2P平台资金存管资质的单位,同时指出银行没有兜底义务。
5. #科技前线#1.印度称富士康当地建厂计划取消,原因是50亿美元投资没到位据外媒报道,近日,印度马哈拉施特拉邦工业部长苏巴什·德赛宣布,与富士康在当地合作建立电子制造工厂的交易已经取消。
6. 登山时不要私自改变路线,遇到突发情况第一时间报警。


1. 另一方面,10月份工业生产者出厂价格(PPI)连续第3个月同比下降5.9%。
2.   It was with a sense of satisfaction, then, that he saw announcedone morning the return of the Casino Company, "with Miss CarrieMadenda." He had thought of her often enough in days past. Howsuccessful she was--how much money she must have! Even now,however, it took a severe run of ill luck to decide him to appealto her. He was truly hungry before he said:
3. 妇女似乎享有与男子同样的自由和社会地位。从某些壁画中可以看到,妇女们挤满了斗牛场的露天看台,并实际参加与牛角力的活动.有些妇女甚至还参加战争,这与美索不达米亚、埃及和古典希腊的情况不同,那些地方的妇女深居简出,以家庭为生活中心。

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