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1. 在球队的许多事情上,这些目中无人的“元首”们常常自以为是地制约球队主教练的行动。比如按照他们自己的意愿来引进球员——通常是些攻击型的球员,而不管球队究竟需要什么类型的球员,或者主教练想要引进什么球员。当球队因此而出现问题时,他们又把全部责任都推给主教练,甚至经常是将其直接解雇。
2.   'Well enough.'
3.   I couldn't think of doing the honours of the feast, at my time of life, while he was by; my hand shook at the very thought of it. I begged him to do me the favour of presiding; and my request being seconded by the other boys who were in that room, he acceded to it, and sat upon my pillow, handing round the viands with perfect fairness, I must say - and dispensing the currant wine in a little glass without a foot, which was his own property. As to me, I sat on his left hand, and the rest were grouped about us, on the nearest beds and on the floor.
4. (海外网-李萌实习编译-韩佳彤)
5.   'Chops,' I said.
6. 黄之锋自称是为香港人争取,而香港网友发图评论称,假香港人,你破坏。


1.   In a town of moderate size, two men lived in neighbouring houses; but they had not been there very long before one man took such a hatred of the other, and envied him so bitterly, that the poor man determined to find another home, hoping that when they no longer met every day his enemy would forget all about him. So he sold his house and the little furniture it contained, and moved into the capital of the country, which was luckily at no great distance. About half a mile from this city he bought a nice little place, with a large garden and a fair-sized court, in the centre of which stood an old well.
2.   "Have we any idea, Antinous, on what day Telemachus returns fromPylos? He has a ship of mine, and I want it, to cross over to Elis:I have twelve brood mares there with yearling mule foals by their sidenot yet broken in, and I want to bring one of them over here and breakhim."
3.   The Massive Ones
4. 这些品类被划分为了流量品类,包括豆干、麻花和曲奇饼等,用于横向拓宽市场、有节奏地丰富自己的SKU。
5. 最后选不到其他的人,找了我。
6. 父亲打牌儿子丢了20年后胎记让一家团圆一家人合影


1. 俱乐部还为了纪念社区和自己的过去,为英国第一个黑人球员和军官,沃尔特·托尔建起了一个纪念碑。他在第二次索姆河战役中阵亡。这个雕塑是当地为纪念在此次战争中阵亡的将士而建的公园的一部分。很多球迷都把自己的骨灰埋葬在雕塑的周围。
2.   D'Artagnan looked at his friends, as if to say, "Well, whatdid I tell you?"
3. 同时,瑞幸抛出可转债、增发ADS两项融资计划,用于门店扩张、无人零售业务等。
4. 现场也有观众提问:我非常相信人工智能和机器学习能改变创意的效率,甚至可以变成所谓的创意工厂。
5.   'I am sure,' my poor mother went on, at a grievous disadvantage, and with many tears, 'I don't want anybody to go. I should be very miserable and unhappy if anybody was to go. I don't ask much. I am not unreasonable. I only want to be consulted sometimes. I am very much obliged to anybody who assists me, and I only want to be consulted as a mere form, sometimes. I thought you were pleased, once, with my being a little inexperienced and girlish, Edward - I am sure you said so - but you seem to hate me for it now, you are so severe.'
6. 虽然Xtacking技术非常难做,但在分析利弊下,做了一年的实验,长江存储也证明自己现在成功了。


1.   Chapter 9The Evening of the Betrothal.
2. 北京金飞鹰科技发展有限公司董事长、《中国滑雪场大全》策划人罗勇向中新经纬(微信号:jwview)表示,室内滑雪场在滑雪场中是一个比较特殊的存在,主要是为了弥补室外滑雪场条件的限制,依附于购物商城、度假村等项目而建成。
3. 按照10.7%空置率计算,接近2500万套住房空置。
4.   'And the Psalms? I hope you like them?'
5.   "But you have never told me that you did not love me; and truly,to speak such words to me would be, on the part of your Majesty,too great an ingratitude. For tell me, where can you find a lovelike mine--a love which neither time, nor absence, not despaircan extinguish, a love which contents itself with a lost ribbon,a stray look, or a chance word? It is now three years, madame,since I saw you for the first time, and during those three yearsI have loved you thus. Shall I tell you each ornament of yourtoilet? Mark! I see you now. You were seated upon cushions inthe Spanish fashion; you wore a robe of green satin embroideredwith gold and silver, hanging sleeves knotted upon your beautifularms--those lovely arms--with large diamonds. You wore a closeruff, a small cap upon your head of the same color as your robe,and in that cap a heron's feather. Hold! Hold! I shut my eyes,and I can see you as you then were; I open them again, and I seewhat you are now--a hundred time more beautiful!""What folly," murmured Anne of Austria, who had not the courageto find fault with the duke for having so well preserved herportrait in his heart, "what folly to feed a useless passion withsuch remembrances!"
6.   I never saw such a beautiful colour on my mother's face before. She gently chid me for being rude; and, keeping me close to her shawl, turned to thank the gentleman for taking so much trouble as to bring her home. She put out her hand to him as she spoke, and, as he met it with his own, she glanced, I thought, at me.


1. 布病由布鲁氏杆菌引起,是一种急性或慢性传染病。
2. 火山喷发和地震之间有因果关系吗?刘嘉麒说,火山和地震是伴生关系,火山喷发或者喷发前后,可能有不同震级的地震发生。
3. n. 蛋白质

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      I cannot tell, whether you knew Talano de Molese, or no, a man ofmuch honour, who tooke to wife a yong Gentlewoman, named Margarita, asbeautifull as the best: but yet so peevish, scornefull, andfantasticall, that she disdained any good advice given her; neythercould any thing be done, to cause her contentment; which absurd humorswere highly displeasing to her husband: but in regard he knew nothow to helpe it, constrainedly he did endure it. It came to passe,that Talano being with his wife, at a summer-house of his owne inthe country, he dreamed one night, that he saw his Wife walking in afaire wood, which adjoyned neere unto his house, and while she thuscontinued there, he seemed to see issue foorth from a corner of thesaid Wood, a great and furious Wolfe, which on her, caught her bythe face and throate, drawing her downe to the earth, and offeringto drag her thence. But he crying out for helpe, recovered her fromthe Wolfe, yet having her face and throat very pitifully rent andtorne.

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      There was a time when he had been considerably enamoured of hisJessica, especially when he was younger and more confined in hissuccess. Now, however, in her seventeenth year, Jessica haddeveloped a certain amount of reserve and independence which wasnot inviting to the richest form of parental devotion. She was inthe high school, and had notions of life which were decidedlythose of a patrician. She liked nice clothes and urged for themconstantly. Thoughts of love and elegant individualestablishments were running in her head. She met girls at thehigh school whose parents were truly rich and whose fathers hadstanding locally as partners or owners of solid businesses.These girls gave themselves the airs befitting the thrivingdomestic establishments from whence they issued. They were theonly ones of the school about whom Jessica concerned herself.

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      28 THE RETURN

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      'Perhaps you'll be a partner in Mr. Wickfield's business, one of these days,' I said, to make myself agreeable; 'and it will be Wickfield and Heep, or Heep late Wickfield.'