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1. 近一个月来我和同事在隔离病房负责40多个病人的救治。
2.   "Yes."
3. 每到这个时候,大家都能在网上展开一场啼笑皆非的DIY单词大赛。
4. 食享会98%的用户都是25-45岁的妈妈,用户平均每月在平台消费10次。
5. 而对于居家隔离的人员而言,关起了一扇门,却有更多主动而来的关爱与理解,让居家隔离不太寒冷。
6.   At the end of about fifty days we cast anchor before a large town, and the ship was immediately surrounded by a multitude of small boats filled with people, who had come either to meet their friends or from simple curiosity. Among others, one boat contained several officials, who asked to see the merchants on board, and informed them that they had been sent by the Sultan in token of welcome, and to beg them each to write a few lines on a roll of paper. "In order to explain this strange request," continued the officers, "it is necessary that you should know that the grand-vizir, lately dead, was celebrated for his beautiful handwriting, and the Sultan is anxious to find a similar talent in his successor. Hitherto the search has been a failure, but his Highness has not yet given up hope."


1.   'Ma'am,' returned Mr. Micawber, with a bow, 'you are very obliging: and what are you doing, Copperfield? Still in the wine trade?'
2. At last Terry's ambition was realized. We were invited, always courteously and with free choice on our part, to address general audiences and classes of girls.
3. 联想记忆
4.   "He pointed to each letter of the alphabet. At the letter Sthe old man stopped her. She opened, and found the word"secret."
5.   "No; for I put it in execution that very minute.""And the consequence?" said D'Artagnan, in great anxiety."I threw, and I lost."
6.   I thank you; for not willingly I traffic with the dead, and still aver That youth'splump blooming cheek I very much prefer. I'm not at home to corpses; 'tis myway, Like cats with captive mice to toy and play.The Lord


1. C.O}}法
2.   Clifford was almost morbidly sensitive about these stories. He wanted everyone to think them good, of the best, ne plus ultra. They appeared in the most modern magazines, and were praised and blamed as usual. But to Clifford the blame was torture, like knives goading him. It was as if the whole of his being were in his stories.
3.   `But doesn't it make you sad?'
4. 10月份,与上年同期相比,全国只有西藏彩票销量出现增长,同比增加0.14亿元。
5. 外面下雨,家里也会下。
6.   "And ev'ry storm will blow them soon away, Nor they laste not but for a season; That is the cause, the very truth to say, That they may not, by no way of reason, Be put to no such occupation." "Madame," quoth I, "with all my whole service I thank you now, in my most humble wise;


1. 目前,我的情况越来越好,头痛完全好了,也不咳了,胃口和睡眠都恢复了正常,我知道我正在痊愈。
2. There are always one or two coworkers in the office that most people can't stand. But if you don't like most of your coworkers, chances are your days aren't very enjoyable because you have to work with them day in and day out. If you can't stand most of your coworkers, it's time to think about finding a company whose employees you mesh with better.
3.   by Charles Darwin
4. With what we told them, from what sketches and models we were able to prepare, they constructed a sort of working outline to fill in as they learned more.
5.   'Be calm, my dear ma'am,' said Mr. Chillip, in his softest accents.
6. 这里所谓的服务,一方面是思科提供的标准关键业务服务本身。


1. To the woman, growth, the securing of a husband, the subordinate activities of family life, and afterward such "social" or charitable interests as her position allows.
2. 这些对于我是完全不同的领域,其结果会是自掘坟墓。
3. Celis was a blue-and-gold-and-rose person; Alma, black- and-white-and-red, a blazing beauty. Ellador was brown: hair dark and soft, like a seal coat; clear brown skin with a healthy red in it; brown eyes--all the way from topaz to black velvet they seemed to range--splendid girls, all of them.

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