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1. 而在中国企业没有它们也照样能开门。
2.   Ah! ah! that would indeed be making free With such distinguished guests.Come, no delay; What liquor can I serve you with, I pray?Altmayer
3.   "Son of Atreus," replied Telemachus, "do not press me to staylonger; I should be contented to remain with you for another twelvemonths; I find your conversation so delightful that I should neveronce wish myself at home with my parents; but my crew whom I have leftat Pylos are already impatient, and you are detaining me from them. Asfor any present you may be disposed to make me, I had rather that itshould he a piece of plate. I will take no horses back with me toIthaca, but will leave them to adorn your own stables, for you havemuch flat ground in your kingdom where lotus thrives, as alsomeadowsweet and wheat and barley, and oats with their white andspreading ears; whereas in Ithaca we have neither open fields norracecourses, and the country is more fit for goats than horses, andI like it the better for that. None of our islands have much levelground, suitable for horses, and Ithaca least of all."
4. 术后的恢复最初也令人满意,入院记录显示,术后对症治疗,左下肢麻木疼痛症状消失。
5. 了解情况后,民警立即展开侦查工作,第二天便将嫌疑人齐某成功抓获。
6.   by Charles Darwin


1. 在调查过程中警方还发现,许某还存在以收购知名培训企业、创立教育培训品牌等为由,骗取投资人款项共计400余万元的犯罪事实。
2. 共1342户渔民签订协议,发放补助资金2.7亿元。
3. 受价,是因为出售者面对的需求曲线是平线一条。要是这曲线向右下倾斜,高价多卖一点,低价少卖一点,出售者就要觅价(pricesearching),考虑高一点或低一点可能带来的不同利益。
4. 春天到了,夏天还会远吗?期待能够欣赏到武大的樱花,期待着武汉街头车水马龙的景象,还要登上黄鹤楼俯瞰长江的美景……点击进入专题:聚焦新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情。
5. 卧倒相当于先休眠,等有机会,账上还有子弹,东山再起。
6. But she smiled her deep contented smile, and said I quite misunderstood.


1. 有些时候你得有容忍,我觉得管理上得有些灰度。
2. 纯做算法的话难以变现,现在互联网公司也都会做算法,把算法开源免费出去。
3.   Buzzing from the blue-flies.
4. 1968年,格罗夫同集成电路的共同发明人戈登·莫尔和诺伊斯一道脱离费尔柴尔德公司,另起炉灶,组建英特尔公司。当时公司的资本是250万美元。根据格罗夫本人的需求,他由科研工作转到制造部门,集中力量提高产品质量。由于工作成绩突出,担任部门经理,1979年,出任英特尔公司的总裁。
5. 团队方面,随心瑜目前团队规模在100人左右,总部位于北京。
6.   Noureddin availed himself of every opportunity to gaze upon her beauty, to talk and laugh with her, and never would have left her side if his mother had not forced him.


1. 目前,非洲足球仍然主要面临着两大障碍。虽然这项运动取得了许多群众基础的支持,但是那些基础建设并没有得到真正的发展,同时,专横的政治干涉对于足球的压力仍然太大。
3. 受访者供图新京报:医院疑似感染的医护人员数量这么多,是接诊了所谓的超级传播者这样的患者吗?王阳:不是,我觉得我们交叉感染比较严重。
4. 洛杉矶其中一个拥堵的原因就在于其商业区的分布不均。
5.   A THOUSAND times I have hearde tell, That there is joy in heav'n, and pain in hell; And I accord* it well that it is so; *grant, agree But, natheless, yet wot* I well also, *know That there is none dwelling in this country That either hath in heav'n or hell y-be;* *been Nor may of it no other wayes witten* *know But as he hath heard said, or found it written; For by assay* there may no man it preve.** *practical trial **prove, test But God forbid but that men should believe Well more thing than men have seen with eye! Men shall not weenen ev'ry thing a lie *But if* himself it seeth, or else do'th; *unless For, God wot, thing is never the less sooth,* *true Though ev'ry wighte may it not y-see. Bernard, the Monke, saw not all, pardie! <1> Then muste we to bookes that we find (Through which that olde thinges be in mind), And to the doctrine of these olde wise, Give credence, in ev'ry skilful* wise, *reasonable That tellen of these old approved stories, Of holiness, of regnes,* of victories, *reigns, kingdoms Of love, of hate, and other sundry things Of which I may not make rehearsings; And if that olde bookes were away, Y-lorn were of all remembrance the key. Well ought we, then, to honour and believe These bookes, where we have none other preve.* *proof
6. 该盗窃集团在大同开往北京方向的货物列车上,先将铁路运输的元宝铁、锰铁、盘条等运输物资掀下列车,然后再组织人员进行装卸销赃。


1. 3.中国互联网已经进入下半场整个中国的互联网也是刚刚进入下半场。
2.   "Tomorrow at daybreak. Sleep as soundly as you can tonight, andtomorrow, if you can, we will take our departure together.""Till tomorrow, then," said Aramis; "for iron-nerved as you are,you must need repose."
3. document.writeln('关注创业、电商、站长,扫描A5创业网微信二维码,定期抽大奖。

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