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1. 复旦大学凝聚态物理专业研究生毕业,获理学博士学位。
2.   Climate plays an important part in determining the average numbers of a species, and periodical seasons of extreme cold or drought, I believe to be the most effective of all checks. I estimated that the winter of 1854-55 destroyed four-fifths of the birds in my own grounds; and this is a tremendous destruction, when we remember that ten per cent. is an extraordinarily severe mortality from epidemics with man. The action of climate seems at first sight to be quite independent of the struggle for existence; but in so far as climate chiefly acts in reducing food, it brings on the most severe struggle between the individuals, whether of the same or of distinct species, which subsist on the same kind of food. Even when climate, for instance extreme cold, acts directly, it will be the least vigorous, or those which have got least food through the advancing winter, which will suffer most. When we travel from south to north, or from a damp region to a dry, we invariably see some species gradually getting rarer and rarer, and finally disappearing; and the change of climate being conspicuous, we are tempted to attribute the whole effect to its direct action. But this is a very false view: we forget that each species, even where it most abounds, is constantly suffering enormous destruction at some period of its life, from enemies or from competitors for the same place and food; and if these enemies or competitors be in the least degree favoured by any slight change of climate, they will increase in numbers, and, as each area is already fully stocked with inhabitants, the other species will decrease. When we travel southward and see a species decreasing in numbers, we may feel sure that the cause lies quite as much in other species being favoured, as in this one being hurt. So it is when we travel northward, but in a somewhat lesser degree, for the number of species of all kinds, and therefore of competitors, decreases northwards; hence in going northward, or in ascending a mountain, we far oftener meet with stunted forms, due to the directly injurious action of climate, than we do in proceeding southwards or in descending a mountain. When we reach the Arctic regions, or snow-capped summits, or absolute deserts, the struggle for life is almost exclusively with the elements.That climate acts in main part indirectly by favouring other species, we may clearly see in the prodigious number of plants in our gardens which can perfectly well endure our climate, but which never become naturalised, for they cannot compete with our native plants, nor resist destruction by our native animals.
3.   "Oh," sobbed Carrie, "oh, oh--oo--o!"
4.   Now woulde some men say paraventure That for my negligence I do no cure* *take no pains To tell you all the joy and all th' array That at the feast was made that ilke* day. *same To which thing shortly answeren I shall: I say there was no joy nor feast at all, There was but heaviness and muche sorrow: For privily he wed her on the morrow; And all day after hid him as an owl, So woe was him, his wife look'd so foul Great was the woe the knight had in his thought When he was with his wife to bed y-brought; He wallow'd, and he turned to and fro. This olde wife lay smiling evermo', And said, "Dear husband, benedicite, Fares every knight thus with his wife as ye? Is this the law of king Arthoures house? Is every knight of his thus dangerous?* *fastidious, niggardly I am your owen love, and eke your wife I am she, which that saved hath your life And certes yet did I you ne'er unright. Why fare ye thus with me this firste night? Ye fare like a man had lost his wit. What is my guilt? for God's love tell me it, And it shall be amended, if I may." "Amended!" quoth this knight; "alas, nay, nay, It will not be amended, never mo'; Thou art so loathly, and so old also, And thereto* comest of so low a kind, *in addition That little wonder though I wallow and wind;* *writhe, turn about So woulde God, mine hearte woulde brest!"* *burst "Is this," quoth she, "the cause of your unrest?" "Yea, certainly," quoth he; "no wonder is." "Now, Sir," quoth she, "I could amend all this, If that me list, ere it were dayes three, *So well ye mighte bear you unto me.* *if you could conduct But, for ye speaken of such gentleness yourself well As is descended out of old richess, towards me* That therefore shalle ye be gentlemen; Such arrogancy is *not worth a hen.* *worth nothing Look who that is most virtuous alway, *Prive and apert,* and most intendeth aye *in private and public* To do the gentle deedes that he can; And take him for the greatest gentleman. Christ will,* we claim of him our gentleness, *wills, requires Not of our elders* for their old richess. *ancestors For though they gave us all their heritage, For which we claim to be of high parage,* *birth, descent Yet may they not bequeathe, for no thing, To none of us, their virtuous living That made them gentlemen called to be, And bade us follow them in such degree. Well can the wise poet of Florence, That highte Dante, speak of this sentence:* *sentiment Lo, in such manner* rhyme is Dante's tale. *kind of 'Full seld'* upriseth by his branches smale *seldom Prowess of man, for God of his goodness Wills that we claim of him our gentleness;' <12> For of our elders may we nothing claim But temp'ral things that man may hurt and maim. Eke every wight knows this as well as I, If gentleness were planted naturally Unto a certain lineage down the line, Prive and apert, then would they never fine* *cease To do of gentleness the fair office Then might they do no villainy nor vice. Take fire, and bear it to the darkest house Betwixt this and the mount of Caucasus, And let men shut the doores, and go thenne,* *thence Yet will the fire as fair and lighte brenne* *burn As twenty thousand men might it behold; *Its office natural aye will it hold,* *it will perform its On peril of my life, till that it die. natural duty* Here may ye see well how that gentery* *gentility, nobility Is not annexed to possession, Since folk do not their operation Alway, as doth the fire, lo, *in its kind* *from its very nature* For, God it wot, men may full often find A lorde's son do shame and villainy. And he that will have price* of his gent'ry, *esteem, honour For* he was boren of a gentle house, *because And had his elders noble and virtuous, And will himselfe do no gentle deedes, Nor follow his gentle ancestry, that dead is, He is not gentle, be he duke or earl; For villain sinful deedes make a churl. For gentleness is but the renomee* *renown Of thine ancestors, for their high bounte,* *goodness, worth Which is a strange thing to thy person: Thy gentleness cometh from God alone. Then comes our very* gentleness of grace; *true It was no thing bequeath'd us with our place. Think how noble, as saith Valerius, Was thilke* Tullius Hostilius, *that That out of povert' rose to high Read in Senec, and read eke in Boece, There shall ye see express, that it no drede* is, *doubt That he is gentle that doth gentle deedes. And therefore, leve* husband, I conclude, *dear Albeit that mine ancestors were rude, Yet may the highe God, -- and so hope I, -- Grant me His grace to live virtuously: Then am I gentle when that I begin To live virtuously, and waive* sin. *forsake
5. AI的作用在于利用技术来帮助医疗服务以及教育服务。
6. "I believe you hate her," said Jessie.


1. 这些密约是对奥斯曼帝国的死刑执行令。它们不仅切掉了阿拉伯的一些省份,而且切掉了小亚细亚半岛的大部分地区。除去法国、意大利和俄国的势力范围,留给土耳其人的仅是其故国北部的20000平方哩土地。更重要的是,这些密约与英国当时正同阿拉伯代理人缔结的某些条约直接相抵触。
2. 某外卖平台的买菜APP业务广告。
3. 城铁站、火车站离开黄冈市区通道暂时关闭,无特殊原因,市民不要离开市区。
4. 科比的成功不仅仅是一个关乎财富、名声的成功学故事,更是勤奋、专注、日拱一卒意义所在的真实注脚。
5.   "Send for the police."
6. 茨达镇政府负责人向成都商报-红星新闻记者介绍,茨达镇的马帮主要集中在新胜村、新华村,每年带回的劳务收入在1500万元至1800万元。


1. 被警察救下后,这三个青岛孩子称是因为每天四点就得起床种地,饭里还只有菜没有肉。
2. 阁臣贪贿——自世宗迁居西苑修玄,内阁权位甚重。严嵩自一五四二年人阁,参预机务,前后凡二十年,中间一度被黜,再次出任首辅也有十余年。这二十年是明朝边患频仍的二十年,也是明王朝日益昏暗的二十年。张廷玉《明史》将严嵩列入“奸臣传”,说他“窃权罔利”。所谓窃权实为专擅相权,诛除异己。这当与世宗修玄诸事多付内阁,严嵩“独承顾问”有关。身为首辅而罔利营私,则与张璁的“持身特廉,痛恶赃吏”形成鲜明对比。一五二二年南京御史王宗茂上疏弹劾严嵩“久持国柄,作福作威,薄海内外,罔不怨恨。如吏、兵二部,每选请属二十人,人索贿数百金,任自择善地,致文武将吏尽出其门”。“往岁遭人论劾,潜输家资南返,辇载珍宝,不可胜计,金银人物,多高二、三尺者,下至溺器,亦金银为之。”“广市良田,遍于江西数郡。又于府地之后积石为大坎,实以金银珍玩,为子孙百世计。”(《明史·王宗茂传》),一五五八年刑部主事张肿上疏说:“户部岁发边饷,本以赡军,自嵩辅政,朝出度支之门,暮入奸臣之府。输边者四,馈嵩者六。臣每过长安街,见嵩门下无非边镇使人。未见其父,先馈其子。未见其子,先馈家人。家人严年,富已逾数十万,嵩家可知。私藏充溢,半属军储。边卒冻馁,不保朝夕。”(《明史·张种传》)嵩子世蕃原为尚宝司少卿,后进为太常寺卿。严嵩晚年,世蕃代为处理政务,更加骄横不法,诛求无厌。家有黄金三万余两、银二百余万两,珍宝等又值数百万。
3. 根据美国市场的数据,后期影像分析只占医学影像市场的10%左右,而影像采集的市场份额高达90%,天花板更高。
4. 但也正是在这一年,阿里员工宋洁去广州出差,却感染了非典,按规定,全公司员工都需要在家隔离。
5. 2019年8月2日,章莹颖的家属代理律师史蒂夫?贝克特(SteveBeckett)称,他从检察官办公室了解到,章莹颖的遗体可能在伊利诺伊州中部弗米利恩郡的一个垃圾填埋场,距离伊利诺伊州香槟市30多分钟车程。
6. 同时这个词也是所有商办招商部优先级第一的KPI,面对严峻的市场形势,我们想通过数字化手段去助力解决招商难问题。


1. 但是,如果这样逐次出卖,循环的各种条件又允许这样做,资本家就可以不把W'分为c+v+m,而在W'的任何部分上进行这种分割。
2. 样一种情况:所谓正常时间内的劳动价格很低,这就迫使那些想挣得足够工资的工人在额外时间去做报酬较高的工作。法律对工作日的限制结束了这种快意的事情。
3.   The hut was quite cosy, panelled with unvarnished deal, having a little rustic table and stool beside her chair, and a carpenter's bench, then a big box, tools, new boards, nails; and many things hung from pegs: axe, hatchet, traps, things in sacks, his coat. It had no window, the light came in through the open door. It was a jumble, but also it was a sort of little sanctuary.
4. 我还是可以支配手机使用时间的,尽管有时候确实存在不合理使用的情况。
5.   The King of Persia, who was interested in every thing out of the common, and had never before come across a horse with such qualities, bade the Indian mount tho animal, and show what he could do. In an instant the man had vaulted on his back, and inquired where the monarch wished to send him.
6.   And yet, wretched cripple as I made myself by this act of homage to Dora, I walked miles upon miles daily in the hope of seeing her. Not only was I soon as well known on the Norwood Road as the postmen on that beat, but I pervaded London likewise. I walked about the streets where the best shops for ladies were, I haunted the Bazaar like an unquiet spirit, I fagged through the Park again and again, long after I was quite knocked up. Sometimes, at long intervals and on rare occasions, I saw her. Perhaps I saw her glove waved in a carriage window; perhaps I met her, walked with her and Miss Murdstone a little way, and spoke to her. In the latter case I was always very miserable afterwards, to think that I had said nothing to the purpose; or that she had no idea of the extent of my devotion, or that she cared nothing about me. I was always looking out, as may be supposed, for another invitation to Mr. Spenlow's house. I was always being disappointed, for I got none.


1. 这就是通过标准化的互联网技术实现了规模化的销售。
2. 市场暂时休市是重要控制措施之一,希望大家理解配合。
3. 聚焦超声可视化细分赛道这家医疗器械公司再融4000万产品覆盖50+国家地区华声医疗完成近4000万元A轮融资,由江苏毅达资本领投。

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