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1. 「经济解释」这个名目,是从卡纳的教诲想出来的。他的课替「解释」一词作了明确的阐释,屡次提到「科学解释」(scientificexplanation),而又深入浅出地介绍了那高不可攀的知识理论(TheoryofKnowledge)。有高人指导,学问就是那样迷人。
2. 据悉,林伟光好不容易醒来之后,做的第一件事就是要回自己的手机,在微信上给自己的妻子留言报平安:“中招了,成班兄弟送我回来。
3. 上下都有电梯,最直观便捷的是扶梯,相对隐蔽的是里面的升降梯。
4. If there was something else--something even servants did not hear of-- she could not help believing that the father of the Large Family knew it--the gentleman she called Mr. Montmorency. Mr. Montmorency went to see him often, and Mrs. Montmorency and all the little Montmorencys went, too, though less often. He seemed particularly fond of the two elder little girls--the Janet and Nora who had been so alarmed when their small brother Donald had given Sara his sixpence. He had, in fact, a very tender place in his heart for all children, and particularly for little girls. Janet and Nora were as fond of him as he was of them, and looked forward with the greatest pleasure to the afternoons when they were allowed to cross the square and make their well-behaved little visits to him. They were extremely decorous little visits because he was an invalid.
5.   The soldier went out, leaving the dinner served.
6. Sure enough, close to the town, across a wide meadow, three bright-hued figures were running swiftly.


1.   'That father was drownded in?' said Em'ly. 'No. Not that one, I never see that boat.'
2. 拉藏汗原来扶立的阿旺伊喜嘉错,不被承认。康熙五十二年(一七一三年)正月,康熙帝谕理藩院“班禅胡土克图为人安静,熟谙经典,勤修贡职,初终不倦,甚属可嘉”(《圣祖实录》卷二百五十三),依照封达赖喇嘛之例,封班禅为班禅额尔德尼(额尔德尼,满语珍宝,尊称),给以印册,以稳定西藏局势。西藏护法喇嘛则认定康熙四十七年(一七○八年)出生在里塘的罗布藏格桑嘉错为达赖转世,被奉为呼必尔罕,一七一七年,被青海诸台吉迎至西宁宗喀巴庙。
3.   Seeing her husband still persist in this shamefull course towardsher; she studied, how she might best comfort her selfe in thisdesolate case: by devising some one meane or other (if any at all wereto bee founde) wherby he might be requited in his kind, and wearthat badge of shame whereof he was now but onely affraid. Andbecause she could not gain so small a permission, as to be seene atany window, where (happily) she might have observed some one passingby in the street, discerning a litle parcell of her love: sheremembred at length, that, in the next house to her Husbands (theyboth joyning close together) there dwelt a comely yong properGentleman, whose perfections carried correspondencie with her desires.She also considered with her selfe, that if there were any partitionwall; such a chinke or cranny might easily be made therein, by which(at one time or other) she should gaine a sight of the youngGentleman, and finde an houre so fitting, as to conferre with him, andbestow her lovely favour on him, if he pleased to accept it. Ifsuccesse (in this case) proved answerable to her hope, then thus sheresolved to outrun the rest of her wearisome dayes, except the frensieof jealousie did finish her husbands loathed life before.
4.   `I doubt, sir,' returned the nephew, `whether, if it had carried me to the utmost brink of death, you would have cared to stop me there.'
5. "Ruin!" she gasped out.
6. 1月28日,最高人民法院微信公众号刊文谈及此事称,尽管新型肺炎并不是SARS,但是信息发布者发布的内容,并非完全捏造。


1. 如果没有,应当就地打滚压灭火焰或至少压制火势,减轻损伤。
2.   "But supposing he does!" answered the king, "what is to hinder the horse from descending straight into the sea, or dashing him to pieces on the rocks?"
3. 李静认为,游戏账号包括里面的装备等,肯定具有财产属性,只是不像房子、车子等的价值能够明确鉴定出来,所以判断起来会有一定困难。
4. 翼电智能:全球首创2.5维智能视频云监控系统我们全球首创了2.5维智能视频云监控系统,从的第一代的红外传感。
5. 此后报价者众多,在多方竞逐,接连抬价的情况下,该作价格在1小时7分22秒被抬到2.67375亿元。
6.   The Sarazine Lady, being well stept into yeares, upon thecommendable speeches delivered by Carapresa, did the more seriouslyfasten her eye on Constance, and compassion provoking her to teares,she tooke her by the hand, and (in loving manner) kissed herfore-head. So she led her further into her house, where dwelt diversother women (but not one man) all exercising themselves in severalllabours, as working in all sorts of silke, with Imbroideries of Goldand Silver, and sundry other excellent Arts beside, which in shorttime were very familiar to Constance, and so pleasing grew herbehaviour to the old Lady, and all the rest beside; that they lovedand delighted in her wonderfully, and (by little and little) sheattained to the speaking of their language, although it were veryharsh and difficult.


1.   Hurstwood complied and the car shot away, followed by a rattle ofstones and a rain of curses.
2.   And he pronounced these words with such a solemn air andwith such a real appearance of terror, that Athos eagerlyseized his hand, crying, "Are you wounded, my friend? Howpale you are!"
3.   (draws a stopper out of the table; fire springs out against him)I burn! I burn!
4.   "Nay, I flatter myself that there can be no doubt of it,"replied the cavalier in the cloak.
5.   Now began day-light to appeare, when he (having the rich Ring on hisfinger) wandred on hee knew not whether: till comming to the Sea side,he found the way directing to his Inne, where al his company were withhis Host, who had bene verie carefull for him.
6. 到2019年,美团在财报中称将逐步用新的美团单车替换原有的摩拜。


1.   `Very well, Sir Clifford.'
2. 其中出品方捐款100万元,导演陈思诚捐款50万元,制作方捐款10.315万元。
3. 此外,以其最高评价的三星餐厅来说,广州至今没有三星餐厅,上海唯一的三星餐厅是一家法餐餐厅,北京的三星餐厅终于是一家中餐餐厅,虽然新荣记这是一家以台州菜为主的海鲜餐厅。

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      Constance continuing thus in the old Ladies service at Susa, andthought to be dead or lost in her owne Fathers house; it fortuned,that one reigning then as King of Thunis, who named himselfeMariabdela: there was a young Lord of great birth, and very powerfull,who lived as then in Granada, and pleaded that the Kingdome ofThunis belonged to him. In which respect, he mustred together a mightyArmy, and came to assault the King, as hoping to expell him. Thesenewes comming to the eare of Martuccio Gomito, who spake the BarbarianLanguage perfectly; and hearing it reported, that the King of Thunismade no meane preparation for his owne defence: he conferred withone of his keepers, who had the custody of him, and the rest takenwith him, saying: If (quoth he) I could have meanes to speake with theKing, and he were pleased to allow of my counsell, I can enstructhim in such a course, as shall assure him to win the honor of thefield. The Guard reported these speeches to his Master, whopresently acquainted the King therewith, and Martuccio being sent for;he was commanded to speake his minde: Whereupon he began in thismanner.

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    A piece of flaming coal ended her perplexity for her that very moment. It broke off from a large lump and fell on to the fender. Becky started, and opened her eyes with a frightened gasp. She did not know she had fallen asleep. She had only sat down for one moment and felt the beautiful glow--and here she found herself staring in wild alarm at the wonderful pupil, who sat perched quite near her, like a rose-colored fairy, with interested eyes.

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      And the ghost of Amphimedon answered, "Agamemnon, son of Atreus,king of men, I remember everything that you have said, and will tellyou fully and accurately about the way in which our end was broughtabout. Ulysses had been long gone, and we were courting his wife,who did not say point blank that she would not marry, nor yet bringmatters to an end, for she meant to compass our destruction: this,then, was the trick she played us. She set up a great tambour frame inher room and began to work on an enormous piece of fine needlework.'Sweethearts,' said she, 'Ulysses is indeed dead, still, do notpress me to marry again immediately; wait- for I would not have myskill in needlework perish unrecorded- till I have completed a pallfor the hero Laertes, against the time when death shall take him. Heis very rich, and the women of the place will talk if he is laid outwithout a pall.' This is what she said, and we assented; whereuponwe could see her working upon her great web all day long, but at nightshe would unpick the stitches again by torchlight. She fooled us inthis way for three years without our finding it out, but as timewore on and she was now in her fourth year, in the waning of moons andmany days had been accomplished, one of her maids who knew what shewas doing told us, and we caught her in the act of undoing her work,so she had to finish it whether she would or no; and when she showedus the robe she had made, after she had had it washed, its splendourwas as that of the sun or moon.

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    The EU filed just 12 anti-dumping cases in 2015, two less than the year before.

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      "Good gracious, Mr. Holmes, do you mean to tell me that, all thetime I was talking to Bannister in this room, we had the manprisoner if we had only known it?"

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      Returning in her soul ay up and down The wordes of this sudden Diomede,<85> His great estate,* the peril of the town, *rank And that she was alone, and hadde need Of friendes' help; and thus began to dread The causes why, the soothe for to tell, That she took fully the purpose for to dwell.* *remain (with the Greeks) The morrow came, and, ghostly* for to speak, *plainly This Diomede is come unto Cresseide; And shortly, lest that ye my tale break, So well he for himselfe spake and said, That all her sighes sore adown he laid; And finally, the soothe for to sayn, He refte* her the great** of all her pain. *took away **the greater part of And after this, the story telleth us That she him gave the faire baye steed The which she ones won of Troilus; And eke a brooch (and that was little need) That Troilus' was, she gave this Diomede; And eke, the bet from sorrow him to relieve, She made him wear a pensel* of her sleeve. *pendant <86>