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1.   "Her doctor would certify that for months her symptoms havethreatened such an end."
2. 警方通报来源:通州在线1月26日,通州警方接群众反映,有网民发帖自称感染新型冠状病毒后,故意前往人员密集场所,意图传染他人。
3. 他的敛财手段更是暴露了人防系统廉政风险点。
4. 在李志勇家里摆设着各种护卫舰和补给舰,分别制作了舷号881、886大型综合补给舰的模型。
5. 行业协会代表行业发声,为会员单位争取利益,无可厚非。
6.   `I was that child,my father. I was not half so good, but in my love that was I.'


1. 相对慷慨的留白能够让界面看起来更加集单。
2. 他在知乎上这样写道:我自己就开始厌倦了手机依赖,像戒毒一样,想减少手机的使用,实际上,看手机是在关注着世界的变化,却忘了,要把时间留些给自己,比如安静内心,学习知识,或者休息,或者运动.....我爱跑步爱阅读,跑步我用华为手表,阅读我用口袋阅。
3. 也是为武汉出一份力。
4. 咸丰发布评论称,刘某身为国家退休职工,享受着每月3700多元的养老金保障,理应感恩党和国家,安享幸福晚年。
5.   The others assented, so they went inside and laid their cloaks onthe benches and seats. They sacrificed the sheep, goats, pigs, and theheifer, and when the inward meats were cooked they served themround. They mixed the wine in the mixing-bowls, and the swineherd gaveevery man his cup, while Philoetius handed round the bread in thebreadbaskets, and Melanthius poured them out their wine. Then theylaid their hands upon the good things that were before them.
6.   And when the nighte past and run Was, and the newe day begun, -- The young morrow with rayes red, Which from the sun all o'er gan spread, Attemper'd* cleare was and fair, *clement, calm And made a time of wholesome air, -- Befell a wondrous case* and strange *chance, event Among the people, and gan change Soon the word, and ev'ry woe Unto a joy, and some to two.


1. 虽然深圳由于新房严重供不应求,房价上涨动力强劲,但绝大多数城市在投资需求被遏制的情况下,想涨也很难了。
2. 我对自己从记者向玉雕匠人的转变后悔吗?一点也不后悔
3. 对于这些挑战,知乎不是没有行动,诸如此前对几个违规大V的销号处理,社区规范的进一步完善,站内反作弊系统的升级等等,但我们更希望知乎平台能够继续拿出更多措施,为知乎平台提供更佳的内容氛围。
4. 歪道道,科技媒体人,互联网分析师。
5. 两家的用户流动性差别极大:优客工场用户坐不满一星期,WeWork用户则超过一个月。
6. 今日俄罗斯(RT)1月13日援引印度当地媒体消息,如今已是化妆师的SrikantSabnis,向孟买高等法院提起诉讼,1981年9月,他的母亲AartiMhaskar离开家乡前往孟买,欲从事电影行业。


1.   Left alone with the mother, I again expressed the gratitude I felt, to her as well as to her daughter.
2. 安徽省巢湖管理局局长余忠勇说,巢湖禁捕以后,受利益驱使,非法捕捞的行为可能会增多,执法力度必须加大。
3. 1月15日,成都的天空阴云密布,淅淅沥沥的小雨带着迫人的寒意,四川FC经历了最长的一天。
4. 除了宗教和意识形态,就连一般企业也得编造故事、制造假新闻。仅是品牌塑造,常常就是把同一个虚假的故事说了一遍又一遍,直到民众信以为真。想到可口可乐,你的脑中浮现的是什么画面?是一群健康的年轻人一起快乐运动,还是一群超重的糖尿病患者躺在病床上?大口灌下可口可乐并不会让你变年轻,不会让你变健康,也不会让你变得像运动员一样,反而只会增加患上肥胖和糖尿病的概率。然而,可口可乐几十年来投入几十亿美元,把自己与年轻、健康和运动联系在一起,几十亿人潜意识里也就这么相信了。
5. 所以能够主动找到张颖的都是人精,不是行业内的老大就是老二。
6.   Mephistopheles


1. 今天给大家推荐几个我常读的公众号,他们有态度、有深度,还有不少技巧干货,让你的碎片时间更有价值。
2.   What checks the natural tendency of each species to increase in number is most obscure. Look at the most vigorous species; by as much as it swarms in numbers, by so much will its tendency to increase be still further increased. We know not exactly what the checks are in even one single instance. Nor will this surprise any one who reflects how ignorant we are on this head, even in regard to mankind, so incomparably better known than any other animal. This subject has been ably treated by several authors, and I shall, in my future work, discuss some of the checks at considerable length, more especially in regard to the feral animals of South America. Here I will make only a few remarks, just to recall to the reader's mind some of the chief points. Eggs or very young animals seem generally to suffer most, but this is not invariably the case. With plants there is a vast destruction of seeds, but, from some observations which I have made, I believe that it is the seedlings which suffer most from germinating in ground already thickly stocked with other plants. Seedlings, also, are destroyed in vast numbers by various enemies; for instance, on a piece of ground three feet long and two wide, dug and cleared, and where there could be no choking from other plants, I marked all the seedlings of our native weeds as they came up, and out of the 357 no less than 295 were destroyed, chiefly by slugs and insects. If turf which has long been mown, and the case would be the same with turf closely browsed by quadrupeds, be let to grow, the more vigorous plants gradually kill the less vigorous, though fully grown, plants: thus out of twenty species growing on a little plot of turf (three feet by four) nine species perished from the other species being allowed to grow up freely.The amount of food for each species of course gives the extreme limit to which each can increase; but very frequently it is not the obtaining food, but the serving as prey to other animals, which determines the average numbers of a species. Thus, there seems to be little doubt that the stock of partridges, grouse, and hares on any large estate depends chiefly on the destruction of vermin. If not one head of game were shot during the next twenty years in England, and, at the same time, if no vermin were destroyed, there would, in all probability, be less game than at present, although hundreds of thousands of game animals are now annually killed. On the other hand, in some cases, as with the elephant and rhinoceros, none are destroyed by beasts of prey: even the tiger in India most rarely dares to attack a young elephant protected by its dam.
3.   "Unfortunate king," said the Sultan, "I will do what I can to avenge you."

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