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1. 12月4日下午,西城区大乘巷教师宿舍院,一位居民刷卡把垃圾投入对应的垃圾箱内。
2. 大约六个月后,杰克和哈丽特举行了婚礼。
3. 下午继续做义工,这是缓解心理压力的好方法之一,可以顿时让心情放松起来。
4. 按照我们过去三年的观察,感恩节旅游季期间的航班晚点率实际上有所下降——据美国交通运输部的数据显示,去年感恩节航班的晚点率仅为12%,低于2010年的19%。
5.   "It must stop here, however," said Bradstreet. "If the police are tohush this thing up, there must be no more of Hugh Boone.""I have sworn it by the most solemn oaths which a man can take.""In that case I think that it is probable that no further stepsmay be taken. But if you are found again, then all must come out. I amsure, Mr. Holmes, that we are very much indebted to you for havingcleared the matter up. I wish I knew how you reach your results.""I reached this one," said my friend, "by sitting upon fivepillows and consuming an ounce of shag. I think, Watson, that if wedrive to Baker Street we shall just be in time for breakfast."-THE END-
6. 北理工无人车无人驾驶系统负责人陈泰然说。


1.   Master Chappelet replyed; Say not so good Father, for albeit Ihave bene so oftentimes confessed, yet am I willing now to make agenerall confession, even of all sinnes comming to my remembrance,from the very day of my birth, until this instant houre of myshrift. And therefore I entreat you (holy Father) to make a particulardemand of everie thing, even as if I had never bene confessed atall, and to make no respect of my sicknesse: for I had rather beoffensive to mine owne flesh, then by favoring or allowing it ease, tohazard the perdition of my soule, which my Redeemer bought with soprecious a price.
2. 同时,KOL推广是其中最被重视的一项。
3. 说到这里,小涛脸上洋溢着满足的笑容,于是我们正式通知了马杰的家人,可团圆了。
4. [琴斯托霍瓦]琴斯托霍瓦(Cz?stochowa),波兰南部城市,琴斯托霍瓦省首府。在波兰克拉科夫北部,瓦尔塔河上游,卡托维兹北60公里,人口24·7万(1984)。···更多
5. 在汽车行业,如今特斯拉的市值已经位列第二,比通用、福特、本田的总和还要多,仅次于丰田汽车2035亿美元。
6.   On the Intercrossing of Individuals


1. 那些停止寻找的父母不是因为不想找了,是真的找不动了,很多孩子的爸爸妈妈因为长年奔波,身体都出了问题,我的妻子也是。
2. 现在捐献完了,马子彦终于能正常吃饭了。
3.   Our client shone with pleasure and his eyes gleamed from behindhis big glasses.
4. 她打开私信,多了150多条新的个人资料登记信息,她一一回复处理。
5.   And Ulysses answered, "It would be a long story Madam, were I torelate in full the tale of my misfortunes, for the hand of heavenhas been laid heavy upon me; but as regards your question, there is anisland far away in the sea which is called 'the Ogygian.' Heredwells the cunning and powerful goddess Calypso, daughter of Atlas.She lives by herself far from all neighbours human or divine. Fortune,however, me to her hearth all desolate and alone, for Jove struck myship with his thunderbolts, and broke it up in mid-ocean. My bravecomrades were drowned every man of them, but I stuck to the keel andwas carried hither and thither for the space of nine days, till atlast during the darkness of the tenth night the gods brought me to theOgygian island where the great goddess Calypso lives. She took me inand treated me with the utmost kindness; indeed she wanted to makeme immortal that I might never grow old, but she could not persuade meto let her do so.
6. 因此,如果在疫情期间不可避免乘坐飞机等交通工具,尽量避免不要在机舱内四处走动,把被感染的可能降到最低。


1. 但在一些人眼中,自己方便最重要,他人生命与我无关,以往教训分量太轻,明知故犯、视若无睹。
2.   "Well done!" said the Englishman.
3. 几乎没有人会怪黑人没把皮肤漂白,但就是会有人指责非洲人或穆斯林不遵循西方文化的规范和价值观。这并不是说这些指责有道理。很多时候,本来就没有理由让别人接受主流文化,还有很多时候,这是一项几乎不可能完成的任务。来自贫民窟的非洲裔美国人,即使一心想融入美国文化,也可能遭遇体制性歧视,而且还可能被指控为自己不够努力,只能怪自己。
4. 这一裁决结果令一直关注该案的华人社区大为失望。
5. 宏观上看,很多长期想发展、而没有机会发展的那些行业,也将凝聚共识,获得发展机会。
6. 反过来看问题也类同。如果我的讲话在报章发表后对社会有害,但我却不需要赔偿给社会大众,那么在边际上,我的私人成本(privatecost,这指准备与讲话时间)是会低于社会成本的——我的私人时间成本加社会受损的成本。从社会的角度看边际,因为我不需要赔偿给受损的,我是讲得太多了,于是无效率,违反了柏拉图情况。政府应该强逼我赔偿给社会,或要抽我讲话税。这也是传统之见。传统之见,是如果在边际上社会的产值高于私人的产值,或社会的成本高于私人的成本,市场是失败了。在这些情况下,政府应该干预,以补贴或抽税的方法(或其他方法)来修改上述的产值分离(divergencebetweenprivateandsocialproducts)或成本分离(divergencebetweenprivateandsocialcosts)。


1. 真正的高性价比其实是用户觉得以这个价格购买这款产品很值。
2.   Edmond gazed very earnestly at the mass of rocks which gaveout all the variety of twilight colors, from the brightestpink to the deepest blue; and from time to time his cheeksflushed, his brow darkened, and a mist passed over his eyes.Never did gamester, whose whole fortune is staked on onecast of the die, experience the anguish which Edmond felt inhis paroxysms of hope. Night came, and at ten o'clock theyanchored. The Young Amelia was first at the rendezvous. Inspite of his usual command over himself, Dantes could notrestrain his impetuosity. He was the first to jump on shore;and had he dared, he would, like Lucius Brutus, have "kissedhis mother earth." It was dark, but at eleven o'clock themoon rose in the midst of the ocean, whose every wave shesilvered, and then, "ascending high," played in floods ofpale light on the rocky hills of this second Pelion.
3. She suddenly turned her head because she heard a sound a few yards away from her. It was an odd sound like a queer little squeaky chattering. It came from the window of the next attic. Someone had come to look at the sunset as she had. There was a head and a part of a body emerging from the skylight, but it was not the head or body of a little girl or a housemaid; it was the picturesque white-swathed form and dark-faced, gleaming-eyed, white-turbaned head of a native Indian man-servant--"a Lascar," Sara said to herself quickly--and the sound she had heard came from a small monkey he held in his arms as if he were fond of it, and which was snuggling and chattering against his breast.

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