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1. "It ain't nothin' but flannin, an' the flannin ain't new; but I wanted to give yer somethin' an' I made it of nights. I knew yer could PRETEND it was satin with diamond pins in. _I_ tried to when I was makin' it. The card, miss," rather doubtfully; "'t warn't wrong of me to pick it up out o' the dust-bin, was it? Miss 'Meliar had throwed it away. I hadn't no card o' my own, an' I knowed it wouldn't be a proper presink if I didn't pin a card on-- so I pinned Miss 'Meliar's."
2.   Then Dame Prudence, when she saw the goodwill of her husband, deliberated and took advice in herself, thinking how she might bring this need [affair, emergency] unto a good end. And when she saw her time, she sent for these adversaries to come into her into a privy place, and showed wisely into them the great goods that come of peace, and the great harms and perils that be in war; and said to them, in goodly manner, how that they ought have great repentance of the injuries and wrongs that they had done to Meliboeus her Lord, and unto her and her daughter. And when they heard the goodly words of Dame Prudence, then they were surprised and ravished, and had so great joy of her, that wonder was to tell. "Ah lady!" quoth they, "ye have showed unto us the blessing of sweetness, after the saying of David the prophet; for the reconciling which we be not worthy to have in no manner, but we ought require it with great contrition and humility, ye of your great goodness have presented unto us. Now see we well, that the science and conning [knowledge] of Solomon is full true; for he saith, that sweet words multiply and increase friends, and make shrews [the ill-natured or angry] to be debonair [gentle, courteous] and meek. Certes we put our deed, and all our matter and cause, all wholly in your goodwill, and be ready to obey unto the speech and commandment of my lord Meliboeus. And therefore, dear and benign lady, we pray you and beseech you as meekly as we can and may, that it like unto your great goodness to fulfil in deed your goodly words. For we consider and acknowledge that we have offended and grieved my lord Meliboeus out of measure, so far forth that we be not of power to make him amends; and therefore we oblige and bind us and our friends to do all his will and his commandment. But peradventure he hath such heaviness and such wrath to usward, [towards us] because of our offence, that he will enjoin us such a pain [penalty] as we may not bear nor sustain; and therefore, noble lady, we beseech to your womanly pity to take such advisement [consideration] in this need, that we, nor our friends, be not disinherited and destroyed through our folly."
3. "I know that," said Sara, "but I thought I would ask you."
4. 刘倩摄中新网大连11月23日电(记者杨毅)由辽宁作协网络文学工作委员会主办的2019年度辽宁网络文学金桅杆奖颁奖仪式,23日在辽宁大连举行。
5. X
6. 此外,便携手持的常用设备,如充电宝、手表、打火机,甚至饮水杯,也常被改造成偷拍工具。


1. 整个过程在极短的时间内经历了几次反复。有关具体进程的描述无疑将会是引人入胜的,然而在这里我们却不得不将讨论的范围局限于最终结果的考察。
2. Will the AT&T/Time Warner merger go through without big remedies (such as the sale of CNN)
3. 事实上,从去年开始,整个广告圈其实都在进行着一轮营销思想上的拨乱反正。
4. 这是5年来非合办EMBA项目首次跻身前5名,全球EMBA项目前5名的名次非常稳定。
5. 东汉初年,为了纠正察举不实,官非其人的弊病,重申选举之法。两汉时期,确有官员因选举不实而坐罪者。可见,两汉对执行察举法规还是相当严格的,即使身居高官要职者,选举不实,同样治罪。如果选举得人,不仅被举者可以升迁,举者也要受到嘉奖。有才不举,举而不实坐罪;有才即举,举而得人受奖。奖惩严明,责任清楚,才能保证察举制度的正常进行,当然在封建社会是难以真正彻底贯彻始终的。
6. 躺在病床上的铭镒好在,经过3次化疗,小铭镒的病情得到了很大缓解。


1.   Miss Mowcher untied her bonnet, at this passage of her discourse, threw back the strings, and sat down, panting, on a footstool in front of the fire - making a kind of arbour of the dining table, which spread its mahogany shelter above her head.
2. 但不管什么理由,这样暴力伤医杀医,已经完全没有底线了。
3. Miss Amelia was bewildered.
4. 明军与朝军收复平壤后,乘胜追击,一月十九日,李如柏收复开城。继而收复平安、黄海、京畿、江源四道。日军大部退屯王京。
5.   Margaret
6. 继金融之后,银丰集团又将业务范围拓展到房地产领域,始于1999年前后,在2010年之后集中发展。


1.   Tommy Dukes was at Wragby, and another man, Harry Winterslow, and Jack Strangeways with his wife Olive. The talk was much more desultory than when only the cronies were there, and everybody was a bit bored, for the weather was bad, and there was only billiards, and the pianola to dance to.
2. 实际是以后账还前账方式,由以低价购入锎币的投资人高价转卖至后续投资人,而该虚拟锎币并无实际价值。
3. [s?'plai]
4. 我现在每天的生活基本上都是在工作,经常住在办公室,前段时间很忙的时候,我连续睡在公司八天,现在基本上每天也只能睡三四个小时,因为每天都有困难,永远有做不完的事,有的时候设备被水淹了,有的时候电爆掉了,我都要自己去跟。
5. Celis was a blue-and-gold-and-rose person; Alma, black- and-white-and-red, a blazing beauty. Ellador was brown: hair dark and soft, like a seal coat; clear brown skin with a healthy red in it; brown eyes--all the way from topaz to black velvet they seemed to range--splendid girls, all of them.
6. 与此同时,满增志被村民推选为满庄村的村支书。


1.   "Saved," said the girl; "saved by the crew of the vesselthat has just entered the harbor." Morrel raised his twohands to heaven with an expression of resignation andsublime gratitude. "Thanks, my God," said he, "at least thoustrikest but me alone." A tear moistened the eye of thephlegmatic Englishman.
2. 吃完饺子,叶柔决定要连夜去自己供职的医院住院治疗。
3. “大家可能不知道厦门是个经济特区,本身比其他地方开放得早。

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      In some cases we might easily put down to disuse modifications of structure which are wholly, or mainly, due to natural selection. Mr. Wollaston has discovered the remarkable fact that 200 beetles, out of the 550 species inhabiting Madeira, are so far deficient in wings that they cannot fly; and that of the twenty-nine endemic genera, no less than twenty-three genera have all their species in this condition! Several facts, namely, that beetles in many parts of the world are very frequently blown to sea and perish; that the beetles in Madeira, as observed by Mr Wollaston, lie much concealed, until the wind lulls and the sun shines; that the proportion of wingless beetles is larger on the exposed Dezertas than in Madeira itself; and especially the extraordinary fact, so strongly insisted on by Mr. Wollaston, of the almost entire absence of certain large groups of beetles, elsewhere excessively numerous, and which groups have habits of life almost necessitating frequent flight; these several considerations have made me believe that the wingless condition of so many Madeira beetles is mainly due to the action of natural selection, but combined probably with disuse. For during thousands of successive generations each individual beetle which flew least, either from its wings having been ever so little less perfectly developed or from indolent habit, will have had the best chance of surviving from not being blown out to sea; and, on the other hand, those beetles which most readily took to flight will oftenest have been blown to sea and thus have been destroyed.The insects in Madeira which are not ground-feeders, and which, as the flower-feeding coleoptera and lepidoptera, must habitually use their wings to gain their subsistence, have, as Mr. Wollaston suspects, their wings not at all reduced, but even enlarged. This is quite compatible with the action of natural selection. For when a new insect first arrived on the island, the tendency of natural selection to enlarge or to reduce the wings, would depend on whether a greater number of individuals were saved by successfully battling with the winds, or by giving up the attempt and rarely or never flying. As with mariners ship-wrecked near a coast, it would have been better for the good swimmers if they had been able to swim still further, whereas it would have been better for the bad swimmers if they had not been able to swim at all and had stuck to the wreck.