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1. 郑女士立即向当地警方报警。
2. "She is hungrier than I am," she said to herself. "She's starving." But her hand trembled when she put down the fourth bun. "I'm not starving," she said--and she put down the fifth.
3.   Geoffrey Chaucer, according to the most trustworthy traditions- for authentic testimonies on the subject are wanting -- was born in 1328; and London is generally believed to have been his birth-place. It is true that Leland, the biographer of England's first great poet who lived nearest to his time, not merely speaks of Chaucer as having been born many years later than the date now assigned, but mentions Berkshire or Oxfordshire as the scene of his birth. So great uncertainty have some felt on the latter score, that elaborate parallels have been drawn between Chaucer, and Homer -- for whose birthplace several cities contended, and whose descent was traced to the demigods. Leland may seem to have had fair opportunities of getting at the truth about Chaucer's birth -- for Henry VIII had him, at the suppression of the monasteries throughout England, to search for records of public interest the archives of the religious houses. But it may be questioned whether he was likely to find many authentic particulars regarding the personal history of the poet in the quarters which he explored; and Leland's testimony seems to be set aside by Chaucer's own evidence as to his birthplace, and by the contemporary references which make him out an aged man for years preceding the accepted date of his death. In one of his prose works, "The Testament of Love," the poet speaks of himself in terms that strongly confirm the claim of London to the honour of giving him birth; for he there mentions "the city of London, that is to me so dear and sweet, in which I was forth growen; and more kindly love," says he, "have I to that place than to any other in earth; as every kindly creature hath full appetite to that place of his kindly engendrure, and to will rest and peace in that place to abide." This tolerably direct evidence is supported -- so far as it can be at such an interval of time -- by the learned Camden; in his Annals of Queen Elizabeth, he describes Spencer, who was certainly born in London, as being a fellow-citizen of Chaucer's -- "Edmundus Spenserus, patria Londinensis, Musis adeo arridentibus natus, ut omnes Anglicos superioris aevi poetas, ne Chaucero quidem concive excepto, superaret." <1> The records of the time notice more than one person of the name of Chaucer, who held honourable positions about the Court; and though we cannot distinctly trace the poet's relationship with any of these namesakes or antecessors, we find excellent ground for belief that his family or friends stood well at Court, in the ease with which Chaucer made his way there, and in his subsequent career.
4. "Yes, miss," said Becky; and as Sara returned to the trunk she devoted herself to the effort of accomplishing an end so much to be desired.
5. 王某说警方刑讯逼供,警方就没有反驳吗?就没有拿出证据推翻王某的说法吗?警方就任由王某诬陷吗?此外,老路还称,当年一名办案民警给老路介绍一位算卦先生,能算出来路某丽所在的方向。
6. 因为连接器模式没有把用户需求的价值核心控制在自己手里,而整合模式正好相反。


1. 业主在观望,客户也在观望。
2.   Those who look upon Hurstwood's Brooklyn venture as an error ofjudgment will none the less realise the negative influence on himof the fact that he had tried and failed. Carrie got a wrongidea of it. He said so little that she imagined he hadencountered nothing worse than the ordinary roughness--quittingso soon in the face of this seemed trifling. He did not want towork.
3.   "Ulysses," replied Alcinous, "not one of us who sees you has anyidea that you are a charlatan or a swindler. I know there are manypeople going about who tell such plausible stories that it is veryhard to see through them, but there is a style about your languagewhich assures me of your good disposition. Moreover you have toldthe story of your own misfortunes, and those of the Argives, as thoughyou were a practised bard; but tell me, and tell me true, whetheryou saw any of the mighty heroes who went to Troy at the same timewith yourself, and perished there. The evenings are still at theirlongest, and it is not yet bed time- go on, therefore, with yourdivine story, for I could stay here listening till to-morrowmorning, so long as you will continue to tell us of your adventures."
4. 我院将严格依法公开审理,审理结果及时向社会公布。
5.   "I spoke comfortingly to them and said, 'We must draw our ship on tothe land, and hide the ship's gear with all our property in some cave;then come with me all of you as fast as you can to Circe's house,where you will find your comrades eating and drinking in the midstof great abundance.'
6. 1月6日,澎湃新闻就此事致电云南中升远安昆星奔驰4S店,该店一名工作人员回应称,第一次出现爆缸是因为客户在行驶过程中刮到了油底壳,在故障灯已经亮起的情况下还持续开车,导致发动机爆缸。


1. 21名被告人的行为已触犯《中华人民共和国刑法》第二百七十四条之规定,犯罪事实清楚,证据确实、充分,应当以敲诈勒索罪追究其刑事责任。
2. 一定要保证烟囱高度和直径,烟囱接口及烟囱本身不能漏气(烟囱过低或过细会导致采暖炉不能正常燃烧、炉火不旺等情况)。
3. 黄佳强跟随广州富力队试训,守门员康园跟随成都兴城试训……不过队员们可能需要更多的努力才能重新上岗。
4.   They had left the Ile Ratonneau, where the lighthouse stood,on the right, and were now opposite the Point des Catalans.It seemed to the prisoner that he could distinguish afeminine form on the beach, for it was there Mercedes dwelt.How was it that a presentiment did not warn Mercedes thather lover was within three hundred yards of her?
5. 陈志良说,虽然每天只能通过视频看到妻子,但是妻子的支持成为了他最大的动力。
6. 田女士说,她们开过庭前会议,凶手杨某淇被诊断为患有抑郁症,她们担心凶手不会被判死刑,现在她们很焦虑,对判决结果也很悲观。


1. 当天聚会的时候,程兆东敬王裕宽第一杯酒,王裕宽喝了。
2. 华商韬略(微信公众号:hstl8888)梳理的资料显示:2010年到2011年,中国新增2.5万家电商,各家电商都在疯狂烧钱买流量、砸广告。
3. 另有部分村民不愿入住,认为回迁需要承担的费用过高。
4. 更何况,李颖梦寐以求的生活是创业,她希望有一天能够组建自己的DreamTeam。
5. 要马上补充,市场不能解决“低碳”问题,并不意味着政府管制就必定可以解决,因为管制者同样无法确定适当的“度”应该在哪里。所以,最终可能需要市场与政府联手对付。问题是,不论“低碳减排”和“环境保护”等远大的人类目标是否合理和能否实现,“低碳”已经变成个人和团体牟利的工具,变成竞争的企业之间提高对方生产成本的理由,变成国家与国家之间政治较量的筹码,这时连学术都容易沦为政治的工具。
6.   It was now Young Jerry's turn to approach the gate: which he did, holding his breath. Crouching down again in a corner there, and looking in, he made out the three fishermen creeping through some rank grass, and all the gravestones in the churchyard--it was a large churchyard that they were in looking--on like ghosts in white, while the church tower itself looked on like the ghost of a monstrous giant. They did not creep far, before they stopped and stood upright. And then they began to fish.


1. 马云选在这个特殊的日子退休,将阿里的大旗交到了张勇的手里。
2. 最后,我们内部参照了陆军军医大学应对埃博拉病毒的防护程序,做了多层保护。
3. "Civilized or not, we've got our work cut out for us to get away from here. I don't propose to make a rope of bedclothes and try those walls till I'm sure there is no better way."

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