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1. "And will you tell me all about it?" she said. "May I creep up here at night, whenever it is safe, and hear the things you have made up in the day? It will seem as if we were more `best friends' than ever."
2. In a blog post announcing the deal, Mr Cahan said although mobile devices were shifting our daily routines, “most articles and web pages were formatted for browsing with mouse clicks. The ability to skim them on a phone or a tablet can be a real challenge – we want easier ways to identify what’s important to us.”
3.   Away shee went in all haste with the Sisters, who were so forward inthe detection of poore Isabella, as they never regarded what manner ofvaile the Lady Abbesse wore on her head. And being come to theDorter doore, quickly they lifted it off from the hookes, and beingentred, found the two Lovers sweetly imbracing: but yet so amazed atthis sudden surprisall, as they durst not stirre, nor speake one word.The young Nunne Isabella, was raised forthwith by the other Sisters,and according as the Abbesse had comanded, was brought by them intothe Chapter-house: the yong Gentleman remaining still in theChamber, where he put on his garments, awaiting to see the issue ofthis businesse, and verily intending to act severe revenge on hisbetrayers, if any harme were done to Isabella, and afterward to takeher thence away with him, as meaning to make her amends by marriage.
4. 该公司还对政治广告客户取消了客户匹配功能。
5. n. 紧张,拉紧,血统
6. 因为如果英雄只有一个固定的角度,是很难产生持续性的吸引力的,即使是喜欢它的用户,也会慢慢厌倦,而皮肤和台词提供的扩展性和对人性的洞察,很好的满足了这一点。


1.   As he spoke he sprang from his seat, threw his crimson cloak fromhim, and took his sword from his shoulder. First he set the axes ina row, in a long groove which he had dug for them, and had Wadestraight by line. Then he stamped the earth tight round them, andeveryone was surprised when they saw him set up so orderly, thoughhe had never seen anything of the kind before. This done, he went onto the pavement to make trial of the bow; thrice did he tug at it,trying with all his might to draw the string, and thrice he had toleave off, though he had hoped to string the bow and shoot through theiron. He was trying for the fourth time, and would have strung ithad not Ulysses made a sign to check him in spite of all hiseagerness. So he said:
2. 2019年12月6日,经过连续守候,民警在其暂住处成功将芦某抓获。
3.   "'Cyclops,' said I, 'you should have taken better measure of yourman before eating up his comrades in your cave. You wretch, eat upyour visitors in your own house? You might have known that your sinwould find you out, and now Jove and the other gods have punishedyou.'
4. 点击进入专题:武汉发生新型冠状病毒肺炎。
5. 有人认为,现在是经济寒冬,老板们特别不好过。
6.   'Aire? Bah! I cannot say it. Well, our ship stopped in the morning,before it was quite daylight, at a great city- a huge city, withvery dark houses and all smoky; not at all like the pretty cleantown I came from; and Mr. Rochester carried me in his arms over aplank to the land, and Sophie came after, and we all got into a coach,which took us to a beautiful large house, larger than this andfiner, called an hotel. We stayed there nearly a week: I and Sophieused to walk every day in a great green place full of trees, calledthe Park; and there were many children there besides me, and a pondwith beautiful birds in it, that I fed with crumbs.'


1.   "O judge, *confused in thy nicety,* *confounded in thy folly* Wouldest thou that I reny innocence? To make me a wicked wight," quoth she, "Lo, he dissimuleth* here in audience; *dissembles He stareth and woodeth* in his advertence."** *grows furious **thought To whom Almachius said, "Unsely* wretch, *unhappy Knowest thou not how far my might may stretch?
2. 案例讨论
3. 服务越多,就需要更多督导、培训和管理,边际成本反而递增,服务可以是产品上的叠加,但最好不是本质。
4. 武汉有着大年初一烧清香的习俗,街坊邻居、亲朋好友拜年时,会给去年有老人去世的友邻,送上一束冬菊以示缅怀。
5. 如果国家不支持,我们不可能把这么大一个飞机放到城市中心飞起来。
6. 这份报告的经历是颇为有趣的,它发表于速利基金经理在集团企业倒闭中蒙受严重亏损的时期。既然他们被授权分享利润却不必分摊基金的损失,他们也就热衷于抓住可以带来迅速赢利希望的任何一个机会,他们本能地明白自我加强程序的原理,既然他们刚刚参与了一个这样的过程并急于采取下一轮的行动,所以这个报告得到了热烈的反响。起初我并不知道,后来克利夫兰的一家银行打来电话索要一份新的复印件,我才意识到它受重视的程度,因为他们那份经过多次复印再也无法辨认了。当时,抵押信托公司还不很多,但人们急于寻找可投资的股票,以至于在一个月左右的时间里这些公司的股票价格就翻了一番。需求创造了供给,一股发行新股的浪潮涌进市场。当人们意识到抵押信托公司可以无休止地供给其股份之后,股票价格迅速下跌,就像当初迅速升起来一样。显然,报告的读者未料想新公司这么快就进入市场从而矫正他们的错误,然而正是狂热购买促发了报告中所勾勒的自我加强的过程。后来发生的一切遵循了报告里描述的过程,抵押信托公司的股票出现了一轮高涨,尽管不像报告刚发表时那样强劲,但实际上却远为持久。我大力投资于抵押信托公司,市场对那份研究报告的反应超出了我的预期,因此而获利就是很自然的了。接着我为自己的成功而忘乎所以,在不景气时积压了一笔可观的存货,我坚持着,甚至还增加了我的存货,我密切注意这些企业的发展长达一年之久,适时卖掉了我的存货并获利丰厚。此后我即同这一板块断了联系,直到数年后问题开始暴露出来。我禁不住想开设一个空头账户,可是由于我不再熟悉这个领域而受挫。不过,当我重读了自己几年前写下的这份报告后,我为自己的预言所折服,我决定几乎不加分别地卖空这一板块的股票。当股价下降时,我卖空额外股份,保持我的敞口水平。早先的预言实现了,大部分的抵押信托公司破产了。我在空头上的赢利超过了100%——考虑到空头的最大利润就是100%,这种成绩简直匪夷所思(其解释是由于我一直在抛售额外的股份)。


1. 但是广告,从它诞生之日起,在整个理念层面都是非常的排斥即时销售效果的。
2. He got out of his bed in the middle of that night and went and stood looking down at Sara, who lay asleep with Emily in her arms. Her black hair was spread out on the pillow and Emily's golden-brown hair mingled with it, both of them had lace-ruffled nightgowns, and both had long eyelashes which lay and curled up on their cheeks. Emily looked so like a real child that Captain Crewe felt glad she was there. He drew a big sigh and pulled his mustache with a boyish expression.
3.   "I have come, sir replied Telemachus, "to see if you can tell meanything about my father. I am being eaten out of house and home; myfair estate is being wasted, and my house is full of miscreants whokeep killing great numbers of my sheep and oxen, on the pretence ofpaying their addresses to my mother. Therefore, I am suppliant at yourknees if haply you may tell me about my father's melancholy end,whether you saw it with your own eyes, or heard it from some othertraveller; for he was a man born to trouble. Do not soften thingsout of any pity for myself, but tell me in all plainness exactlywhat you saw. If my brave father Ulysses ever did you loyal serviceeither by word or deed, when you Achaeans were harassed by theTrojans, bear it in mind now as in my favour and tell me truly all."
4. 因为我们需要越来越多的产品服务去满足用户的需求,去满足商户的需求,而且不同的产品、不同的业务需要平台。
5. 为了生存,同样采取了裁员策略。
6. 解决这个问题的一个方案可以追溯到20世纪20年代和当时哥伦比亚大学的经济学家哈罗德·霍特林。与选择中庸或中间立场相反,候选人选择中点立场,在那一点上,希望这位候选人左倾或右倾的选民数目刚好相等。与中庸立场不同,中点立场并不取决于选民偏好的强度,只取决于他们偏好的方向。为了找出这个中点,候选人可以从0开始,不断向右移动,只要大多数选民支持这一移动。而在中点,支持继续向右的力量刚好被希望向左的力量抵消。


1. 这名男子表示,这样的人完全不考虑他人,只考虑自己,是以自己为中心的人。
2. 今日,北京京师律师事务所的熊超律师告诉观察者网,目前4000人属于居家观察期间,如若最终出现特别严重的后果,张某某的行为在法律上最高可判死刑。
3.   His haggard eyes turned to Defarge as if he would have transferred the question to him: but as no help came from that quarter, they turned back on the questioner when they had sought the ground.

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