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1.   'It's getting late, my dear,' said Mr. Peggotty, 'and here's Ham come fur to take you home. Theer! Go along with t'other loving art! What' Em'ly? Eh, my pretty?'
2. 田刚:2020年投资机会相对均衡2019年12月27日农历腊月初二星期五最好的CEO是构建他们的团队来达成梦想,即便是迈克尔·乔丹也需要队友来一起打比赛。
3. 首先,在本案中,可以认定黄娟和余达在车上发生争执冲突,余达的行为致黄娟颈部受伤,但根据现有证据,仅能认定余达的行为系故意伤害黄娟的行为,无法认定余达当日必致黄娟于死地。
4.   "Oh, the wickedness of man is very great," said Villefort,"since it surpasses the goodness of God. Did you observethat man's eyes while he was speaking to us?"
5.   "With all my heart," returned Albert; "Italian cigars arehorrible. When you come to Paris, I will return all this."
6. 潇湘晨报:你当时为什么参加这个团购?苏玉:就觉得位置也不错,金水区本身就是一个繁华的老城区,那个房子位置也比较靠近东边,现在郑州的东边郑东新区房价一平方米都好几万,当时觉得离东区也比较近,升值空间也比较大。


1.   `Oh, no!' she said.
2. 自1989年发布后,被各类人际关系的研究广泛采用,受到学界认可。
3. 蜂鸟完成数千万A轮融资代步车品牌蜂鸟近日完成数千万元A轮融资,本轮由千贤资本领投,三位分别来自金融、地产和营销领域的个人投资人跟投。
4. X
5. 政府的管理是受政治价值观制约的。在结构不同的社会,处理社会关系的方法不同,政治价值观也就不同。政治价值观不同,关于如何维系社会整体性的观念也就不同。由此,政治价值的混乱,将导致社会整体观的混乱。如果维系社会的整体价值观迷失了,人们的认识不统一,维持社会的整体性也就极为困难。
6.   Certainly my offer does not sound very magnificent, but it was great to me, for at his words a wave of covetousness had swept over my heart, and I almost felt as if the seventy-nine camels that were left were nothing in comparison.


1. 罗梅坦言,因为一直单身,她每年春节都会被家人催婚,去年,小我两岁的弟弟结了婚,家人对我就催得更紧了,今年过年我一定得出去躲躲。
2. 在传言中,柳传志的接班人是CFO宁旻。
3.   `Aren't all men wrapped up in themselves?' she asked.
4.   `What did you do all afternoon?' he said.
5. 特别是疫情期间,如何制定出适应疫情的产品价格策略,更加容易引起消费者共情和构建品牌忠诚度。
6. 您是否考虑过任何其他重大的公司架构调整呢?任正非:第一,我们的治理结构本来已经公开透明,并不需要外部人进来,也不需要外部资本进来。


1.   `None at all!' said Connie. `But oughtn't there to be?'
2.   "When you have caught them."
3. [点评]河南都市频道的报道开头,就引用一句俗语:眼睛里揉不进半粒沙子。
4.   `But you've got to begin,' said Clifford.
5.   The first movement of D'Artagnan was to return it, butMilady added, "No, no! Keep that ring for love of me.Besides, in accepting it," she added, in a voice full ofemotion, "you render me a much greater service than youimagine."
6.   In the court which we have attempted to describe, and fromwhich a damp vapor was rising, a young man with his hands inhis pockets, who had excited much curiosity among theinhabitants of the "Den," might be seen walking. The cut ofhis clothes would have made him pass for an elegant man, ifthose clothes had not been torn to shreds; still they didnot show signs of wear, and the fine cloth, beneath thecareful hands of the prisoner, soon recovered its gloss inthe parts which were still perfect, for the wearer tried hisbest to make it assume the appearance of a new coat. Hebestowed the same attention upon the cambric front of ashirt, which had considerably changed in color since hisentrance into the prison, and he polished his varnishedboots with the corner of a handkerchief embroidered withinitials surmounted by a coronet. Some of the inmates of the"Lions' Den" were watching the operations of the prisoner'stoilet with considerable interest. "See, the prince ispluming himself," said one of the thieves. "He's a finelooking fellow," said another; "if he had only a comb andhair-grease, he'd take the shine off the gentlemen in whitekids."


1.   `Might he?' said Clifford. `I hadn't noticed.'
2. adj. 泰然自若的,镇定的;摆好姿势不动的,静止的;平
3. temptation

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