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1.   Ghinotto di Tacco; tooke the Lord Abbot of Clugni as his prisoner,and cured him of a grievous disease, which he had in his stomacke, andafterwards set him at libert. The same Lord Abbot when hee returnedfrom the Court Rome, reconciled Ghinotto to Pope Boniface; who madehim a Knight, and Lord Prior of a goodly Hospitall.
2. 采访临结束的时候,张京康向来访者盘算:老人鞋完成全面布局大概需要15000家店,智能生活和旅行大概需要5000家店,未来我们在中国市场最少会需要14万人左右,这支14万人的铁军我亲自带队。
3. 北京一家私厨上门餐厅相关工作人员表示,选好套餐需付全款,可以直接转账到支付宝或公司银行账户。
4.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
5.   `I'm afraid Bolshevism is a large question,' said Hammond, shaking his head seriously.
6. 不仅是流量和钱,越来越多的其他资源也日益被把控在巨头手中。


1. 展开全文这个寒冬将持续到什么时候?说法不一。
2.   But thought me happie, being in Love.
3. 身为高管的米伦伯格却多次公开表示飞机将很快复飞,好像出事的飞机没有安全问题一样,因此饱受质疑。
4. 不论是清纯可爱的造型还是中性商务风或是性感路线全都驾驭得妥妥的不仅如此,一路走来,艾玛选择的道路,也和绝大多数童星不同。
5.   D'Artagnan perceived the force of this reasoning, and wassilent.
6. 圆顶和圆底


1.   I know thee to bee a man of judgement, deepely informed in allwell-grounded experience: thou seest what a propper, portly, andcomely man I am, how fitly my legges are answerable to my body, mylookes amiable, lovely, and of Rosie colour: beside I am a Doctor ofPhysicke, of which profession (being only most expedient) I thinke youhave not one in your Society. I have many commendable qualities in me,as, playing on divers instruments, exquisite in singing, and composingrare ditties, whereof I will instantly sing thee one. And so hebegan to sing.
2. 正式成为代理后,李大妈可以去销售无限极的产品,一旦有用户提出购买需求,李大妈就会找王大妈拿货。
3.   The two men in black bowed in their turn.
4. 徐超红还说,本来捐献之前,村里就说要给钱,他就说自己是尽绵薄之力,在大是大非的时候尽了一个中国公民的义务。
5. 在自己的丈夫被确诊感染后,她都无法抽身去照顾。
6.   "Come on, now," he went on; "it's all right. Let's waltz alittle to that music."


1. 在平常时期,口罩市场正常运行,有需求,有供给,形成各种层次的所谓均衡,没有什么不合适。
2. 字节跳动按本集团交付授权内容之进度向欢欢喜喜支付6.3亿元(约7亿港元),作为使用授权内容的代价。
3.   The world is supposed to be full of possibilities, but they narrow down to pretty few in most personal experience. There's lots of good fish in the sea...maybe...but the vast masses seem to be mackerel or herring, and if you're not mackerel or herring yourself you are likely to find very few good fish in the sea.
4. 【Q】PCB主要哪些客户增长比较快?通讯。
5.   Connie pondered this.
6.   G.


1. 张科长表示,他也不太清楚家属为什么迟迟没有做鉴定。
2. 行业人员:推拿行业培训太乱发证太滥西安市工会直属单位中顺家政公司副总经理黄洁在接受华商报记者采访时表示,她们公司有育儿嫂月嫂之类的培训,但是催乳、推拿这类从来没有培训过,这类培训我们不做,也不敢做,涉及医疗范畴,极容易出现事故,我一直给我们的培训人员说,我们做的是生活照料,我们不是医生护士。
3.   A Third

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    I talked later with little mountain girls from the fir-dark valleys away up at their highest part, and with sunburned plains- women and agile foresters, all over the country, as well as those in the towns, and everywhere there was the same high level of intelligence. Some knew far more than others about one thing-- they were specialized, of course; but all of them knew more about everything--that is, about everything the country was acquainted with--than is the case with us.

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      "Prince," returned she as soon as her confusion permitted her to speak, "you have given me the greatest pleasure, and I have followed you closely in all your adventures, and though you are positively sitting before me, I even trembled at your danger in the upper regions of the air! Let me say what a debt I owe to the chance that has led you to my house; you could have entered none which would have given you a warmer welcome. As to your being a slave, of course that is merely a joke, and my reception must itself have assured you that you are as free here as at your father's court. As to your heart," continued she in tones of encouragement, "I am quite sure that must have been disposed of long ago, to some princess who is well worthy of it, and I could not think of being the cause of your unfaithfulness to her."

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