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1.   "Guess I'd better get up," he said.
2.   In the case of a gigantic tree covered with innumerable flowers, it may be objected that pollen could seldom be carried from tree to tree, and at most only from flower to flower on the same tree, and that flowers on the same tree can be considered as distinct individuals only in a limited sense. I believe this objection to be valid, but that nature has largely provided against it by giving to trees a strong tendency to bear flowers with separated sexes. When the sexes are separated, although the male and female flowers may be produced on the same tree, we can see that pollen must be regularly carried from flower to flower; and this will give a better chance of pollen being occasionally carried from tree to tree. That trees belonging to all Orders have their sexes more often separated than other plants, I find to be the case in this country; and at my request Dr Hooker tabulated the trees of New Zealand, and Dr Asa Gray those of the United States, and the result was as I anticipated. On the other hand, Dr Hooker has recently informed me that he finds that the rule does not hold in Australia; and I have made these few remarks on the sexes of trees simply to call attention to the subject.Turning for a very brief space to animals: on the land there are some hermaphrodites, as land-mollusca and earth-worms; but these all pair. As yet I have not found a single case of a terrestrial animal which fertilises itself. We can understand this remarkable fact, which offers so strong a contrast with terrestrial plants, on the view of an occasional cross being indispensable, by considering the medium in which terrestrial animals live, and the nature of the fertilising element; for we know of no means, analogous to the action of insects and of the wind in the case of plants, by which an occasional cross could be effected with terrestrial animals without the concurrence of two individuals. Of aquatic animals, there are many self-fertilising hermaphrodites; but here currents in the water offer an obvious means for an occasional cross. And, as in the case of flowers, I have as yet failed, after consultation with one of the highest authorities, namely, Professor Huxley, to discover a single case of an hermaphrodite animal with the organs of reproduction so perfectly enclosed within the body, that access from without and the occasional influence of a distinct individual can be shown to be physically impossible. Cirripedes long appeared to me to present a case of very great difficulty under this point of view; but I have been enabled, by a fortunate chance, elsewhere to prove that two individuals, though both are self-fertilising hermaphrodites, do sometimes cross.It must have struck most naturalists as a strange anomaly that, in the case of both animals and plants, species of the same family and even of the same genus, though agreeing closely with each other in almost their whole organisation, yet are not rarely, some of them hermaphrodites, and some of them unisexual. But if, in fact, all hermaphrodites do occasionally intercross with other individuals, the difference between hermaphrodites and unisexual species, as far as function is concerned, becomes very small.
3. 中国出租汽车暨汽车租赁协会副会长杨国平认为,现行网约车与巡游出租车的监管方式存在差别化对待的不公平现象,两者在定价权、准入机制、税收、服务标准方面所适用的标准差距较大,应该对相关管理条例进行修订,将两者纳入同等或者类似的管理体系。
4. 1月1日,华谊兄弟再次发布公告,公司全资子公司华谊互娱与陈应魁达成协议,华谊互娱拟将其持有的卖座网4%的股份转让给陈应魁,转让价款为904万元。
5. “天哪,我怎么会知道呢?那是多久以前的事啊。”
6.   Now the night came on stormy and very dark, for there was no moon.It poured without ceasing, and the wind blew strong from the West,which is a wet quarter, so Ulysses thought he would see whetherEumaeus, in the excellent care he took of him, would take off hisown cloak and give it him, or make one of his men give him one."Listen to me," said he, "Eumaeus and the rest of you; when I havesaid a prayer I will tell you something. It is the wine that makesme talk in this way; wine will make even a wise man fall to singing;it will make him chuckle and dance and say many a word that he hadbetter leave unspoken; still, as I have begun, I will go on. Wouldthat I were still young and strong as when we got up an ambuscadebefore Troy. Menelaus and Ulysses were the leaders, but I was incommand also, for the other two would have it so. When we had comeup to the wall of the city we crouched down beneath our armour and laythere under cover of the reeds and thick brush-wood that grew aboutthe swamp. It came on to freeze with a North wind blowing; the snowfell small and fine like hoar frost, and our shields were coated thickwith rime. The others had all got cloaks and shirts, and sleptcomfortably enough with their shields about their shoulders, but I hadcarelessly left my cloak behind me, not thinking that I should betoo cold, and had gone off in nothing but my shirt and shield. Whenthe night was two-thirds through and the stars had shifted their theirplaces, I nudged Ulysses who was close to me with my elbow, and heat once gave me his ear.


1. 图据上海财大微博12月8日晚,上市公司东富龙(300171)和汉钟精机(002158)均发布公告称,董事会近日收到公司独立董事钱逢胜先生的书面辞职报告,钱逢胜先生因个人原因申请辞去公司独立董事职务,同时一并辞去其他职务,辞职后不再担任公司任何职务。
2. 在经过一段漫长而艰辛的竞选活动后,美国当地时间11月6日,美国总统奥巴马战胜了共和党候选人罗姆尼,胜出2012美国总统大选成功连任,将迎来执政白宫的第二个任期。
3. 剧本杀公众号推理大师Club也出现公众号服务故障,并发布推文称,由于近日使用人数急剧增长,服务器后台处于卡机状态。
4. "Here, poor little girl," he said. "Here is a sixpence. I will give it to you."
5. 不服输的马斯克和技术团队花了几个月的时间分析发射失败的原因,最终的结论令人大跌眼镜:一颗锈蚀的螺母发生了松动,导致燃料泄漏,使火箭折戟沉沙。
6. 这些小街小巷有的处于老旧城区地段,有的处于商业和住宅混合地段,停车不缴费情况时有发生,矛盾和纠纷较多成为公司管理的老大难问题。


1. 1月27日,燕矶镇派出所对其作出了行政处罚。
2. 绝味上市宣传片老对手周黑鸭已于2016年11月在香港上市。
3. Two United States cities have seen significant increases in costs, with Los Angeles rising 19 places to enter the top 10.
4.   "What! You were after Henderson?"
5. 奈飞排名第四,过去10年纳税率为15.8%。
6. 此后,埃尔帕索县成人保护服务局的调查人员,便开始对这笔信托基金的使用情况展开周密调查,这一查竟让办案人员大吃一惊:撒丁哈不仅花光了全部的160万美元,还透支了60美元。


1. 彼此对双方的项目享有优先投资权,双方都将协调核心资源共同制作更受观众喜爱的影视内容。
2. 样品车轮上塑料球在10N拉力下能够脱落,且能完全穿过小球测试模板。
3. 二审法院撤销了一审判决,除了继续强调不存在法律上的因果关系,还进一步强调维护公序良俗是民法的基本原则,一审判决会挫伤公民依法维护社会公共利益的积极性,不利于促进社会文明。
4. [卢甘斯克人民共和国]2014年4月28日,乌克兰卢甘斯克的集会者宣布成立“卢甘斯克人民共和国”,并向俄罗斯等14个国家提出了承认其独立的要求。目前尚未得到乌克兰及国际社会承认。···更多
5. 李姓负责人说,他雇了人白天晚上分别在临时存放点看管,确保快递不会丢失。
6. ====家电圈:覆盖产业面广阔、内容专业、观点鲜明的价值分享平台。


1. I had never seen, had scarcely imagined, human beings undertaking such a work as the deliberate replanting of an entire forest area with different kinds of trees. Yet this seemed to them the simplest common sense, like a man's plowing up an inferior lawn and reseeding it. Now every tree bore fruit--edible fruit, that is. In the case of one tree, in which they took especial pride, it had originally no fruit at all--that is, none humanly edible-- yet was so beautiful that they wished to keep it. For nine hundred years they had experimented, and now showed us this particularly lovely graceful tree, with a profuse crop of nutritious seeds.
2. There will no longer be any legal obstacle to the implementation of a universal two-child policy, if the draft amendment to the family planning law is approved by the top legislature by Sunday.
3. 此外,为了防止覆盖物自身被引燃,在有条件时,最好事先将覆盖物浸湿。

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