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1. 仅用2小时,介休警方就将准备逃往介休绵山方向的犯罪嫌疑人陈某某成功抓获。
2. 印度与肯亚最近也在进行类似实验,用行动科技来提升农业。
3. 在亚洲,暴力伤医的情况相比西方国家更严重,特别是在印度,超过75%的医生曾面临患者或其家属的暴力袭击
4.   "I can assure you, Mr. Holmes," said Lestrade, "that everycarriage has been carefully examined. I saw to it myself."It was one of my friend's most obvious weaknesses that he wasimpatient with less alert intelligences than his own.
5. 办案检察官敏锐地意识到,赵明很可能涉嫌重婚罪,要求公安机关补充侦查。
6. 见是序言,就应该写得简明扼要;然而,本序言应是一个宇宙容器、一艘飞船,它将载读者登上月球,使他能观察到地球全貌,就象本序言之后的篇章使读者了解到地球上诸重大事件那样。


1.   'No; they occupy a range of smaller apartments to the back; noone ever sleeps here: one would almost say that, if there were a ghostat Thornfield Hall, this would be its haunt.'
2. Becky stepped aside respectfully to allow the superior servants to pass out first. She could not help casting a longing glance at the box on the table. Something made of blue satin was peeping from between the folds of tissue paper.
3. 主要是因为地质条件不一样。
4. 然而连续发烧十几天后,这位曾经的女公交司机失去了平时的火气和活力。
5. 图2419世纪中叶欧洲的非洲地图。欧洲人对非洲内陆所知甚少,却仍肆意瓜分非洲、划定边界
6.   "I will try to accompany you," said Aramis, "though I scarcelyfeel in a condition to mount on horseback. Yesterday I undertookto employ that cord which you see hanging against the wall, butpain prevented my continuing the pious exercise.""That's the first time I ever heard of anybody trying to curegunshot wounds with cat-o'-nine-tails; but you were ill, andillness renders the head weak, therefore you may be excused.""When do you mean to set out?"


1. 先后7轮融资,共筹集到3900万美元。
2. 记者|孙梅欣虽然几天前公司人事部已经多次发邮件鼓励员工复工后在家上班,但正式复工的第一天,鲁媛还是选择去公司拿一些资料:也看看公司的管控情况。
3.   `Who?' demanded the traveller.
4.   "Certes," cried Athos, "you are the best-mounted poet ofFrance or Navarre."
5. So for several weeks a barrier stood between them. When they met by chance Sara looked the other way, and Ermengarde felt too stiff and embarrassed to speak. Sometimes they nodded to each other in passing, but there were times when they did not even exchange a greeting.
6.   The agent saw he was dealing with an inexperienced soul, andcontinued accordingly.


1. X
2. 民警当场缴获伪造的成品火车票三十余张,票面价值八千余元,半成品火车票三千余张,用于伪造火车票的电脑一台,打印机一台。
3.   "In my name," said Mme. Bonacieux, with great emotion, "in myname I beg you! But listen; they appear to be speaking of me."D'Artagnan drew near the window, and lent his ear.M. Bonacieux had opened his door, and seeing the apartment, hadreturned to the man in the cloak, whom he had left alone for aninstant.
4. 余伟骏在事故中当场死亡,依法免于追究。
5. 而在网络上要怎么“让大家也会一起来看原本不那么感兴趣的内容”,成为了川上量生等人创立niconico的一个重要动机
6. 这使得隐适美能获得超高毛利率。


1.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2.   These propositions will be most readily understood by looking to our domestic races. The most distinct breeds of pigeons, in countries most widely apart, present sub-varieties with reversed feathers on the head and feathers on the feet, characters not possessed by the aboriginal rock-pigeon; these then are analogous variations in two or more distinct races. The frequent presence of fourteen or even sixteen tail-feathers in the pouter, may be considered as a variation representing the normal structure of another race, the fantail. I presume that no one will doubt that all such analogous variations are due to the several races of the pigeon having inherited from a common parent the same constitution and tendency to variation, when acted on by similar unknown influences. In the vegetable kingdom we have a case of analogous variation, in the enlarged stems, or roots as commonly called, of the Swedish turnip and Ruta baga, plants which several botanists rank as varieties produced by cultivation from a common parent: if this be not so, the case will then be one of analogous variation in two so-called distinct species; and to these a third may be added, namely, the common turnip. According to the ordinary view of each species having been independently created, we should have to attribute this similarity in the enlarged stems of these three plants, not to the vera causa of community of descent, and a consequent tendency to vary in a like manner, but to three separate yet closely related acts of creation.With pigeons, however, we have another case, namely, the occasional appearance in all the breeds, of slaty-blue birds with two black bars on the wings, a white rump, a bar at the end of the tail, with the outer feathers externally edged near their bases with white. As all these marks are characteristic of the parent rock-pigeon, I presume that no one will doubt that this is a case of reversion, and not of a new yet analogous variation appearing in the several breeds. We may I think confidently come to this conclusion, because, as we have seen, these coloured marks are eminently liable to appear in the crossed offspring of two distinct and differently coloured breeds; and in this case there is nothing in the external conditions of life to cause the reappearance of the slaty-blue, with the several marks, beyond the influence of the mere act of crossing on the laws of inheritance.
3.   But after he had dwelt long enough upon these thoughts, he turnedhim selfe to Signior Neri, and demanded of him, what Damosels theywere. Sir (answered Neri) they are my Daughters, both brought into theworld at one birth, and Twinnes, the one being named Genevera thefaire, and the other Isotta the amiable. The King began againe tocommend them both, and gave him advise to get them both married:wherein he excused himselfe, alleadging, that he wanted power to doeit. At the same time instant, no other service remaining to be broughtto the table, except Fruit and Cheese, the two Damosels returnedagaine, attyred in goodly Roabes of Carnation Sattin, formed after theTurkish fashion, carrying two fayre Silver dishes in their hands,filled with divers delicate Fruites, such as the season then afforded,setting them on the Table before the King. Which being done, theyretyred a little backeward, and with sweet melodious voyces, sung aditty, beginning in this manner.

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