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1. When lessons were over and the pupils gathered together in groups to talk, Sara looked for Miss St. John, and finding her bundled rather disconsolately in a window-seat, she walked over to her and spoke. She only said the kind of thing little girls always say to each other by way of beginning an acquaintance, but there was something friendly about Sara, and people always felt it.
2. 由于5G涉及的场景更复杂、模式更丰富、形态更多样,业务开发与迭代速度更快,因而对技术研发和创新业务领域的大数据管理、分析应用、业务研发的要求也更高。
3. 一二六八年,云南王率爱鲁等征服金齿诸部,即定其租赋。一二七九年大理金齿都元帅纳速刺丁招安夷寨三百,籍户十二万二百,定租赋。金齿六路一甸和车里等处,都是岁赋金银,各有定额。一二九二年,木来甸由于资助元朝出征军马刍粮,立为木来府。一二九七年,蒙阳甸酋领提出“岁贡银千两”,元朝就以其地立通西军民府。元朝征服傣族各地,傣族首领上纳贡赋,即可取得元朝皇帝任命的路、府官职,以加强自己的统治地位,但傣族人民却因此加重了负担。
4. 而像孟州这样,在涉及当地鞭炮经销商的具体利益的时候,突然袭击推行禁放令,难免显得操之过急,不仅让人觉得突然,还有些任性。
5. The first night she spent in her attic was a thing Sara never forgot. During its passing she lived through a wild, unchildlike woe of which she never spoke to anyone about her. There was no one who would have understood. It was, indeed, well for her that as she lay awake in the darkness her mind was forcibly distracted, now and then, by the strangeness of her surroundings. It was, perhaps, well for her that she was reminded by her small body of material things. If this had not been so, the anguish of her young mind might have been too great for a child to bear. But, really, while the night was passing she scarcely knew that she had a body at all or remembered any other thing than one.
6. It was hard on Terry, so hard that he finally persuaded us to consider a plan of escape. It was difficult, it was highly dangerous, but he declared that he'd go alone if we wouldn't go with him, and of course we couldn't think of that.


1.   The yong Lady, who fixed not her eyes on inferiour subjects (butesteemed her selfe above ordinary reach or capacity) could moovethem artificially, as curious women well know how to doe, looking onevery side about her, yet not in a gadding or grosse manner: forshe was not ignorant in such darting glaunces, as proceeded from anenflamed affection, which appearing plainely in Reniero; with a prettysmile, shee said to her selfe. I am not come hither this day in vaine;for, if my judgement faile me not, I thinke I have caught aWoodcocke by the Bill. And lending him a cunning looke or two,queintly caried with the corner of her eye; she gave him a kinde ofperswading apprehension, that her heart was the guide to her eye.And in this artificial Schoole-tricke of hers, shee carryedtherewith another consideration, to wit, that the more other eyesfedde themselves on her perfections, and were (well-neere) lost inthem beyond recovery: so much the greater reason had he to account hisfortune beyond comparison, that was the sole master of her heart,and had her love at his command.
2.   Villefort immediately despatched a messenger. "And now letevery one retire."
3. 不少收到货的买家,纷纷在评论区抱怨产品质量问题,而气球容易爆、零部件破损是大家投诉的焦点。
4. 从欺凌信息获得的来源看,既有直接目睹的围观群体,又有间接听闻的围观群体。
5.   When the merchant opened the vase he found the topmost olives were rotten, and in order to see if the under ones were in better condition he shook some ont into the dish. As they fell out a few of the gold pieces fell out too.
6. 70年住宅土地使用权到期可以续期,不需申请,没有前置条件,也不影响交易。


1. 它主要服务B端客户,商家可以提供其应用程序接口(API),与Flutterwave开发人员合作定制支付应用程序。
2. 电影《亲爱的》上映后,有网友提出失去孩子的父母是否应该逐渐回归家庭,转移自己的注意力。
3.   Bessy
4.   `That's quite true, criticism and knowledge are not the same thing,' said Hammond.
5.   `Ah, how good!' she whispered tremulously, and she became quite still, clinging to him. And he lay there in his own isolation, but somehow proud.
6. 没有店员阻止、推销,让玩的更尽兴,同时迪卡侬官方也组织了快闪行动,来支持用户在店内的互动体验。


1. 电影《亲爱的》父亲原型:打个盹的功夫,孩子店门口被拐走2014年,一部打拐题材的电影《亲爱的》上映,片中孩子被拐后,父母的痛苦与数年追寻让无数观众潸然泪下。
2. One of Iese’s strengths is its academic rigour. The Barcelona school performs consistently highly across all aspects of customised programmes. It is ranked in the top five in 11 criteria out of 15. Iese is top for its international clients and the diversity of its faculty.
3. 印度男子看斗鸡被鸡脚上刀片刺死,//标题source:,//视频发布来源
4. 口述|陈德昌记者|黄子懿支援北三区:救治重症病人我们是1月26日下午正式进驻武汉金银潭医院的,进驻之前经过了一天的防护培训。
5. 公司第一时间安排员工家属赶赴事发地,共同处理后事。
6. 对此你可以赞同,也可以反对,但赞同与反对的前提是,明白这一切是为什么。


1. 先让我假设那些所谓非金钱的收入(non-pecuniaryincome)不存在,例如声望、名衔、受外人尊敬等不需要考虑。现在再假设有一个聪明貌美的女孩子,可以选三项职业的其中之一。一、她可选作歌女生涯,卖歌兼卖笑。二、她可选作医生,要花上十多年的时间求学读书,然后悬壶于市。三、她可选作文员,不求有功,但求无过,读书不用多。
2.   She began to pull the basket over, and now, in spite of allprotest, she had swung over and was going down.
3. 幸运的是,并未造成人员伤亡。

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