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1. 据一份全球报告显示,2016年,在富裕国家工作的打工人员往家乡汇款近5000亿美元,通过提供金融稳定、教育机会、住房和医疗保健等来帮助家庭摆脱贫困。
2.   "That the sea, which that greedy is to flowen, Constraineth to a certain ende* so *limit His floodes, that so fiercely they not growen To drenchen* earth and all for evermo'; *drown And if that Love aught let his bridle go, All that now loves asunder shoulde leap, And lost were all that Love holds now *to heap.* *together <66>*
3.   'Thank you: - whether people, who are like each other in their moral constitution, are in greater danger than people not so circumstanced, supposing any serious cause of variance to arise between them, of being divided angrily and deeply?'
4. 然而,英国退欧运动和特朗普崛起中的煽动因素存在相似之处。
5.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
6. 织密扎牢民生保障网。


1. "You shouldn't have tried that way," Jeff protested. "They were perfectly friendly; now we've scared them."
2. 网络截图  据中国地震台网测定,今日10时3分,在千岛群岛(北纬45.28度,东经150.20度)发生5.5级地震,震源深度30千米。
3. 第四章生产要素的合约安排
4.   Explain, ere further time we lose, What special faculty you choose?Student
5. 自去年以来,拼多多的股价已上涨了91%,黄峥的个人财富随之增加了约100亿美元,从去年的776.3亿元增长到今年的1499亿元。
6. 原标题:海南乐东一小学女生被同校8名女生殴打官方:已介入调查▲视频截图,来源于网爆视频1月7日,一段视频引发关注:一名身着校服的女生被多人殴打。


1. 而在产品方面,极米创始人钟波所带领的研发团队则不断对产品进行打磨和迭代。
2. 但如此一来,当初交纳的10万元定金就无法退回了。
3.   "She verra ill," cried the girl, looking with indignant eyes ather master. "She no ask for food. She verra ill. She need doctor. Ifrightened stay alone with her without doctor."
4.   'Dear! dear! What a fury to fly at Master John!'
5.   "You can be perfectly easy in your mind. We shall certainly findsome way out of your difficulties. I will take the black clay with me,also the pencil cuttings. Good-bye."
6. 原标题:贵州一男孩失联13天,父亲称其索要银行卡被拒后离家铜仁市公安局步行街派出所一名工作人员透露,男孩最后现身步行街,目前铜仁警方已介入寻人。


1. 所以从50岁开始,保持健康的饮食习惯就至关重要,建议你,50岁开始,一定要将以下四种食物撤下餐桌。
2. 高琴感到诧异,这个病人连个口罩都没戴。
3.   All this I saw in the first glance after I crossed the threshold - child-like, according to my theory - and then Peggotty opened a little door and showed me my bedroom. It was the completest and most desirable bedroom ever seen - in the stern of the vessel; with a little window, where the rudder used to go through; a little looking-glass, just the right height for me, nailed against the wall, and framed with oyster-shells; a little bed, which there was just room enough to get into; and a nosegay of seaweed in a blue mug on the table. The walls were whitewashed as white as milk, and the patchwork counterpane made my eyes quite ache with its brightness. One thing I particularly noticed in this delightful house, was the smell of fish; which was so searching, that when I took out my pocket-handkerchief to wipe my nose, I found it smelt exactly as if it had wrapped up a lobster. On my imparting this discovery in confidence to Peggotty, she informed me that her brother dealt in lobsters, crabs, and crawfish; and I afterwards found that a heap of these creatures, in a state of wonderful conglomeration with one another, and never leaving off pinching whatever they laid hold of, were usually to be found in a little wooden outhouse where the pots and kettles were kept.
4.   "Athos!" repeated M. de Treville himself.
5. 08上市前夕王兴:上天、入地、全球化时间:2017年4月背景:第二年,美团上市三个大方向是最激动人心的,上天、入地、全球化。
6. And at last they found Emily, but they went to a number of toy shops and looked at a great many dolls before they discovered her.


1. wheat
2. ['m?dist]
3. 北京政府为沪案屡向外交团抗议,公使团不承认租界当局应负责任,仅允派员调查。英、日态度最为强硬,苏俄独对中国人民表示同情。英、美、法、日、意、比六国合组调查团,与中国代表意见不协,租界工部局复拒绝惩处有关人员。公使团采纳英国建议,由英、美、日代表重行调查,中国拒不参加。十二月,工部局准总巡捕辞职,以七万五千元作为死伤华人恤金,惟拒绝道歉及其他条件。北京虽不同意,而无如之何,沪案不了了之。但是中国人民反帝国主义运动,仍继续发展,国民党与中共的势力得到了空前的扩张,尤其是中共,鲍罗廷曾说;"我未曾造成五卅惨案,而五卅惨案乃为我而造成。"

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      The only difference between organisms which annually produce eggs or seeds by the thousand, and those which produce extremely few, is, that the slow-breeders would require a few more years to people, under favourable conditions, a whole district, let it be ever so large. The condor lays a couple of eggs and the ostrich a score, and yet in the same country the condor may be the more numerous of the two: the Fulmar petrel lays but one egg, yet it is believed to be the most numerous bird in the world. One fly deposits hundreds of eggs, and another, like the hippobosca, a single one; but this difference does not determine how many individuals of the two species can be supported in a district. A large number of eggs is of some importance to those species, which depend on a rapidly fluctuating amount of food, for it allows them rapidly to increase in number. But the real importance of a large number of eggs or seeds is to make up for much destruction at some period of life; and this period in the great majority of cases is an early one. If an animal can in any way protect its own eggs or young, a small number may be produced, and yet the average stock be fully kept up; but if many eggs or young are destroyed, many must be produced, or the species will become extinct. It would suffice to keep up the full number of a tree, which lived on an average for a thousand years, if a single seed were produced once in a thousand years, supposing that this seed were never destroyed, and could be ensured to germinate in a fitting place. So that in all cases, the average number of any animal or plant depends only indirectly on the number of its eggs or seeds.In looking at Nature, it is most necessary to keep the foregoing considerations always in mind never to forget that every single organic being around us may be said to be striving to the utmost to increase in numbers; that each lives by a struggle at some period of its life; that heavy destruction inevitably falls either on the young or old, during each generation or at recurrent intervals. Lighten any check, mitigate the destruction ever so little, and the number of the species will almost instantaneously increase to any amount. The face of Nature may be compared to a yielding surface, with ten thousand sharp wedges packed close together and driven inwards by incessant blows, sometimes one wedge being struck, and then another with greater force.

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