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1. 法律、行政法规对无照经营的处罚没有明确规定的,由工商行政管理部门责令停止违法行为,没收违法所得,并处1万元以下的罚款。
2.   This white column consisted of some twenty girls, all in snow-white flannel trimmed with silver and blue. Its leader was moststunningly arrayed in the same colours, elaborated, however, withepaulets and a belt of silver, with a short sword dangling at oneside. Carrie was fitted for this costume, and a few days laterappeared, proud of her new laurels. She was especially gratifiedto find that her salary was now eighteen instead of twelve.
3. 但实际设计中,还是与产品轻重及客单价、产品黏性、产品定价方式、获客方式,乃至组织发展的历史因素,都有很大关系。
4.   She made no answer to this.
5.   By this time Madam Philomena, at command of the King, (MadamPampinea ceasing) prepared to follow next in order, whereupon thus shebegan. What is it (Gracious Ladies) that Kings cannot do (if theylist) in matters of greatest importance, and especially unto such asmost they should declare their magnificence? He then that performethwhat he ought to do, when it is within his owne power, doth well.But it is not so much to bee admired, neither deserveth halfe thecommendations, as when one man doth good to another, when least itis expected, as being out of his power, and yet performed. In whichrespect, because you have so extolled king Piero, as appearing notmeanly meritorious in your judgements; I make no doubt but you will bemuch more pleased, when the actions of our equals are duly considered,and shal paralell any of the greatest Kings. Wherefore I purpose totell you a Novel, concerning an honorable curtesie of two worthyfriends.
6. Terry did not like it because he found nothing to oppose, to struggle with, to conquer.


1. 正面中部面额数字调整为光彩光变面额数字10。
2. 然而,和城区环路相比,高速公路上的探头虽然增加了,但密度依然有限,还难以做到两个探头之间完全无缝对接,于是,部分缺乏道德的司机宁可频繁并线,给别人制造麻烦,也要在应急车道上快速行驶几百米。
3.   Two sones, by this Odenate had she, The which she kept in virtue and lettrure.* *learning But now unto our tale turne we; I say, so worshipful a creature, And wise therewith, and large* with measure,** *bountiful **moderation So penible* in the war, and courteous eke, *laborious Nor more labour might in war endure, Was none, though all this worlde men should seek.
4. 7月发布的一篇文章中提到,一次系列课程为240元/人,8节课(会员免费),主讲老师为郭津含。
5. 运载能力更强的火箭和更先进的飞船不断地从图纸变成实物,继而发射升空。
6. [1]兰博是美国电影《第一滴血》中主角的名字。该片讲述了退伍军人兰博在小镇上屡受警长欺凌,被逼逃入丛林,被迫对警察展开反击的故事。——编者注


1. 我无意指责其他人的动机。毕竟,我只不过是希望人们能够接受我的观点,就像他们曾经接受别人的观点一样。我将组织一切可能的论据以支持我的观点,此外,作为一名证券分析家,我经常发表自己的见解,尽管明知它们将会受到其操作效果的扰动。因此,我并不比其他任何人更神圣。
2.   'I cannot commission you to fetch help,' he said; 'but you may helpme a little yourself, if you will be so kind.'
3. 火灾致一家六口死亡家属:死者包括四代人2019年12月30日早晨6点多,重庆涪陵区马鞍街道踏水桥小区一居民楼12-1发生火灾致一家六口死亡,包括四代人,年龄最大的是80多岁,最小的还不到6岁。
4. 但是疫情终究会过去,扯档的影片还可以择期上映,只要内容得到观众口碑,票房未必低于春节档。
5.   But she was. A strange, weary yearning, a dissatisfaction had started in her. Clifford did not notice: those were not things he was aware of. But the stranger knew. To Connie, everything in her world and life seemed worn out, and her dissatisfaction was older than the hills.
6.   The young man fled while she was still threatening him withan impotent gesture. The moment she lost sight of him,Milady tumbled fainting into her chamber.


1.   "But sooth is said, -- algate* I find it true, *at all events For in effect it proved is on me, -- Love is not old as when that it is new. But certes, Lord, for no adversity, To dien in this case, it shall not be That e'er in word or work I shall repent That I you gave mine heart in whole intent.
2. "That is because it makes you think of something else," said Sara, wrapping the coverlet round her until only her small dark face was to be seen looking out of it. "I've noticed this. What you have to do with your mind, when your body is miserable, is to make it think of something else."
3. 标定流程再造的坐标PEMM架构不会使流程再造的路走来轻松如意。
4. ['gl?ub?l]
5. 现在也一样,很多人认为市场环境不好,这一切其实都是像他们去南极探险时候的天气好坏变化,有的时候晴天,有的时候阴雨天一样,都大致在可控范围之内。
6.   Story of the Three Calenders, Sons of Kings, and of Five Ladies of Bagdad


1. 这样的事不只一次了,每次看到我都好心痛的。
2. The University of Tokyo (22nd) and Kyoto University (35th) have maintained their positions as the leading universities in Asia.
3. "Well, people have to get them from somewhere," said Jessie. "Lavinia," with a new giggle, "what do you think Gertrude says?"

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      By this time Ancilla was come thither, who so soone as shee wasentred into the Tower, could not refrain from teares and complaints,beating her hands each against other, and crying out. Madam, deareLady and Mistresse! Alas, Wher are you? So soone as she heard thetongue of Ancilla, she replyed (so well as she could) saying: Ah mysweet Woman, I am heere aloft uppon the Tarras; weepe not, neythermake any noyse, but quickely bring me some of my Garments. When sheeheard her answer in such comfortable maner, she mounted up the Ladder,which the peazant had made very firme and strong, holding it fastfor her safer ascending; by which meanes she went up on the Tarras.Beholding her Ladie in so strange a condition, resembling no humanebody, but rather the trunke of a Tree halfe burned, lying flat onher face, naked, scorched and strangely deformed: shee beganne toteare the lockes of her owne hayre, raving and raging in aspittifull manner, as if her Ladie had beene quite dead. Which stormingtempest, Madame Helena soone pacified, entreating her to usesilence, and helpe to put on her garments.

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    The tradition of men as guardians and protectors had quite died out. These stalwart virgins had no men to fear and therefore no need of protection. As to wild beasts--there were none in their sheltered land.

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    Sara started, and all at once realized that she looked exactly like poor children she had seen, in her better days, waiting on the pavement to watch her as she got out of her brougham. And she had given them pennies many a time. Her face went red and then it went pale, and for a second she felt as if she could not take the dear little sixpence.

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      Then Martha arose, and gathering her shawl about her, covering her face with it, and weeping aloud, went slowly to the door. She stopped a moment before going out, as if she would have uttered something or turned back; but no word passed her lips. Making the same low, dreary, wretched moaning in her shawl, she went away.

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