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1.   In the end, she resolved to try how her husband would take it,that so strange an accident should thus happen in his house, andputting the case as if it did not concerne them, but any other ofthe neighbours; awaking him first, demaunded of him what was best tobe done, if a man should steale into a neighbours house, unknowne tohim, or any of his family; and in his bed chamber to be found dead. Hepresently replyed (as not thinking the case concerned himselfe)that, the onely helpe in such an unexpected extremity, was to take thedead body, and convey it to his owne house, if he had any; wherebyno scandall or reproach would follow to them, in whose house he had sounfortunately dyed. Hereupon she immediately arose, and lighting acandle, shewed him the dead body of Jeronimo, with protestation ofevery particular, both of her innocency, either of knowledge of hiscomming thither, or any other blame that could concerne her. Whichhe both constantly knowing and beleeving, made no more ceremony, butputting on his Garments, tooke the dead body upon his shoulders, andcarried it to the Mothers doore, where he left it, and afterwardreturned to his owne house againe.
2. 经过清点,这辆核载6人面包车,竟然挤下了23人,而且年龄大多是在50岁到62岁不等的中老年人。
3.   湖北省纪委监委相关负责人介绍,恶意诬告与一般的错告有着显著区别。
4. 比如我想给产品拍个介绍视频放在淘宝店里啦,我想给企业家做个访谈视频放在官网上啦。
5. 蒋廷黻的大学时代,恰与第一次世界大战相始终。战争期间,他的立场是"亲西方"的。他站在协约国一边,对美国威尔逊总统关于战后国际关系中民族自决、国无大小强弱一律平等、战胜国不要求割地赔款等的十四点宣言,十分赞赏。他说"威尔逊总统所说的每一个字,我都信以为真"[25]。直到后来"巴黎和会"议决将德国在山东的权利转让给日本时,他在吃惊之余,对威尔逊有了怀疑[26]。不过,他怀疑威尔逊而不怀疑美国政府[27],他的亲西方倾向并不因威尔逊背叛诺言而破解。
6. 从试行初期至2019年12月24日,深圳市累计开出区块链发票超1420万张,累计金额达90亿元。


1.   "That's true," said Kitty; "your son was the only heir ofhis uncle, and until his majority you would have had theenjoyment of his fortune."
2. 实际上,在准备关停友友用车之前,李宇和合伙人已经通过各种方式联系平台用户办理退款,但最终仍有7%的用户联系不上。
3. 兰森说,假期结束后的1月是运动员请病假的高发时期。
4. 扩博智能成立于2016年11月,是一家专注于机器视觉技术的高科技企业,总部位于上海和美国西雅图,并布局新加坡,进一步服务亚太客户。
5.   `You might treble that, and say a hundred and fifty, yet not be far from the truth.'
6. 值得庆幸的是,他们的努力并没有白费。


1. 吊床架组装方便,可以架在桨板、橡皮船和皮筏上。
2. "That is not your room now," Miss Amelia answered, reddening a little.
3.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
4. re再+membr[=member]记得+ance→回忆;记忆力
5. 不过,特朗普对些予以否认。
6.   Replies rose smooth and prompt now:-


1.   "My friend," answered Nestor, "you recall a time of much sorrow tomy mind, for the brave Achaeans suffered much both at sea, whileprivateering under Achilles, and when fighting before the great cityof king Priam. Our best men all of them fell there- Ajax, Achilles,Patroclus peer of gods in counsel, and my own dear son Antilochus, aman singularly fleet of foot and in fight valiant. But we sufferedmuch more than this; what mortal tongue indeed could tell the wholestory? Though you were to stay here and question me for five years, oreven six, I could not tell you all that the Achaeans suffered, and youwould turn homeward weary of my tale before it ended. Nine longyears did we try every kind of stratagem, but the hand of heaven wasagainst us; during all this time there was no one who could comparewith your father in subtlety- if indeed you are his son- I canhardly believe my eyes- and you talk just like him too- no one wouldsay that people of such different ages could speak so much alike. Heand I never had any kind of difference from first to last neither incamp nor council, but in singleness of heart and purpose we advisedthe Argives how all might be ordered for the best.
2. 如果自建配送团队,这20个配送员的日均支出工资合计约3000元(每人150元)。
3. 按理说,百度不应该这么干,一边想在自媒体时代尽快赶上来,一边又对着一部分“实力不行”的自媒体开刀,其实应该学学那几个自媒体平台啊,别管什么好坏,先把自媒体人圈起来再说。
4. 我除夕是在医院过的,家里人因为这个事也没过好年,连饺子都没有包。
5. 向来有这样一种经验之谈,认为人类也同各种动物一样,通过异种配合,身心两方都可以获得改进,认为彼此通婚的范围如果老是限于少数家族,就会逐渐退化,正同老是用同类种子施种于同一块土地的情形一样。非洲和亚洲有许多未开化或半开化部落,人口无多,那里的男子总是向别的部落物色妻子,这种情况似乎不能不认为就是出于这一自然法则的启示。有些小城邦的寡头政治的执政者总是在他们自己团体范国内互相通婚,结果或逐渐消灭,或显然退化,这是一个经验事实,这一事实也似乎与这一自然法则有关,假使由两个完全不同的种族实行交配,几乎没有例外,子孙总是壮健而漂亮的,这一点是无可否认的,例如白种与黑种杂交以后,第三代到第四代子孙就会出现这样的情况。这个见解应用到整个国家时似乎更加确凿可信,经常进行异种交配并使这种风气扩大到全国的那些民族,他们思想的活泼,精力的充沛,以及在智力、体力、仪表各方面,都胜过别国的民族。
6.   'Are they foreigners?' I inquired, amazed at hearing the Frenchlanguage.


1. 在此情况下,电影院、商圈、餐厅等人群通常较为密集的场所,难免不似往常那般人来人往,显得略有些萧条。
2. 这支团队曾经做出了爆款App乐流,整个页面没有按钮,按着屏幕说出歌名,它就能自动为你播放出来。
3.   `I hope,' said Mr. Lorry, after another pause of feeble sympathy and humility, `that you accompany Miss Manette to France?'

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