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1.   This maketh Emily have remembrance To do honour to May, and for to rise. Y-clothed was she fresh for to devise; Her yellow hair was braided in a tress, Behind her back, a yarde long I guess. And in the garden at *the sun uprist* *sunrise She walketh up and down where as her list. She gathereth flowers, party* white and red, *mingled To make a sotel* garland for her head, *subtle, well-arranged And as an angel heavenly she sung. The greate tower, that was so thick and strong, Which of the castle was the chief dungeon<10> (Where as these knightes weren in prison, Of which I tolde you, and telle shall), Was even joinant* to the garden wall, *adjoining There as this Emily had her playing.
2. 1997年至今,先后任北京大学信息科学技术学院讲师(1997年)、副教授(1999年)、教授(2002年),长江学者特聘教授(2008年度),北京大学博雅讲席教授(2016年)。
3.   MINERVA now put it in Penelope's mind to make the suitors trytheir skill with the bow and with the iron axes, in contest amongthemselves, as a means of bringing about their destruction. She wentupstairs and got the store room key, which was made of bronze andhad a handle of ivory; she then went with her maidens into the storeroom at the end of the house, where her husband's treasures of gold,bronze, and wrought iron were kept, and where was also his bow, andthe quiver full of deadly arrows that had been given him by a friendwhom he had met in Lacedaemon- Iphitus the son of Eurytus. The twofell in with one another in Messene at the house of Ortilochus,where Ulysses was staying in order to recover a debt that was owingfrom the whole people; for the Messenians had carried off threehundred sheep from Ithaca, and had sailed away with them and withtheir shepherds. In quest of these Ulysses took a long journey whilestill quite young, for his father and the other chieftains sent him ona mission to recover them. Iphitus had gone there also to try andget back twelve brood mares that he had lost, and the mule foalsthat were running with them. These mares were the death of him inthe end, for when he went to the house of Jove's son, mighty Hercules,who performed such prodigies of valour, Hercules to his shame killedhim, though he was his guest, for he feared not heaven's vengeance,nor yet respected his own table which he had set before Iphitus, butkilled him in spite of everything, and kept the mares himself. Itwas when claiming these that Iphitus met Ulysses, and gave him the bowwhich mighty Eurytus had been used to carry, and which on his deathhad been left by him to his son. Ulysses gave him in return a swordand a spear, and this was the beginning of a fast friendship, althoughthey never visited at one another's houses, for Jove's son Herculeskilled Iphitus ere they could do so. This bow, then, given him byIphitus, had not been taken with him by Ulysses when he sailed forTroy; he had used it so long as he had been at home, but had left itbehind as having been a keepsake from a valued friend.
4. 明军在中原战场上连战连败。九月,明廷命总督三边军务孙传庭(四月任命)带领郑嘉楝、高杰、左勷、牛成虎、白广恩等将领和新募集的三边军队东出潼关。十月,在郏县柿园遭到李自成军的袭击,逃回陕西。
5.   "`Why, with his father, no doubt,' replied Danglars. And soI came," added Caderousse, "as fast as I could to have thepleasure of shaking hands with a friend."
6. 如果天浩盛世坚持让TuTu出现在节目中展现经纪人的专业素质,那不如将她的身份定位为管家或主持人,同时减少飞行嘉宾的出现,这样可能更合理。


1.   "Yes; but I can't get along with my people. They always want meto do what they want. Do you live here?"
2. 印度在1900年的巴黎奥运会上为亚洲赢得了第一枚奖牌,此后,亚洲运动员在奥运会上的成绩突飞猛进。在1984年洛杉矶奥运会上,亚洲国家共获得71枚奖牌,占奖牌总数的11%;在2004年雅典奥运会上,亚洲国家共夺得285枚奖牌,占奖牌总数的31%。1988年在卡尔加里冬季奥运会夺得唯一一枚铜牌之后,亚洲国家在1998年长野冬奥会上,共获44枚奖牌,在最近的都灵冬奥会上,亚洲国家又获得67枚奖牌。随着越来越多的亚洲运动员跻身世界一流选手行列,21世纪将成为亚洲运动员的黄金时代。很多人期待,在2008年北京奥运会上,中国能够跻身奖牌榜首位,并且在未来继续挑战美国的统治地位。其他的亚洲国家也必定不甘人后,它们必定努力增进自己在奥运会上的成功。而亚运会的高度成功将继续有效促进亚洲各国的团结,并为奥运会提供进身之阶。
3. 公司在准备调动他去重庆时,他还曾经跟公司说,老家有女朋友要来京,不同意调动。
4. [以色列国防军]以色列国防军(IDF),创立于1948年,是中东地区国防预算最高的军队之一,作为世界上最有战争经验的武装力量,在建国半个世纪以来参与了五场主要的大型战争和其他无数的小型冲突。在人员上,以色列国防军的主要优势是其人员训练的精良品质以及完善的制度,而不是人员的数量多寡。以色列国防军也大量依赖于高科技的武器系统,以色列国内也有一些专门替国防军生产和开发武器科技的机构或企业,其他的则进口自国外(大多来自美国)。···更多
5. 有时候我在教室里比较活泼,老师也会提醒我,女生不应该疯疯癫癫的。
6. Sara looked round and got up at once. She ran to the table, and picking up the top volume, turned over its leaves quickly. For the moment she forgot her discomforts.


1.   "My faith, gentlemen," said Porthos, turning round upon hischair and twisting his mustache, "that's a fair bet, Ihope."
2. 问:据有关报道,今晨在钓鱼岛海域发现中方海警船和大量中国渔船,日本外务省就此向中方提出交涉。中方对此有何回应?答:中方在钓鱼岛问题上的立场是明确的,一贯的。钓鱼岛及其附属岛屿是中国的固有领土,中国对上述岛屿及其附近海域拥有无可争辩的主权。同时,中方正。
3. Captain Crewe would really have enjoyed the shopping tremendously, but that a sad thought kept tugging at his heart. This all meant that he was going to be separated from his beloved, quaint little comrade.
4. 特别是在同行业中率先使用电子配料工艺,有效克服产品批量差异问题,并在生产经营的各个环节采用计算机应用管理,一举将延续几百年手工作坊式生产转变成能够连续机械化作业的大工业生产
5. The tween is a huge star with three million Instagram followers, whose music videos with the popstar Sia have been viewed more than a billion times on YouTube.
6.   The Abbot, being a man of quicke apprehension, perceived instantlyby this answere; that the Monke not onely knew as much as he did,but also had seene (what was intended) that hee should not. Wherefore,finding himselfe to be as faulty as the Monke, and that hee couldnot shame him, but worthily had deserved as much himselfe; pardoninghim, and imposing silence on eithers offence: they convayed thepoore abused Damosell forth of their doores, she purposing (neverafter) to transgresse in the like manner.


1.   "The word is too mild."
2. 但是,一年之后,当记者再见到杜富国时,他不仅可以不用人扶自如地走路了,还能借助义肢及辅助具写字。
3. 脱脱执政,改变伯颜的排汉政策。当年十二月,即首先恢复科举取士。一三四一年,顺帝亲试进士七十八人。顺帝为反对文宗,罢废了文宗设立的奎章阁,但重开经筵,命脱脱兼领,翰林学士张起岩知经筵事。经筵官每月进讲三次。一三四二年又开史局,诏修辽、金、宋三史,脱脱为都总裁。中书平章铁木儿塔识、中书右丞太平及张起岩、欧阳玄、吕思诚、揭傒斯等汉人文士为总裁。脱脱向顺帝进奏说:“陛下临御以来,天下无事,宜留心圣学。颇闻左右多沮挠者,设使经史不足观,世祖岂以是教裕皇(真金)?”脱脱提倡文治和经史,从而争取到汉人官僚的支持。
4. 点击进入专题:武汉发生新型冠状病毒肺炎。
5. 几乎每个登珠峰的人都见过被风雪掩埋的遇难者遗体。
6. 呵护生命的医师无辜地付出了生命的代价,用谴责已无法表达我们愤怒的情绪。


1.   Messer Guiglielmo of Rossiglione having slaine Messer GuiglielmoGuardastagno, whom hee imagined to love his wife, gave her his heartto eate. Which she knowing afterward, threw her selfe out of an highwindow to the ground; and being dead, was then buried with her friend.
2. 在清退期间深圳还率先推出以区块链技术为核心的P2P网贷机构良性退出统一投票表决系统,至今已在全市27家网贷机构投入应用,服务出借人39万余人,覆盖待收本金214亿余元。
3. 洗手池旁的大塑料桶用于囤水在几公里外的黑熊沟景点门口,一公共厕所有水,但是水量显得不足。

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