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1.   "I tell you that you are about to destroy yourself,"continued the count, "and here is proof of what I say;" and,approaching the desk, he removed the sheet of paper whichMorrel had placed over the letter he had begun, and took thelatter in his hands.
2. 还有一些呢,就是充斥着低档次的暴力,互砍互追互相算计,还有放火烧你全家的情节。
3. 这一消息引起了轰动,被视为我国近年来刑侦战线上获得的又一重大胜利。
4. I confess that we paid small attention to the clean, well-built roads, to the attractive architecture, to the ordered beauty of the little town. We had our glasses out; even Terry, setting his machine for a spiral glide, clapped the binoculars to his eyes.
5.   Ulysses shuddered as he heard her. "Now goddess," he answered,"there is something behind all this; you cannot be really meaning tohelp me home when you bid me do such a dreadful thing as put to sea ona raft. Not even a well-found ship with a fair wind could venture onsuch a distant voyage: nothing that you can say or do shall mage me goon board a raft unless you first solemnly swear that you mean me nomischief."
6. 1928年11月3日——推行拉丁字母以代替复杂的阿拉伯字母;首先在报纸上,然后在书籍中实行这一改革。


1. 而百货公司大面积使用玻璃橱窗,店中商品一目了然。
2. 五月,陈金又派按察司副使周宪等分兵三路进攻华林。起义军凭高据险,杀败明军,活捉周宪,粉碎了围剿。陈金增调大同边兵和广西士兵,派南昌知府李承勋会合士兵进攻华林。李承勋招降起义军首领黄奇,用作向导,夜袭起义军。起义军失于防备,四千多军士败死,罗光权等领袖被杀。
3. 因为传统营销方式让这一部分机构承担了巨额的营销成本,在巨大的需求下,其供给能力无法与优质服务方媲美。
4.   This argument had some share in quieting my mother, though her increasing indisposition had a larger one. There was an interval of silence, only broken by Miss Betsey's occasionally ejaculating 'Ha!' as she sat with her feet upon the fender.
5. 解恒革教授在解读报告时表示,当需要谈起患者面临的困扰与压力时,60%的家庭不会主动谈起患者的病情,其中有八成的家庭认为即使谈起最多就是得到一些安慰,并不会改变什么,反映出阿尔茨海默病照护资源与服务能力的显著匮乏。
6. 战争结束后的1947年,史汀生向《哈泼斯》杂志解释说:“面对着这样的拒绝,我们只能进而证实哀的美敦书的权威:言必信、行必果。日本人继续作战,我们就要奉陪到底。但我们的伤亡陪不起。在此情况之下,动用原子弹是一个十分适宜的选择。”


1. 中国几千年历史长河中存留了大量异彩纷呈的文化遗产,现在的中国拥有浓厚、多元、悠久的文化内容亟待保护和传承。
2. 如果真有特殊情况,我们就会特殊处理,看是否送定点医院进行检测、收治。
3.   "Ah, the devil, no," cried Albert; "I came to Rome to seethe Carnival, and I will, though I see it on stilts."
4. 卢瑟福预感到事情的重大,而且认识到需要有一名搞化学的高手帮助他。恰巧,一位这样的同胞近在咫尺——在麦吉尔任教的年轻牛津人、化学家弗雷德里克·索迪。没费好多周折,卢瑟福就得到了他。卢瑟福向弗雷德里克·索迪讲述了自己的发现,这一下子吸引了这位化学家。
5.   The Englishman seemed to appreciate this extreme delicacy,made his bow and went away, proceeding with a characteristicBritish stride towards the street mentioned. M. de Bovillewas in his private room, and the Englishman, on perceivinghim, made a gesture of surprise, which seemed to indicatethat it was not the first time he had been in his presence.As to M. de Boville, he was in such a state of despair, thatit was evident all the faculties of his mind, absorbed inthe thought which occupied him at the moment, did not alloweither his memory or his imagination to stray to the past.The Englishman, with the coolness of his nation, addressedhim in terms nearly similar to those with which he hadaccosted the mayor of Marseilles. "Oh, sir," exclaimed M. deBoville, "your fears are unfortunately but too well founded,and you see before you a man in despair. I had two hundredthousand francs placed in the hands of Morrel & Son; thesetwo hundred thousand francs were the dowry of my daughter,who was to be married in a fortnight, and these two hundredthousand francs were payable, half on the 15th of thismonth, and the other half on the 15th of next month. I hadinformed M. Morrel of my desire to have these paymentspunctually, and he has been here within the last half-hourto tell me that if his ship, the Pharaon, did not come intoport on the 15th, he would be wholly unable to make thispayment."
6. 这种计算再也不能靠弗里希头脑里的算盘进行了。


1.   He only winked lazily, when she kissed his ball of a head.
2. 2020年,科技圈的大佬马克·扎克伯格又立下了哪些Flag?作者|MarkZuckerberg译者|弯月,责编|屠敏出品|CSDN(ID:CSDNnews)在过去的十年中,每逢新年来临之际,我都会为自己设置新年目标。
3. 在位于17层的办公室里,多名工作人员正在电脑前忙碌工作,不时有人员进出其中。
4. 老板们如何把裁员说得清新脱俗,还能在网上赢得一片喝彩呢?不得不学习一下马云的话术了。
5. 他为人具有亲和力,谈吐极富幽默感,总是牢记金以刚折、水以柔全、山以高蚀、谷以卑安的古训,是个助人为乐,知足常乐的乐天派,有人气,也有人脉。
6.   'Come here, sir!' said Mr. Creakle, beckoning to me.


1.   `It won't happen,' said Dukes. `Our old show will come flop; our civilization is going to fall. It's going down the bottomless pit, down the chasm. And believe me, the only bridge across the chasm will be the phallus!'
2.   `Sit 'ere then a bit, and warm yer,' he said.
3.   As* all the men on earth had been assembled *as if Unto that place, well horsed for the nonce* *occasion Stirring so fast, that all the earthe trembled But for to speak of riches, and of stones, And men and horse, I trow the large ones* *i.e. jewels Of Prester John, <11> nor all his treasury, Might not unneth* have bought the tenth party** *hardly **part

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      I HAVE hitherto sometimes spoken as if the variations so common and multiform in organic beings under domestication, and in a lesser degree in those in a state of nature had been due to chance. This, of course, is a wholly incorrect expression, but it serves to acknowledge plainly our ignorance of the cause of each particular variation. Some authors believe it to be as much the function of the reproductive system to produce individual differences, or very slight deviations of structure, as to make the child like its parents. But the much greater variability, as well as the greater frequency of monstrosities, under domestication or cultivation, than under nature, leads me to believe that deviations of structure are in some way due to the nature of the conditions of life, to which the parents and their more remote ancestors have been exposed during several generations. I have remarked in the first chapter but a long catalogue of facts which cannot be here given would be necessary to show the truth of the remark that the reproductive system is eminently susceptible to changes in the conditions of life; and to this system being functionally disturbed in the parents, I chiefly attribute the varying or plastic condition of the offspring. The male and female sexual elements seem to be affected before that union takes place which is to form a new being. In the case of 'sporting' plants, the bud, which in its earliest condition does not apparently differ essentially from an ovule, is alone affected. But why, because the reproductive system is disturbed, this or that part should vary more or less, we are profoundly ignorant. Nevertheless, we can here and there dimly catch a faint ray of light, and we may feel sure that there must be some cause for each deviation of structure, however slight.How much direct effect difference of climate, food, &c., produces on any being is extremely doubtful. My impression is, that the effect is extremely small in the case of animals, but perhaps rather more in that of plants. We may, at least, safely conclude that such influences cannot have produced the many striking and complex co-adaptations of structure between one organic being and another, which we see everywhere throughout nature. Some little influence may be attributed to climate, food, &c.: thus, E. Forbes speaks confidently that shells at their southern limit, and when living in shallow water, are more brightly coloured than those of the same species further north or from greater depths. Gould believes that birds of the same species are more brightly coloured under a clear atmosphere, than when living on islands or near the coast. So with insects, Wollaston is convinced that residence near the sea affects their colours. Moquin-Tandon gives a list of plants which when growing near the sea-shore have their leaves in some degree fleshy, though not elsewhere fleshy. Several other such cases could be given.The fact of varieties of one species, when they range into the zone of habitation of other species, often acquiring in a very slight degree some of the characters of such species, accords with our view that species of all kinds are only well-marked and permanent varieties. Thus the species of shells which are confined to tropical and shallow seas are generally brighter-coloured than those confined to cold and deeper seas. The birds which are confined to continents are, according to Mr Gould, brighter-coloured than those of islands. The insect-species confined to sea-coasts, as every collector knows, are often brassy or lurid. Plants which live exclusively on the sea-side are very apt to have fleshy leaves. He who believes in the creation of each species, will have to say that this shell, for instance, was created with bright colours for a warm sea; but that this other shell became bright-coloured by variation when it ranged into warmer or shallower waters.

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