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1. 公开信息显示,李子柒这一商标的知识产权信息超过100条,申请公司均为杭州微念科技有限公司,商品类别包括食品、服装鞋帽、染料油脂、啤酒饮料、金融物管、餐饮住宿等等。
2. 在人人都认为电商平台在天猫和京东两座大山是无法跨越的时候,拼多多看到了消费升级,不是让上海人过上巴黎人的生活,消费升级,是让安徽安庆人,能用得上厨房纸。
3.   'And what the devil do you mean,' retorted Steerforth, 'by putting Mr. Copperfield into a little loft over a stable?'
4. 但是很多创业公司都会在与他人竞争事出现问题,尤其是打价格战时。
5. 中央广播电视总台党组成员、副台长阎晓明主持会议并宣读总台党组决定。
6. 一位资深民警告诉红星新闻,因嫌疑人是突然冲向人群,且手中持有菜刀,情绪激动下极易对周围群众造成伤害。


1.   In kinges' habit went her sones two, As heires of their father's regnes all; And Heremanno and Timolao Their names were, as Persians them call But aye Fortune hath in her honey gall; This mighty queene may no while endure; Fortune out of her regne made her fall To wretchedness and to misadventure.
2.   "Princess, I have a secret to tell you, and must throw myself on your mercy. I am not Prince Camaralzaman, but a princess like yourself and his wife, and I beg you to listen to my story, then I am sure you will forgive my imposture, in consideration of my sufferings."
3.   "Alas!" she exclaimed, forgetting all her own terrors in anxiety for me, "fly, or you are lost."
4.   But how shall we begin?
5. 在外国,商家赚的纯粹是差价,而在中国的格力,还有返利。
6.   From the same drawer she took a man's complete costume, fromthe boots to the coat, and a provision of linen, where therewas nothing superfluous, but every requisite. Then, with apromptitude which indicated that this was not the first timeshe had amused herself by adopting the garb of the oppositesex, Eugenie drew on the boots and pantaloons, tied hercravat, buttoned her waistcoat up to the throat, and put ona coat which admirably fitted her beautiful figure. "Oh,that is very good -- indeed, it is very good!" said Louise,looking at her with admiration; "but that beautiful blackhair, those magnificent braids, which made all the ladiessigh with envy, -- will they go under a man's hat like theone I see down there?"


1. 后来王某成家人来过我们家询问情况,但情绪很激动。
2. 科学家说,目前发现的化石印证了这样一种观点,即企鹅在恐龙灭绝以后迅速进化。
3. 二、欧洲的经济优势
4. 他提出了问题,随后,和蔼地问卢瑟福:“你和马可尼的竞赛到了什么程度了?”
5.   Mr. Cruncher's attention was here diverted to the doorkeeper, whom he saw making his way to Mr. Lorry, with the note in his hand. Mr. Lorry sat at a table, among the gentlemen in wigs: not far from a wigged gentleman, the prisoner's counsel, who had a great bundle of papers before him: and nearly opposite another wigged gentleman with his hands in his pockets, whose whole attention, when Mr. Cruncher looked at him then or afterwards, seemed to be concentrated on the ceiling of the court. After some gruff coughing and rubbing of his chin and signing with his hand, Jerry attracted the notice of Mr. Lorry, who had stood up to look for him, and who quietly nodded and sat down again.
6. 民营企业体制灵活,创新环境较为宽松、开放,对于国际人才有极强的吸引力。


1. 在富水区,可建设水冲式厕所。
2. 39、牙齿相关的服务提供者:青山资本正畸技术的发展使得牙齿在今年成为非常热门的创业话题。
3.   "Without doubt."
4.   "This is my life, *but if* that I will fight; *unless And out at door anon I must me dight,* *betake myself Or elles I am lost, but if that I Be, like a wilde lion, fool-hardy. I wot well she will do* me slay some day *make Some neighebour and thenne *go my way;* *take to flight* For I am perilous with knife in hand, Albeit that I dare not her withstand; For she is big in armes, by my faith! That shall he find, that her misdoth or saith. <2> But let us pass away from this mattere. My lord the Monk," quoth he, "be merry of cheer, For ye shall tell a tale truely. Lo, Rochester stands here faste by. Ride forth, mine owen lord, break not our game. But by my troth I cannot tell your name; Whether shall I call you my lord Dan John, Or Dan Thomas, or elles Dan Albon? Of what house be ye, by your father's kin? I vow to God, thou hast a full fair skin; It is a gentle pasture where thou go'st; Thou art not like a penant* or a ghost. *penitent Upon my faith thou art some officer, Some worthy sexton, or some cellarer. For by my father's soul, *as to my dome,* *in my judgement* Thou art a master when thou art at home; No poore cloisterer, nor no novice, But a governor, both wily and wise, And therewithal, of brawnes* and of bones, *sinews A right well-faring person for the nonce. I pray to God give him confusion That first thee brought into religion. Thou would'st have been a treade-fowl* aright; *cock Hadst thou as greate leave, as thou hast might, To perform all thy lust in engendrure,* *generation, begettting Thou hadst begotten many a creature. Alas! why wearest thou so wide a cope? <3> God give me sorrow, but, an* I were pope, *if Not only thou, but every mighty man, Though he were shorn full high upon his pan,* <4> *crown Should have a wife; for all this world is lorn;* *undone, ruined Religion hath ta'en up all the corn Of treading, and we borel* men be shrimps: *lay Of feeble trees there come wretched imps.* *shoots <5> This maketh that our heires be so slender And feeble, that they may not well engender. This maketh that our wives will assay Religious folk, for they may better pay Of Venus' payementes than may we: God wot, no lusheburghes <6> paye ye. But be not wroth, my lord, though that I play; Full oft in game a sooth have I heard say."
5.   There was something about him that Connie liked. He didn't put on airs to himself, he had no illusions about himself. He talked to Clifford sensibly, briefly, practically, about all the things Clifford wanted to know. He didn't expand or let himself go. He knew he had been asked down to Wragby to be made use of, and like an old, shrewd, almost indifferent business man, or big-business man, he let himself be asked questions, and he answered with as little waste of feeling as possible.
6. 而此前,彭林曾向澎湃新闻表示,叶某败诉,自己和其他作者会要求其赔偿,并公开道歉。


1.   The time arrives. 'It is a waltz, I think,' Miss Larkins doubtfully observes, when I present myself. 'Do you waltz? If not, Captain Bailey -'
2. 近期,小米集团股价摆脱了长期以来徘徊在9港元左右的低迷状态,上涨至11港元附近。
3.   `Were you newly, released on the occasion in question?'

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      When the Pilgrim had finished his speeches, the Gentlewoman whohad listned to them very attentively (because all the edged reasonsappeared to be plainly true) became verily perswaded, that all theseafictions had falne on her and her father, for the ingratefull offenceby her committed, and therefore thus is replied. Worthy man, and thefriend to goodnesse, I know undoubtedly, that the words which you havespoken are true, and also I understand by your demonstration, whatmanner of people some of those religious persons are, whomheretofore I have reputed to be Saints, but find them now to be farotherwise. And to speake truly, I perceive the fault to be great andgreevous, wherein I have offended against Theobaldo, and would (if Icould) willingly make amends, even in such manner as you have advised.But how is it possible to be done? Theobaldo being dead, can be [no]more recalled to this life; and therefore, I know not what promise Ishould make, in a matter which is not to bee performed. Whereto thePilgrime without any longer pausing, thus answered.

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      "Oh," said the count, "I only know two things which destroythe appetite, -- grief -- and as I am happy to see you verycheerful, it is not that -- and love. Now after what youtold me this morning of your heart, I may believe" --

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