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1.   For lack of riches worldly and of good, They ban and curse, and weep, and say, "Alas! That povert' hath us hent,* that whilom stood *seized At hearte's ease, and free and in good case! But now we dare not show ourselves in place, Nor us embold* to dwell in company, *make bold, venture Where as our heart would love right faithfully."
2.   I entered the town, and stopped at a tailor s shop to inquire where I was. The man saw I was better than my condition, and begged me to sit down, and in return I told him my whole story. The tailor listened with attention, but his reply, instead of giving me consolation, only increased my trouble.
3. 与此同时,阿里也已经意识到C2M的重要性,2019年12月高调宣布组建C2M事业部,由阿里巴巴副总裁汪海(花名:七公)兼任总经理,双线汇报给蒋凡和B2B事业群总裁戴珊。
4.   When the Prince of Persia, in the disguise of a physician, was brought before him, the Sultan wasted no time in talking, beyond remarking that the mere sight of a doctor threw the princess into transports of rage. He then led the prince up to a room under the roof, which had an opening through which he might observe the princess, without himself being seen.
5. 对于张某所在公司辩称其未建立工会的情况,一审法院认为,即使未建立工会,公司解除劳动合同时也应向当地总工会征询意见。
6. 维吾尔族执政的贵族领主,仍沿旧制称伯克,综管地区政务者称阿奇木伯克。维吾尔人自明代渐奉伊斯兰教。宗教尊者和卓,也往往是实际执政的贵族。清廷对降附的伯克与和卓,依照满族封爵制度,分别授以贝子至王公的爵位,成为各据一方的官员和领主。


1.   You've hit upon the very place.
2.   Clifford left them alone, and she learnt to do the same: she just went by without looking at them, and they stared as if she were a walking wax figure. When he had to deal with them, Clifford was rather haughty and contemptuous; one could no longer afford to be friendly. In fact he was altogether rather supercilious and contemptuous of anyone not in his own class. He stood his ground, without any attempt at conciliation. And he was neither liked nor disliked by the people: he was just part of things, like the pit-bank and Wragby itself.
3. 察鄂罗斯所据尼布楚本系我茂明安部游牧之所,雅克萨系我达呼尔总管倍勒儿故墟:原非罗刹所有,亦非两界隙地也。况黑龙江最为扼要,未可轻忽视之。由黑龙江而下,可至松花江;由松花江而下,可至嫩江;南行可通库尔瀚江及乌拉、宁古塔、锡伯、科尔沁、索伦、达呼尔诸处。若向黑龙江口可达于海。又恒滚、牛满等江及精奇里江口俱合流于黑龙江。环江左右均系我属鄂伦春、奇勒尔、毕喇尔等民人及赫真,费雅喀所居之地。不尽取之,退民终不获安。臣以为尼布楚、雅克萨、黑龙江上下及通此江之一河一溪皆属我地,不可弃之于鄂罗斯。又我之逃人根忒术尔等三佐领及续逃一二人悉应索还。如一一遵行,即归彼逃人及大兵俘获招抚者,与之划疆分界,贸易往来;否则臣当即还,不与彼议和矣。
4. 在运营半年后,友友用车发现这个数字远远不够,于是开始和ETCP合作。
5.   If I be poasted off, and may not prove,
6.   'And you don't live at Gateshead?'


1. [ri'frid.reit?]
2.   To describe thus the nature of the plan, and to say that when Chaucer conceived, or at least began to execute it, he was between sixty and seventy years of age, is to proclaim that The Canterbury Tales could never be more than a fragment. Thirty pilgrims, each telling two tales on the way out, and two more on the way back -- that makes 120 tales; to say nothing of the prologue, the description of the journey, the occurrences at Canterbury, "and all the remnant of their pilgrimage," which Chaucer also undertook. No more than twenty-three of the 120 stories are told in the work as it comes down to us; that is, only twenty-three of the thirty pilgrims tell the first of the two stories on the road to Canterbury; while of the stories on the return journey we have not one, and nothing is said about the doings of the pilgrims at Canterbury -- which would, if treated like the scene at the Tabard, have given us a still livelier "picture of the period." But the plan was too large; and although the poet had some reserves, in stories which he had already composed in an independent form, death cut short his labour ere he could even complete the arrangement and connection of more than a very few of the Tales. Incomplete as it is, however, the magnum opus of Chaucer was in his own time received with immense favour; manuscript copies are numerous even now -- no slight proof of its popularity; and when the invention of printing was introduced into England by William Caxton, The Canterbury Tales issued from his press in the year after the first English- printed book, "The Game of the Chesse," had been struck off. Innumerable editions have since been published; and it may fairly be affirmed, that few books have been so much in favour with the reading public of every generation as this book, which the lapse of every generation has been rendering more unreadable.
3. 他是个特别不爱表达的人,什么事儿你自己做主。
4. 在这场名为《字节跳动远程办公实践》的线上公开课上,谢欣通过直播分享了字节跳动五万人在家办公背后,飞书对于远程办公的思考和实践。
5. "These folks have a history, that's sure," I told the others. "And SOME time they were fighters--else why a fortress?"
6. The pupils bowed ceremoniously, and Sara made a little curtsy, and then they sat down and looked at each other again.


1. 曾经依靠标签化用户群迅速开辟市场变现捞金的创业者们,也在层出不穷热点事件中迅速地“被标签化”,戴上了“眼高手低”、“善于包装”这些难看的帽子。
2.   `This is something new to me, Mr. Lorry. You deliberately advise me not to go up to Soho and offer myself--myself, Stryver of the King's Bench bar?'
3. 撇开短暂和局部的误导不说,如果一个人长得很矮,你是不能通过修改度量衡来使他长高的话如果一个人很长寿,你是不能拨动时钟来缩短他的寿命的。也就是说,假如经济情况本身就在剧烈变动,那么就总会有这样或那样的经济指标来反映这种变动。
4. 我们经常会讲消费者需求的代际变迁,推动了很多商业模式的变化。
5. 开源节流,RPA或是最佳解决方案新肺炎要求人们居家隔离,很多企业不得不延迟开工。
6. (在下降趋势中)。


1.   18. Stound: short time; German, "stunde", hour.
2.   He did not move at the sound of the door, and continued hiscalculations until the flash of the torches lighted up withan unwonted glare the sombre walls of his cell; then,raising his head, he perceived with astonishment the numberof persons present. He hastily seized the coverlet of hisbed, and wrapped it round him.
3. 责编:刘佳此内容为第一财经原创,著作权归第一财经所有。

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