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1.   "At one o'clock, then, behind the Luxembourg."
2. 与一代相比,二代征信解决循环贷、信用卡大额专项分期、共同借款人、担保、逾期后还款信息等一代征信无法覆盖的信息。
3.   'Nothing's truer than them,' repeated Mr. Barkis; 'a man as poor as I am, finds that out in his mind when he's laid up. I'm a very poor man, sir!'
4. 该数据突显出,某些工业部门对他们认为来自中国对手的不公平竞争感到日益担忧。
5. 我还特地嘱咐她,你回来的时候,其他东西都可以扔掉,但这个箱子哪怕它再破再烂,都必须给我带回来。
6.   From these remarks it will be seen that I look at the term species, as one arbitrarily given for the sake of convenience to a set of individuals closely resembling each other, and that it does not essentially differ from the term variety, which is given to less distinct and more fluctuating forms. The term variety, again, in comparison with mere individual differences, is also applied arbitrarily, and for mere convenience sake.


1. 原标题:因贫困无力抚养亲生儿将其转卖,大同2名嫌疑人被刑拘新京报讯(记者张建斌张熙廷)今日(11月30日),新京报记者从山西大同市公安局了解到,警方近日侦破一起拐卖儿童案件,赵某因贫困无力抚养其新生男婴,后经侯某富介绍,将男婴先后转卖至山西大同和山东临沂市,现已被刑拘。
2.   He immediately, therefore, took to his heels and ran towardthe camp, with the swiftness of the young men of hiscountry, so renowned for their agility; but whatever mightbe his speed, the first who fired, having had time toreload, fired a second shot, and this time so well aimedthat it struck his hat, and carried it ten paces from him.As he, however, had no other hat, he picked up this as heran, and arrived at his quarters very pale and quite out ofbreath. He sat down without saying a word to anybody, andbegan to reflect.
3. 单词elegant 联想记忆:
4. 为了正确贯彻新的方针,告知分公司如何实施,雀巢公司提出了三个重要的文件,内容涉及公司战略品牌的营销战略及产品呈现的细节--
5.   "Yes, sir," said Carrie, who had long since learned this art.
6.   "Sit where you are, and eat your victuals in silence, or be offelsewhere," shouted Antinous. "If you say more I will have you draggedhand and foot through the courts, and the servants shall flay youalive."


1. 同时,水滴公司的商业模式也被争议。
2. 未来更重要是管理机制的创新,如何通过内部体制,向互联网公司的管理机制学习,在符合监管条件的前提下应对市场竞争,是我们非常需要认真挖掘的。
3.   His repudiation of this offer was almost shrill enough, in the excess of its surprise and humility, to have penetrated to the ears of Mrs. Crupp, then sleeping, I suppose, in a distant chamber, situated at about the level of low water mark, soothed in her slumbers by the ticking of an incorrigible clock, to which she always referred me when we had any little difference on the score of punctuality, and which was never less than three-quarters of an hour too slow, and had always been put right in the morning by the best authorities. As no arguments I could urge, in my bewildered condition, had the least effect upon his modesty in inducing him to accept my bedroom, I was obliged to make the best arrangements I could, for his repose before the fire. The mattress of the sofa (which was a great deal too short for his lank figure), the sofa pillows, a blanket, the table-cover, a clean breakfast-cloth, and a great-coat, made him a bed and covering, for which he was more than thankful. Having lent him a night cap, which he put on at once, and in which he made such an awful figure, that I have never worn one since, I left him to his rest.
4. 那个女人告诉刘丝桦,收养孩子的人还给他们拿了12000元,但被介绍人从中拿了2000元,只给了他们10000元,钱也被两人挥霍了。
5. "Look at that!" cried Jeff suddenly. "There they go!"
6.   Most willingly! And here I have a flask, From which I've sipp'd myself erenow; What's more, it doth no longer stink; To you a glass I joyfully will give.(Aside.)


1. 项目已于去年5月实现盈利,单月营收150万,今年营收820万。
2. 此后,各地公立医院开始腾退莆田系承包的科室。
3.   `Never.'
4. 他常年接触一些科技企业,也了解很多科技和创投的前沿信息。
5.   "How so, if he love her?" asked D'Artagnan.
6. 唐雪的朋友表示,他们都知道这个人喝多了,所以没有人真的和他计较。


1. NathanVanderKlippe:加拿大政府运营着一个用来测试数字产品网络安全的中心,与2010年开始在英国运营的网络安全认证中心非常类似。
2. Becky threw her apron over her head and fled. She ran out of the room and down the steps into the scullery, and there she sat down among her pots and kettles, and wept as if her heart would break.
3. 村委会自行修建通信管路,是一种草莽行为。

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