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1. 2=中立
2. 哪怕亏损,求伯君仍然坚持:人要为理想,同时也要求生存。
3. 原标题:招行员工涉14亿钱端案被捕招行回应:不护短与招商银行相关的钱端案有了新进展。
4.   `Fouls his own nest,' remarked Clifford.
5.   Then was I ware of Pleasance anon right, And of Array, and Lust, and Courtesy, And of the Craft, that can and hath the might To do* by force a wight to do folly; *make Disfigured* was she, I will not lie; *disguised And by himself, under an oak, I guess, Saw I Delight, that stood with Gentleness.
6. 《新唐书》记载太平公主一日穿上武官的衣服在父母面前歌舞,高宗武后大笑,问她,你又不做武官,穿这个干嘛呢?公主说,我可以把衣服赐给驸马啊。


1.   The king not only declared himself to be of this opinion, but charged Khacan to procure him a slave who should fulfil all these conditions. Saouy, who had been of the opposite side, and was jealous of the honour done to Khacan, said, "Sire, it will be very difficult to find a slave as accomplished as your Majesty desires, and, if she is to be found, she will be cheap if she cost less than 10,000 gold pieces."
2. DiCaprio received a pat on the back from producer Harvey Weinstein and a standing ovation from the crowd as he collected the award for best actor in a drama for The Revenant.
3. I wish I could represent the kind, quiet, steady, ingenious way they questioned us. It was not just curiosity--they weren't a bit more curious about us than we were about them, if as much. But they were bent on understanding our kind of civilization, and their lines of interrogation would gradually surround us and drive us in till we found ourselves up against some admissions we did not want to make.
4. 搭建好远程协作的平台和工作模式,你就有了披荆斩棘的工具。
5. ”美国《财富》杂志7日发文说,特朗普到目前为止“尚未扑向中国”,但这种克制“似乎不能长久”,因为特朗普对中国的很多数落,包括“汇率操纵”、“偷走美国就业”,是其竞选中的核心承诺。
6. global


1. adj. 精美的,微妙的,美
2. 但其实,我发现我错了,因为从确认参加面试开始,面试者就在感受着这家企业的文化。
3.   'Pleasantly, I hope, aunt?' said I.
4.   Hitherto, while gathering up the discourse of Mr. Brocklehurstand Miss Temple, I had not, at the same time, neglected precautions tosecure my personal safety; which I thought would be effected, if Icould only elude observation. To this end, I had sat well back onthe form, and while seeming to be busy with my sum, had held myslate in such a manner as to conceal my face: I might have escapednotice, had not my treacherous slate somehow happened to slip frommy hand, and falling with an obtrusive crash, directly drawn every eyeupon me; I knew it was all over now, and, as I stooped to pick upthe two fragments of slate, I rallied my forces for the worst. Itcame.
5. Online marketplace Amazon.com Inc made its debut in the 2015 Thomson Reuters Top 100 global innovators list, leaving International Business Machines Corp, the world's largest technology services company, out of the list.
6. 锁定张某后,海安警方随即组织警力对其实施抓捕。


1.   'He is very tall: some people call him a fine-looking young man;but he has such thick lips.'
2. 来源:光明日报点击进入专题:聚焦新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情。
3. 他在信里告诉妈妈,妈妈是自己的榜样。
4. 作为一个华北内陆省份,长期以来山西每年六成以上的冬春蔬菜依靠外地调运。
5. 4年时间,马兴瑞从央企到工信部,再跨界至广东省政法委书记,又到深圳市委书记,再升至广东省代省长,跨界范围之大、进步频率之快,都属罕见。
6. 王某峰所涉案件同案犯,一审被以非法买卖枪支罪定罪的8人中,量刑最轻的崔某升为2年7个月。


1. 中国仍然是世界经济复苏乏力情况下推动全球增长的重要力量。
2. (完)家居业独立观察专栏第01期:第02期:第03期:第04期:第05期:第06期:互联网家装平台土巴兔商业模式之殇。
3. 山东省高院最终认为,于竹君历史上曾被劳改、劳教,不思悔改,又在公共场所故意伤害前来制止犯罪的公安人员的身体,由此造成致人死亡的后果,依法应予严惩。

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      "You hear, madame," said the king, who enjoyed the embarrassmentto its full extent, but without guessing the cause. "You hear,madame?"

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    In addition, the 1980 stamps were designed by Huang Yongyu, 92, a well-known Chinese master painter, making it a collectible item with extreme value.

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    Mr Lam predicts that any recovery in the market will rely on appetite from cash-rich companies from mainland China, with foreign investors restricting their investments to real estate investment trusts or stocks exposed to developers, rather than actual property.

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      I shall return home with the same pomp as I set out, and my wife will send an officer to compliment me on my visit to her father, and I shall confer on the officer the honour of a rich dress and a handsome gift. Should she send one to me I shall refuse it and dismiss the bearer. I shall never allow my wife to leave her rooms on any pretext whatever without my permission, and my visits to her will be marked by all the ceremony calculated to inspire respect. No establishment will be better ordered than mine, and I shall take care always to be dressed in a manner suitable to my position. In the evening, when we retire to our apartments, I shall sit in the place of honour, where I shall assume a grand demeanour and speak little, gazing straight before me, and when my wife, lovely as the full moon, stands humbly in front of my chair I shall pretend not to see her. Then her women will say to me, "Respected lord and master, your wife and slave is before you waiting to be noticed. She is mortified that you never deign to look her way; she is tired of standing so long. Beg her, we pray you, to be seated." Of course I shall give no signs of even hearing this speech, which will vex them mightily. They will throw themselves at my feet with lamentations, and at length I will raise my head and throw a careless glance at her, then I shall go back to my former attitude. The women will think that I am displeased at my wife's dress and will lead her away to put on a finer one, and I on my side shall replace the one I am wearing with another yet more splendid. They will then return to the charge, but this time it will take much longer before they persuade me even to look at my wife. It is as well to begin on my wedding-day as I mean to go on for the rest of our lives.