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1. When Sara had persuaded her to go downstairs again, and, after setting her on her way, had come back to her attic, she stood in the middle of it and looked about her. The enchantment of her imaginings for Lottie had died away. The bed was hard and covered with its dingy quilt. The whitewashed wall showed its broken patches, the floor was cold and bare, the grate was broken and rusty, and the battered footstool, tilted sideways on its injured leg, the only seat in the room. She sat down on it for a few minutes and let her head drop in her hands. The mere fact that Lottie had come and gone away again made things seem a little worse-- just as perhaps prisoners feel a little more desolate after visitors come and go, leaving them behind.
2.   The sev'nth statute was, To be patient, Whether my lady joyful were or wroth; For wordes glad or heavy, diligent, Whether that she me helde *lefe or loth:* *in love or loathing* And hereupon I put was to mine oath, Her for to serve, and lowly to obey, And show my cheer,* yea, twenty times a day. *countenance
3.   Altmayer
4.   'What does Bessie care for me? She is always scolding me.'
5.   Going down one street, the Caliph's attention was attracted by a noise, and looking through a door which opened into a court he perceived ten or twelve children playing in the moonlight. He hid himself in a dark corner, and watched them.
6. 东北流亡势力的救亡、宣传及其对关内的冲击影响甚大,这个群体的现实存在对关内民众的国难意识、救亡运动亦是一种推动力量。


1.   "No; you're wrong there."
2. 而实际上,李晓晨没有稳定的经济收入,经济条件也比较差。
3. 策略:更多参与过程:通过多轮评估深入参与开发过程,与策略RD一起发现各要素中的问题。
4. 当我认同这个愿景之后,我会用尽所有力气去推动它。
5. 最终,二审法院全部支持了检察机关的抗诉意见,对黄某权作出了有罪判决
6. 比尔·盖茨也跟着破门而入嘿,史蒂夫(乔布斯),只因为你在我之前破门而入施乐公司的房间,拿走了电视,并不能意味着我后来就不能进入拿走立体声音响。


1. 另外,梦工厂内还加强了零售产品的布局,在茶叶、杯子之余,还能见到曲奇、水果干等各种产品。
2. 章宗在金朝皇帝中,是汉文化最高的一人。一一九四年,章宗依据宋朝《崇文总目》,下诏购求缺少的书籍。一二○一年,又令官员购求遗书。藏书家不愿卖给官府者,可以誊写后交还,给价一半。章宗又是汉族书法和绘画的爱好者。宋朝南迁时,金兵入开封,宋朝皇室收藏的古代书画,多被金朝运走。章宗又通过各种途径,收集散落在民间和南宋收藏的书画名品。朝廷设立书画院,应奉翰林文字王庭筠(汉人)任都监。王庭筠书法学米芾,又善画山水墨竹,与秘书郎张汝方等鉴定金朝收藏的书画,分别定出品第,共达五百五十卷。传世的名作,加王羲之《快雪时晴帖》,怀素《自叙帖》,顾恺之《女史箴图》、《洛神赋图》,尉迟乙僧《天王像》,李思训、张萱、王维、董源的画卷,以至宋人苏轼、黄庭坚的诗文墨迹,都归章宗所有。章宗力学宋徽宗瘦金体书,为收藏的书画题签或题词。收藏书画在贵族中一时成为风气。
3. 7英寸和8英寸机型具有较好的便携性,同时又在性能配置上可以满足全方面需求,因而也适合移动使用。
4.   Faust
5. 没有目标的人,不可能有动力前行。
6. 但是,政府很快就自食其言,教育与就业委员会发布了一份关于处理海外球员准入问题的报告称:


1. ①名誉不管用,因为威胁一旦付诸实践,末日就会来临。合同不管用,因为无论是哪一方,都会面对强大的诱惑,要求再谈判。如此类推。
2. ['i?ju:]
3.   "My father is dead and gone," answered Telemachus, "and even if somerumour reaches me I put no more faith in it now. My mother does indeedsometimes send for a soothsayer and question him, but I give hisprophecyings no heed. As for the stranger, he was Mentes, son ofAnchialus, chief of the Taphians, an old friend of my father's." Butin his heart he knew that it had been the goddess.
4.   They went, shutting the door, and locking it behind them.
5. 最终,为的是出炉那一刻酥软热乎,散发出浓郁麦香的一刹那。
6. 澎湃新闻在《北大中文系教授张颐武:文化传播需要更多李子柒》中引用北京大学中文系教授张颐武的观点:李子柒走红是文化传播规律和特征的具体展现。


1. 由于这些狗有好斗的历史,执法警员不得不使用工具来制服它们。
2. 第二个就是融合很重要。
3.   "Dr. Becher's."

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