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1. 必须承认,超级精英之间开会不仅只是设置议程,还能作出有效的决定。当体制薄弱和机能失调的国际组织留下缺口,或者司法管辖和执法机制之间出现真空地带时,超级精英的决策就尤为重要。
2. A review of our work in 2016
3. 2、截至11月20日,上交所融资余额报5430.4亿元,较前一交易日增加3.18亿元。
4.   "Because there is a little secret, a precaution I thought itdesirable to take, one of Huret & Fitchet's locks, revisedand improved by Gaspard Caderousse; I will manufacture you asimilar one when you are a capitalist."
5. 如何增效降本,是企业持续追求的话题。
6. 第四节:天下只有三种权利制度


1. 为了加深交往,客人来到家里,主人陪客人边打牌边聊天就成为表达好客之情的重要方式,在牌桌上,主客之间天南海北地聊着,还能充分保证时间。
2. 在此数小时前,淘集集创始人张正平发出了最后一封全员信,通知员工的善后事宜,变相承认淘集集解散这一事实。
3. 这个工程项目的实际承包者,就是杜少平。
4. 显然,运动消费升级的热潮尚未到来。
5. 第二十章1987年大崩盘
6.   No sooner heard he of this warlike preparation made against him, buthe likewise levied forces for his owne defence, and to his succourcame many great States: among whom, the Emperor of Constantinople senthis sonne Constantine, attended on by his Nephew Emanuell, withTroopes of faire and towardly force, who were honoutably welcommed andentertained by the Duke, but much more by the Dutchesse, becauseshee was their sister in Law.


1. 每天交接班,他坚持逐人询问接触情况、身体状况,监督交接班民警进行个人消毒等措施。
2. 水质卫生是由东急集团提供的男管理人员负责,现在涟泉每家店中都会配备一男一女两名日本管理人员,女管理人员负责门店卫生与礼仪指导。
3.   The American, a quiet, businesslike young man, with a
4. 美国政府表示,如果英国放行华为,将重新审视与英国的情报共享。
5. 生鲜电商到底何时能够盈利,成了业内外共同关注的焦点。
6. 不过,尽管如此,我们仍然认为以牙还牙策略是一个有缺陷的策略。只要有一丁点儿发生误解的可能性,以牙还牙策略的胜利就会土崩瓦解。这个缺陷在人工设计的电脑锦标赛中并不明显,因为此种情况下根本不会出现误解。但是,一旦将以牙还牙策略用于解决现实世界的问题,误解就难以避免,结局就可能是灾难性的。


1.   The sitting-room of our client opened by a long, low, latticedwindow on to the ancient lichen-tinted court of the old college. AGothic arched door led to a worn stone Staircase. On the groundfloor was the tutor's room. Above were three students, one on eachstory. It was already twilight when we reached the scene of ourproblem. Holmes halted and looked earnestly at the window. Then heapproached it, and, standing on tiptoe with his neck craned, he lookedinto the room.
2. , //标题 source: , //视频发布来源。
3. 东汉自和帝、安帝以后,统治集团趋于腐朽,豪强地主势力急剧膨胀,土地兼并日益严重,封建国家的赋税徭役也愈来愈重,加上宦官、外戚的争权夺利,以及对羌人的连年用兵,大大加深了人民的苦难。广大农民走投无路,不断举行起义,规模越来越大。灵帝时,宦官把持朝政,政治腐败达于极点,终于形成了全国性的黄巾大起义。
4.   Or in my death listen my Swan-like Dittie.
5. 后来,奥本海默曾对班布里奇的小女儿说,这是人们在试验之后所说的最妙的一句话了。
6.   "Sign, my Lord!"


1. 邓琳琳发了一个朋友圈:怎么又烧到38.6度?她的小姨在朋友圈评论:你是不是才从武汉回来?现在武汉有肺炎,你不会是感染了吧?直到这时,邓琳琳还是不愿相信她感染了。
2.   Michaelis had seized upon Clifford as the central figure for a play; already he had sketched in the plot, and written the first act. For Michaelis was even better than Clifford at making a display of nothingness. It was the last bit of passion left in these men: the passion for making a display. Sexually they were passionless, even dead. And now it was not money that Michaelis was after. Clifford had never been primarily out for money, though he made it where he could, for money is the seal and stamp of success. And success was what they wanted. They wanted, both of them, to make a real display...a man's own very display of himself that should capture for a time the vast populace.
3. 还有,葡萄牙人未能对外洋航线建立完全的垄断,因为葡萄牙的贪官污吏为求报酬,通常乐于让阿拉伯人的船驶入红海和波斯湾。最后结果是,在达·伽马远航之后,阿拉伯人和威尼斯人远远没有被逐出贸易领域;整个16世纪中,他们成功地与葡萄牙人相竞争。直到下一世纪印度洋上出现更能干、经济上更强大的荷兰人和英国人时,老资格的意大利中间人和阿拉伯中间人才被排挤掉,传统的中东商队路线才因外洋航线而黯然失色。

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      "I see, sir," said Ulysses, "that you are an excellent gardener-what pains you take with it, to be sure. There is not a singleplant, not a fig tree, vine, olive, pear, nor flower bed, but bearsthe trace of your attention. I trust, however, that you will not beoffended if I say that you take better care of your garden than ofyourself. You are old, unsavoury, and very meanly clad. It cannot bebecause you are idle that your master takes such poor care of you,indeed your face and figure have nothing of the slave about them,and proclaim you of noble birth. I should have said that you wereone of those who should wash well, eat well, and lie soft at nightas old men have a right to do; but tell me, and tell me true, whosebondman are you, and in whose garden are you working? Tell me alsoabout another matter. Is this place that I have come to really Ithaca?I met a man just now who said so, but he was a dull fellow, and hadnot the patience to hear my story out when I was asking him about anold friend of mine, whether he was still living, or was already deadand in the house of Hades. Believe me when I tell you that this mancame to my house once when I was in my own country and never yet didany stranger come to me whom I liked better. He said that his familycame from Ithaca and that his father was Laertes, son of Arceisius.I received him hospitably, making him welcome to all the abundanceof my house, and when he went away I gave him all customarypresents. I gave him seven talents of fine gold, and a cup of solidsilver with flowers chased upon it. I gave him twelve light cloaks,and as many pieces of tapestry; I also gave him twelve cloaks ofsingle fold, twelve rugs, twelve fair mantles, and an equal numberof shirts. To all this I added four good looking women skilled inall useful arts, and I let him take his choice."

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    It was also the first time Shanghai witnessed a decrease in its permanent population since China adopted the policy of reform and opening-up in 1978, Guo Feng, a research fellow at Shanghai Finance Institute, was quoted by news site wallstreetcn.com as saying on Tuesday.

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    她最近成了她的父亲、前总理纳瓦兹·谢里夫(Nawaz Sharif)的左膀右臂。但腐败指控给她的迅速崛起蒙上了阴影。

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