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1. 据FinancialExpress报道,其75%的用户来自于二三线城市。
2.   'On to the leads; will you come and see the view from thence?' Ifollowed still, up a very narrow staircase to the attics, and thenceby a ladder and through a trap-door to the roof of the hall. I was nowon a level with the crow colony, and could see into their nests.Leaning over the battlements and looking far down, I surveyed thegrounds laid out like a map: the bright and velvet lawn closelygirdling the grey base of the mansion; the field, wide as a park,dotted with its ancient timber; the wood, dun and sere, divided by apath visibly overgrown, greener with moss than the trees were withfoliage; the church at the gates, the road, the tranquil hills, allreposing in the autumn day's sun; the horizon bounded by apropitious sky, azure, marbled with pearly white. No feature in thescene was extraordinary, but all was pleasing. When I turned from itand repassed the trap-door, I could scarcely see my way down theladder; the attic seemed black as a vault compared with that arch ofblue air to which I had been looking up, and to that sunlit scene ofgrove, pasture, and green hill, of which the hall was the centre,and over which I had been gazing with delight.
3.   `And are you alone?' asked Connie.
4. 让我们回到1000年前的1018年,当时的人对未来懂得不多,但相信人类社会的基本特征在未来不会有什么不同。如果1018年你住在中国,会知道到1050年可能出现朝代更替,辽国可能从北方入侵,也可能发生瘟疫,让几百万人丧命。但你也很清楚,就算到了1050年,大多数人仍然是农民或织布工,皇帝还是要靠人来组建军队和朝廷,男人的地位还是比女人高,预期寿命还是大约40岁,而且人体构造也绝不会有什么不同。所以,在1018年的时候,宋朝的穷人家会教小孩如何种稻或织布,有钱人家则是教男孩读经写字、骑马射箭,教女孩三从四德,当个好妻子。毫无疑问,这些技能到了1050年还是很重要。
5.   At length the boat touched the shore, but without effort,without shock, as lips touch lips; and he entered the grottoamidst continued strains of most delicious melody. Hedescended, or rather seemed to descend, several steps,inhaling the fresh and balmy air, like that which may besupposed to reign around the grotto of Circe, formed fromsuch perfumes as set the mind a dreaming, and such fires asburn the very senses; and he saw again all he had seenbefore his sleep, from Sinbad, his singular host, to Ali,the mute attendant; then all seemed to fade away and becomeconfused before his eyes, like the last shadows of the magiclantern before it is extinguished, and he was again in thechamber of statues, lighted only by one of those pale andantique lamps which watch in the dead of the night over thesleep of pleasure. They were the same statues, rich in form,in attraction. and poesy, with eyes of fascination, smilesof love, and bright and flowing hair. They were Phryne,Cleopatra, Messalina, those three celebrated courtesans.Then among them glided like a pure ray, like a Christianangel in the midst of Olympus, one of those chaste figures,those calm shadows, those soft visions, which seemed to veilits virgin brow before these marble wantons. Then the threestatues advanced towards him with looks of love, andapproached the couch on which he was reposing, their feethidden in their long white tunics, their throats bare, hairflowing like waves, and assuming attitudes which the godscould not resist, but which saints withstood, and looksinflexible and ardent like those with which the serpentcharms the bird; and then he gave way before looks that heldhim in a torturing grasp and delighted his senses as with avoluptuous kiss. It seemed to Franz that he closed his eyes,and in a last look about him saw the vision of modestycompletely veiled; and then followed a dream of passion likethat promised by the Prophet to the elect. Lips of stoneturned to flame, breasts of ice became like heated lava, sothat to Franz, yielding for the first time to the sway ofthe drug, love was a sorrow and voluptuousness a torture, asburning mouths were pressed to his thirsty lips, and he washeld in cool serpent-like embraces. The more he stroveagainst this unhallowed passion the more his senses yieldedto its thrall, and at length, weary of a struggle that taxedhis very soul, he gave way and sank back breathless andexhausted beneath the kisses of these marble goddesses, andthe enchantment of his marvellous dream.
6. 这是一名癌症晚期病人在这家杂货店盗窃的物品所值金额。


1. 1969年,英特尔生产出该公司第一个产品3101,这也是全球第一颗双极形半导体存储芯片;1971年推出全球第一颗微处理器4004;1972年又推出第一颗8位元处理器8008;1978年16位元处理器8086制作成功;1982年80286微处理器在英特尔人的手中诞生。微处理器负责个人电脑的基本运作,有“电脑的心脏”之称。1984年英特尔公司被美国《财经》杂志选为8家最具创新科技的公司之一。此时,英特尔公司已成为全球微处理器的主要生产者,英特尔公司看准了个人电脑市场的巨大潜力,全力开发更新微处理器。1985年,32位元的386芯片问世,内含27.5万颗晶体管;1989年,内含120万颗晶体管的486微处理器展示在世人面前;1992年,英特尔设计出含300万晶体管的新型处理器,一跃成为全球最大的半导体公司,为杜绝市场上出现新型微处理器的后患,英特尔公司没有沿袭传统的名称,直接称为586,而是成立一个由专家组成的命名小组,经过充分的市场调查和反复研究,再经过专门会议选择,最后向人公布,新一代微处理器叫“Pentium”。“Pent”是拉丁文“第五”的意思,正好和第五代微机处理器的身份相符,以“ium”作尾音,听起来像一种元素,亦很有意义,“Pent”和“ium”组的“Pentium”正是人们现在所说的“奔腾”。“奔腾”微处理器给了电脑一颗奔腾的“芯”,其超强的性能可见一斑。
2. 我这个人,除了工作、抽烟和睡觉,没有任何爱好。
3. 马宏彬表示,快手永不下场自己做内容,而是以基础设施的角色成为教育领域的一个真正玩家。
4. com共同,bat打,击-共同打-战斗com bat:共同生活的bat蝙蝠,免不了要combat
5. HTC指出,会继续在移动通讯、VR、区块链等领域创新产品和服务。
6. 空气净化机、空气净化设备、新风机、生命手机等。


1. 有医疗团队跟组吗?事故高发节目,配备专业医疗对于事故高发的录制,节目组一般会配备专业的医疗团队全程跟组。
2. 今日头条之后有抖音,抖音完了还有抖音的国际版TikTok。
3. 3. In Cannes, they speak English
4. 爷爷,您愿意与我结交,让我兴奋不已,更希望我们俩能成为最好最亲的家人
5. 华为的研发费用占收入的14%,拼多多目前的研发费用占收入比为15%,创立至今,拼多多技术工程师占整体员工比例始终维持在50%以上。
6. 那么,问题是,为什么是这三个而非其他?因为,新品、新客、新组织是一套完整、自洽的创新能力与创新机制。


1.   There was another silence.
2. 随后,民警发现厂内放置大量搭建钢架棚材料及电焊机、切割机等工具,并有搭建钢架棚立柱、架梁等施工痕迹。
3. It was not hard to speak, smooth and pleasant to the ear, and so easy to read and write that I marveled at it. They had an absolutely phonetic system, the whole thing was as scientific as Esparanto yet bore all the marks of an old and rich civilization.
4. 我合作的工厂有20年国内外一线品牌代工贴牌工厂经验。
5.   When the next foode was sent to Ferando, so much of the powder wasmingled with the wine, as would serve onely for foure houresentrauncing, in which time, they clothed him in his owne wearingapparell againe, the Abbot himselfe in person, and his honest trustyMonke of Bologna, conveying and laying him in the same vault under theTombe, where at the first they gave him buriall. The next morningfollowing, the breake of day, Ferando recovered his senses, and thorowdivers chinkes and crannies of the Tombe, descried daylight, which heehad not see in tenne moneths space before. Perceiving then plainely,that he was alive, he cryed out aloude, saying: Open, open, and letmee forth of Purgatory, for I have beene heere long enough inconscience. Thrusting up his head against the cover of the Tombe,which was not of any great strength, neither well closed together; heeput it quite off the Tombe, and so got forth upon his feete: atwhich instant time, the Monks having ended their morning Mattins,and hearing the noyse, ran in hast thither, and knowing the voyce ofFerando, saw that he was come forth of the Monument.
6. 这与招聘行为本身就很搭,即靠能力求职。


1.   "Madame," said the count, "it is no longer in my power torestore you to happiness, but I offer you consolation; willyou deign to accept it as coming from a friend?"
2.   She was terrifically cheerful at Wragby. And she used all her aroused cheerfulness and satisfaction to stimulate Clifford, so that he wrote his best at this time, and was almost happy in his strange blind way. He really reaped the fruits of the sensual satisfaction she got out of Michaelis' male passivity erect inside her. But of course he never knew it, and if he had, he wouldn't have said thank you!
3. 同时未来美团仍然需要进行很多地推方面的工作,这一块业务主要以前是王慧文负责,未来也需要由其他人来接手

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