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1. ['k?mb?t]
2.   'Mr. Dick. An old and intimate friend. On whose judgement,' said my aunt, with emphasis, as an admonition to Mr. Dick, who was biting his forefinger and looking rather foolish, 'I rely.'
3. Jeff, however, advanced and bowed in his best manner; so did we all, and we were saluted civilly by the tall-standing women.
4.   One of my other Consorts being by me, and perceiving in what anextreame agony I was; presently said unto me. My friend, what hastthou done more, then any of us here condemned with thee, that thoutremblest and quakest, being in so hot a fire? Oh my friend (quothI) I am in feare of a greater judgement then this, for a grievousoffence by mee heretofore committed while I lived. Then heedemaunded of mee what offence it was, whereto thus I answered. Itwas my chance in the other world, to be Godfather at a childsChristning, and afterward I grew so affectionate to the childs mother,as (indeed) I kissed her twice or thrise. My companyon laughing atme in mocking manner, replyed thus. Goe like an Asse as thou art,and be no more afraid hereafter, for here is no punishmentinflicted, in any kinde whatsoever, for such offences of frailtycommitted, especially with Gossips, as I my selfe can witnesse.
5.   They threw their spears as he bade them, but Minerva made them allof no effect. One hit the door post; another went against the door;the pointed shaft of another struck the wall; and as soon as theyhad avoided all the spears of the suitors Ulysses said to his own men,"My friends, I should say we too had better let drive into themiddle of them, or they will crown all the harm they have done us byus outright."
6. 第二条产品线,我们会围绕知识计算做各种垂直问答,比如搜狗明医,未来搜狗搜索也会提升知识服务能力。


1. 要理解杠杆的含义,最好的办法就是把普通证券投资组合想像成某种扁平而松散的东西,就像它的名称所暗示的那样。杠杆则引入了第三维:信用。于是原本松散、扁平的证券投资组合形成了一种本金支持信用的紧密型三维结构。
2. 《全球通史》上
3. 安全第一,我就留在江西吧。
4. 首先谈谈饥荒,几千年来这一直是人类最大的敌人。甚至在不久前,大多数人类仍然生活在生物贫穷线的边缘,再低一点就会落入营养不良和饥饿的状态。只要发生小失误,或是单纯有些运气不好,就很有可能把整个家庭或村庄判了死刑。如果一场大雨毁了你的麦田,或是强盗抢走了你养的羊群,你和亲人可能就会饿死。如果是整体的不幸或愚蠢行径,则会导致大规模的饥荒。在古埃及或中世纪印度,如果碰到严重干旱(这种情况并不少见),常常一下子就会有5%或10%的人死去。遇上干旱,就会出现粮食短缺;运输又太过缓慢,成本也太高,无法进口足够的食物;而且政府也,无力挽救局面。
5. 阿里应用分发的“青藤计划”在2017年开放10亿流量给开发者,相信像“橘子娱乐”这样的优质app将会得到更多机会。
6.   "'When you have reached this spot, as I now tell you, dig a trench acubit or so in length, breadth, and depth, and pour into it as adrink-offering to all the dead, first, honey mixed with milk, thenwine, and in the third place water-sprinkling white barley meal overthe whole. Moreover you must offer many prayers to the poor feebleghosts, and promise them that when you get back to Ithaca you willsacrifice a barren heifer to them, the best you have, and will loadthe pyre with good things. More particularly you must promise thatTeiresias shall have a black sheep all to himself, the finest in allyour flocks.


1. 在西汉时已经出现的多层建筑,到东汉时期得到了迅速发展。从出土的明器、画像砖和铜器上,用木架构成的多层楼阁和封建坞壁的门楼、望楼等,就是这一建筑形式的生动说明。这是在梁柱上再加梁柱的迭架技术的应用,表明了木结构技术的重大发展,奠定了后世木结构高层建筑的基础。
2.   'She never did so before,' at last said Bessie, turning to theAbigail.
3.   "Decidedly; and were you my son or my brother I would refuseyou in the same way."
4. 据说后来他一年时间都赋闲在家,找不到新工作。
5. 这就是说,未来30年,中国改革将步入一个新阶段,上一个新台阶,改革的重点和中心任务都将发生根本性的转变。这种转变是由社会所面临的主要矛盾和问题所决定的,我们讲要“改革顶层设计”,一个重要意蕴就是要正确把握社会历史发展的客观规律,防止片面性的认识,错失改革良机或改革的“机会窗口”,为国家和民族酿成危机或灾难。否则,我们就是历史的罪人,人民是不会宽恕我们的。
6.   For which he gan deliberate for the best, That though the lordes woulde that she went, He woulde suffer them grant what *them lest,* *they pleased* And tell his lady first what that they meant; And, when that she had told him her intent, Thereafter would he worken all so blive,* *speedily Though all the world against it woulde strive.


1. 吉林·长春:一确诊病例瞒报已致5人感染2月2日,长春市公安局朝阳区分局对王某某(男,50岁,已确诊为新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎病例并送至指定医院医治)涉嫌以危险方法危害公共安全罪立案侦查。
2. ↑请战书原文如下:如果时间拨回一周,我们还会不会做相同的决定。
3. 展开全文公司动向宝马采购100亿欧元电池,加速电动化宝马汽车本周四宣布,已经和中国电池制造商宁德时代以及韩国电池制造商三星SDI签署了价值超过100亿欧元的两份动力电池采购合同
4. 为维持用户习惯,拼多多不得不消耗大量补贴。
5. 同行见面的时候,相互问一句最近在看啥行业,拿出小本记一记,然后各自SayGoodbye。
6. 2019年8月26日,十三届全国人大常委会第十二次会议表决通过了修订后的《药品管理法》,同年12月1日正式实施。


1.   Inasmuch as peculiarities often appear under domestication in one sex and become hereditarily attached to that sex, the same fact probably occurs under nature, and if so, natural selection will be able to modify one sex in its functional relations to the other sex, or in relation to wholly different habits of life in the two sexes, as is sometimes the case with insects. And this leads me to say a few words on what I call Sexual Selection. This depends, not on a struggle for existence, but on a struggle between the males for possession of the females; the result is not death to the unsuccessful competitor, but few or no offspring. Sexual selection is, therefore, less rigorous than natural selection. Generally, the most vigorous males, those which are best fitted for their places in nature, will leave most progeny. But in many cases, victory will depend not on general vigour, but on having special weapons, confined to the male sex. A hornless stag or spurless cock would have a poor chance of leaving offspring. Sexual selection by always allowing the victor to breed might surely give indomitable courage, length to the spur, and strength to the wing to strike in the spurred leg, as well as the brutal cock-fighter, who knows well that he can improve his breed by careful selection of the best cocks. How low in the scale of nature this law of battle descends, I know not; male alligators have been described as fighting, bellowing, and whirling round, like Indians in a war-dance, for the possession of the females; male salmons have been seen fighting all day long; male stag-beetles often bear wounds from the huge mandibles of other males. The war is, perhaps, severest between the males of polygamous animals, and these seem oftenest provided with special weapons. The males of carnivorous animals are already well armed; though to them and to others, special means of defence may be given through means of sexual selection, as the mane to the lion, the shoulder-pad to the boar, and the hooked jaw to the male salmon; for the shield may be as important for victory, as the sword or spear.Amongst birds, the contest is often of a more peaceful character. All those who have attended to the subject, believe that there is the severest rivalry between the males of many species to attract by singing the females. The rock-thrush of Guiana, birds of paradise, and some others, congregate; and successive males display their gorgeous plumage and perform strange antics before the females, which standing by as spectators, at last choose the most attractive partner. Those who have closely attended to birds in confinement well know that they often take individual preferences and dislikes: thus Sir R. Heron has described how one pied peacock was eminently attractive to all his hen birds. It may appear childish to attribute any effect to such apparently weak means: I cannot here enter on the details necessary to support this view; but if man can in a short time give elegant carriage and beauty to his bantams, according to his standard of beauty, I can see no good reason to doubt that female birds, by selecting, during thousands of generations, the most melodious or beautiful males, according to their standard of beauty, might produce a marked effect. I strongly suspect that some well-known laws with respect to the plumage of male and female birds, in comparison with the plumage of the young, can be explained on the view of plumage having been chiefly modified by sexual selection, acting when the birds have come to the breeding age or during the breeding season; the modifications thus produced being inherited at corresponding ages or seasons, either by the males alone, or by the males and females; but I have not space here to enter on this subject.Thus it is, as I believe, that when the males and females of any animal have the same general habits of life, but differ in structure, colour, or ornament, such differences have been mainly caused by sexual selection; that is, individual males have had, in successive generations, some slight advantage over other males, in their weapons, means of defence, or charms; and have transmitted these advantages to their male offspring. Yet, I would not wish to attribute all such sexual differences to this agency: for we see peculiarities arising and becoming attached to the male sex in our domestic animals (as the wattle in male carriers, horn-like protuberances in the cocks of certain fowls, &c.), which we cannot believe to be either useful to the males in battle, or attractive to the females. We see analogous cases under nature, for instance, the tuft of hair on the breast of the turkey-cock, which can hardly be either useful or ornamental to this bird; indeed, had the tuft appeared under domestication, it would have been called a monstrosity.
2. 与此同时,速冻食品的市场也将迎来新的发展浪潮。
3. 对荔枝来说,我们已经形成了自己的UGC生态,这需要时间、需要耐心、需要积累,相对的好处就是护城河会比较高。

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      I mean by this expression that the whole organisation is so tied together during its growth and development, that when slight variations in any one part occur, and are accumulated through natural selection, other parts become modified. This is a very important subject, most imperfectly understood. The most obvious case is, that modifications accumulated solely for the good of the young or larva, will, it may safely be concluded, affect the structure of the adult; in the same manner as any malconformation affecting the early embryo, seriously affects the whole organisation of the adult. The several parts of the body which are homologous, and which, at an early embryonic period, are alike, seem liable to vary in an allied manner: we see this in the right and left sides of the body varying in the same manner; in the front and hind legs, and even in the jaws and limbs, varying together, for the lower jaw is believed to be homologous with the limbs. These tendencies, I do not doubt, may be mastered more or less completely by natural selection: thus a family of stags once existed with an antler only on one side; and if this had been of any great use to the breed it might probably have been rendered permanent by natural selection.Homologous parts, as has been remarked by some authors, tend to cohere; this is often seen in monstrous plants; and nothing is more common than the union of homologous parts in normal structures, as the union of the petals of the corolla into a tube. Hard parts seem to affect the form of adjoining soft parts; it is believed by some authors that the diversity in the shape of the pelvis in birds causes the remarkable diversity in the shape of their kidneys. Others believe that the shape of the pelvis in the human mother influences by pressure the shape of the head of the child. In snakes, according to Schlegel, the shape of the body and the manner of swallowing determine the position of several of the most important viscera.

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      You may imagine the rage and terror that seized us as we watched them, neither daring to hinder them nor able to speak a word to deter them from their purpose, whatever it might be. Of this we were not left long in doubt. Hoisting the sails, and cutting the cable of the anchor, they sailed our vessel to an island which lay a little further off, where they drove us ashore; then taking possession of her, they made off to the place from which they had come, leaving us helpless upon a shore avoided with horror by all mariners for a reason which you will soon learn.