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1.   I would entreat your friendly care! I've youthful blood and courage high; Ofgold I bring a fair supply; To let me go my mother was not fain; But here Ilonged true knowledge to attain.
2. 这一次,湖人队处境不错,而且不需要赶着去做什么事,给他们点时间,看看他们到底会怎样。用这样的防守质量他们很难进入季后赛,但是这并不是这个赛季的重点。
3.   Inasmuch as peculiarities often appear under domestication in one sex and become hereditarily attached to that sex, the same fact probably occurs under nature, and if so, natural selection will be able to modify one sex in its functional relations to the other sex, or in relation to wholly different habits of life in the two sexes, as is sometimes the case with insects. And this leads me to say a few words on what I call Sexual Selection. This depends, not on a struggle for existence, but on a struggle between the males for possession of the females; the result is not death to the unsuccessful competitor, but few or no offspring. Sexual selection is, therefore, less rigorous than natural selection. Generally, the most vigorous males, those which are best fitted for their places in nature, will leave most progeny. But in many cases, victory will depend not on general vigour, but on having special weapons, confined to the male sex. A hornless stag or spurless cock would have a poor chance of leaving offspring. Sexual selection by always allowing the victor to breed might surely give indomitable courage, length to the spur, and strength to the wing to strike in the spurred leg, as well as the brutal cock-fighter, who knows well that he can improve his breed by careful selection of the best cocks. How low in the scale of nature this law of battle descends, I know not; male alligators have been described as fighting, bellowing, and whirling round, like Indians in a war-dance, for the possession of the females; male salmons have been seen fighting all day long; male stag-beetles often bear wounds from the huge mandibles of other males. The war is, perhaps, severest between the males of polygamous animals, and these seem oftenest provided with special weapons. The males of carnivorous animals are already well armed; though to them and to others, special means of defence may be given through means of sexual selection, as the mane to the lion, the shoulder-pad to the boar, and the hooked jaw to the male salmon; for the shield may be as important for victory, as the sword or spear.Amongst birds, the contest is often of a more peaceful character. All those who have attended to the subject, believe that there is the severest rivalry between the males of many species to attract by singing the females. The rock-thrush of Guiana, birds of paradise, and some others, congregate; and successive males display their gorgeous plumage and perform strange antics before the females, which standing by as spectators, at last choose the most attractive partner. Those who have closely attended to birds in confinement well know that they often take individual preferences and dislikes: thus Sir R. Heron has described how one pied peacock was eminently attractive to all his hen birds. It may appear childish to attribute any effect to such apparently weak means: I cannot here enter on the details necessary to support this view; but if man can in a short time give elegant carriage and beauty to his bantams, according to his standard of beauty, I can see no good reason to doubt that female birds, by selecting, during thousands of generations, the most melodious or beautiful males, according to their standard of beauty, might produce a marked effect. I strongly suspect that some well-known laws with respect to the plumage of male and female birds, in comparison with the plumage of the young, can be explained on the view of plumage having been chiefly modified by sexual selection, acting when the birds have come to the breeding age or during the breeding season; the modifications thus produced being inherited at corresponding ages or seasons, either by the males alone, or by the males and females; but I have not space here to enter on this subject.Thus it is, as I believe, that when the males and females of any animal have the same general habits of life, but differ in structure, colour, or ornament, such differences have been mainly caused by sexual selection; that is, individual males have had, in successive generations, some slight advantage over other males, in their weapons, means of defence, or charms; and have transmitted these advantages to their male offspring. Yet, I would not wish to attribute all such sexual differences to this agency: for we see peculiarities arising and becoming attached to the male sex in our domestic animals (as the wattle in male carriers, horn-like protuberances in the cocks of certain fowls, &c.), which we cannot believe to be either useful to the males in battle, or attractive to the females. We see analogous cases under nature, for instance, the tuft of hair on the breast of the turkey-cock, which can hardly be either useful or ornamental to this bird; indeed, had the tuft appeared under domestication, it would have been called a monstrosity.
4. 当日,江某中和妻子顾某(市中心医院消化科医生)停止上班。
5.   The hard air was still sulphurous, but they were both used to it. Round the near horizon went the haze, opalescent with frost and smoke, and on the top lay the small blue sky; so that it was like being inside an enclosure, always inside. Life always a dream or a frenzy, inside an enclosure.
6.   He being not a little proud of this her bountifull offer (havingnever bestowed any gift on her, because by no meanes shee wouldadmit it) after many sweet kisses and embraces; departed thence, tothe place where the Merchants usually frequented: resorting to her(from time to time) as occasion served, and paying not one single penyfor all his wanton pleasure, by which cunning baytes (at length) shecaught him.


1. 这是我们夫妻第二次中国之行。
2. 阿里巴巴董事局主席兼首席执行官张勇在致辞中说:今天这10位来自全球的客户,代表了阿里巴巴的未来,代表了阿里巴巴的全球化,我们会坚定地和他们一起走下去、闯下去。
3.   "It shows, my dear Watson, that we are dealing with an exceptionallyastute and dangerous man. The Rev. Dr. Shlessinger, missionary fromSouth America, is none other than Holy Peters, one of the mostunscrupulous rascals that Australia has ever evolved- and for ayoung country it has turned out some very finished types. Hisparticular specialty is the beguiling of lonely ladies by playing upontheir religious feelings, and his so-called wife, an Englishwomannamed Fraser, is a worthy helpmate. The nature of his tacticssuggested his identity to me, and this physical peculiarity- he wasbadly bitten in a saloon-fight at Adelaide in '89- confirmed mysuspicion. This poor lady is in the hands of a most infernal couple,who will stick at nothing, Watson. That she is already dead is avery likely supposition. If not, she is undoubtedly in some sort ofconfinement and unable to write to Miss Dobney or her other friends.It is always possible that she never reached London, or that she haspassed through it, but the former is improbable, as, with their systemof registration, it is not easy for foreigners to play tricks with theContinental police; and the latter is also unlikely, as these roguescould not hope to find any other place where it would be as easy tokeep a person under restraint. All my instincts tell me that she is inLondon, but as we have at present no possible means of tellingwhere, we can only take the obvious steps, eat our dinner, and possessour souls in patience. Later in the evening I will stroll down andhave a word with friend Lestrade at Scotland Yard."
4. Given that travel costs to Russia may surge in 2018 when the FIFA World Cup will take place there, visiting this year would be a smarter choice.
5. 在新年特别节目年菜系列中,甄甄就穿上了一身喜庆的传统服饰,甄甄也表示,为了让观众有新鲜感,她每周都会去做一个新造型。
6. 我可以不用着急忙慌地早起,可以打扮得干净利落出现在办公室,可以给小窝添置新的家居用品。


1. 我说过了,传统的生产分析重于农业。然而,到了十九世纪末期,马歇尔开始重视工业。当时的一般看法,是增加生产时,农业的平均成本偏于上升,工业的偏于下降──economiesofscale是也。其中最重要的一点,是工业生产加上了「上头成本」(overheadcosts),马歇尔称之为supplementarycosts。跟在这题材上耕耘的有克拉克(JMClark,1923)、高斯(RHCoase,1938)等人。这些名家的分析都不完善,是要修改、补充一下的。今天,一般的经济学者认为上头成本不重要,所以书本上很少提及。这是不对的。
2. 这批人的崛起,引起了心理测验学家的关注,他们急着想知道这群男男女女是些什么样的人,急着想闹清楚他们是从什么背景中涌现出来的。他们搞了一次调查,找了64名物理学家,其中有22名是全国知名的。调查发现,中西部和太平洋沿岸的小型文科院校培养的科学家最多。从他们的家庭背景看,实验物理学家的一半,理论物理学家的84%,是工程师、医生、教师等自由职业者的儿子。农家子弟也有,但屈指可数。他们的父亲至少是一个熟练工人。父亲是商人的寥如晨星。还有一个值得注意的现象:他们几乎清一色是第一个出生的儿子。另外也发现,理论物理学家平均有最高的语言智商,在170左右,几乎超过实验物理学家的20%。理论物理学家的平均空间智商也最高,实验物理学家居次席。
3. 这时,阿黑麻死,吐鲁番诸子争位内乱,真帖木儿不敢返回,留居甘州。
4.   On the other side, Titus hearing these uncivill acclamations, becamemuch moved and provoked at them, but knowing it was a custome observedamong the Greeks, to be so much the more hurried away with rumours andthreatnings, as lesse they finde them to be answered, and when theyfinde them, shew themselves not onely humble enough, but rather asbase men, and of no courage; he resolved with himselfe, that theirbraveries were no longer to be enclured, without some bold and manlyanswere. And having a Romane heart, as also an Athenian understanding,by politique perswasions, he caused the kinred of Gisippus andSophronia, to be assembled in a Temple, and himselfe commingthither, accompanied with none but Gisippus onely, he began to deliverhis minde before them all, in this manner following.
5. 据郭师傅透露,一般情况下,开发商很少出现对验房师动粗的情况,一旦遭遇类似情况,尽量去沟通和化解,遇到这种场合不能硬碰硬,打起来自己也有责任。
6.   That varieties of this doubtful nature are far from uncommon cannot be disputed. Compare the several floras of Great Britain, of France or of the United States, drawn up by different botanists, and see what a surprising number of forms have been ranked by one botanist as good species, and by another as mere varieties. Mr H. C. Watson, to whom I lie under deep obligation for assistance of all kinds, has marked for me 182 British plants, which are generally considered as varieties, but which have all been ranked by botanists as species; and in making this list he has omitted many trifling varieties, but which nevertheless have been ranked by some botanists as species, and he has entirely omitted several highly polymorphic genera. Under genera, including the most polymorphic forms, Mr Babington gives 251 species, whereas Mr Bentham gives only 112, a difference of 139 doubtful forms! Amongst animals which unite for each birth, and which are highly locomotive, doubtful forms, ranked by one zoologist as a species and by another as a variety, can rarely be found within the same country, but are common in separated areas. How many of those birds and insects in North America and Europe, which differ very slightly from each other, have been ranked by one eminent naturalist as undoubted species, and by another as varieties, or, as they are often called, as geographical races! Many years ago, when comparing, and seeing others compare, the birds from the separate islands of the Galapagos Archipelago, both one with another, and with those from the American mainland, I was much struck how entirely vague and arbitrary is the distinction between species and varieties. On the islets of the little Madeira group there are many insects which are characterized as varieties in Mr Wollaston's admirable work, but which it cannot be doubted would be ranked as distinct species by many entomologists. Even Ireland has a few animals, now generally regarded as varieties, but which have been ranked as species by some zoologists. Several most experienced ornithologists consider our British red grouse as only a strongly-marked race of a Norwegian species, whereas the greater number rank it as an undoubted species peculiar to Great Britain. A wide distance between the homes of two doubtful forms leads many naturalists to rank both as distinct species; but what distance, it has been well asked, will suffice? if that between America and Europe is ample, will that between the Continent and the Azores, or Madeira, or the Canaries, or Ireland, be sufficient? It must be admitted that many forms, considered by highly-competent judges as varieties, have so perfectly the character of species that they are ranked by other highly-competent judges as good and true species. But to discuss whether they are rightly called species or varieties, before any definition of these terms has been generally accepted, is vainly to beat the air.Many of the cases of strongly-marked varieties or doubtful species well deserve consideration; for several interesting lines of argument, from geographical distribution, analogical variation, hybridism, &c., have been brought to bear on the attempt to determine their rank. I will here give only a single instance, the well-known one of the primrose and cowslip, or Primula veris and elatior. These plants differ considerably in appearance; they have a different flavour and emit a different odour; they flower at slightly different periods; they grow in somewhat different stations; they ascend mountains to different heights; they have different geographical ranges; and lastly, according to very numerous experiments made during several years by that most careful observer G?rtner, they can be crossed only with much difficulty. We could hardly wish for better evidence of the two forms being specifically distinct. On the other hand, they are united by many intermediate links, and it is very doubtful whether these links are hybrids; and there is, as it seems to me, an overwhelming amount of experimental evidence, showing that they descend from common parents, and consequently must be ranked as varieties.Close investigation, in most cases, will bring naturalists to an agreement how to rank doubtful forms. Yet it must be confessed, that it is in the best-known countries that we find the greatest number of forms of doubtful value. I have been struck with the fact, that if any animal or plant in a state of nature be highly useful to man, or from any cause closely attract his attention, varieties of it will almost universally be found recorded. These varieties, moreover, will be often ranked by some authors as species. Look at the common oak, how closely it has been studied; yet a German author makes more than a dozen species out of forms, which are very generally considered as varieties; and in this country the highest botanical authorities and practical men can be quoted to show that the sessile and pedunculated oaks are either good and distinct species or mere varieties.


1.   I will be there, you may be sure.
2.   I am not able to expresse their counterchanges of courtesie,Saladine commanding him to be cloathed in Royall garments, andbrought into the presence of his very greatest Lords, where havingspoken liberally in his due commendation, he commanded them tohonour him as himselfe, if they expected any grace or favour from him,which every one did immediatly, but (above all the rest) those twoBaschaes, which accompanied Saladine at his house. The greatnesse ofthis pompe and glory, so suddenly throwne on Signior Thorello, madehim halfe forget all matters of Lomberdie; and so much the rather,because he had no doubt at all, but that his letters, were safely cometo the hands of his Uncle.
3. 专业投资大约可以比做报纸举办的比赛,这些比赛由参加者从100张照片当中选出6张最漂亮的面孔,谁的答案最接近全体参加者作为一个整体得出的平均答案,谁就能获奖;因此,每个参加者必须挑选的并非他自己认为最漂亮的面孔,而是他认为最能吸引其他参加者注意力的面孔,这些其他参加者也正以同样的方式考虑这个问题。现在要选的不是根据个人最佳判断确定的真正最漂亮的面孔,甚至也不是一般人的意见认为的真正最漂亮的面孔。我们必须做出第三种选择,即运用我们的智慧预计一般人的意见认为一般人的意见应该是什么。[12]
4. 报告指出,对大公司的纳税审查往往只关注税收准备金,而这并不总是政府实际收到的税款金额。
5. 中国在振兴经济和改建军队方面的失败,必然导致西方与日俱增的渗透和控制。欧洲列强向北京政府提供了许多贷款,但贷款前它们常常施加压力、以准许债权人控制中国部分经济为贷款条件。欧洲列强在中国各港口获取租界是它们施加经济影响的另一手段。最大的租界是上海“公共租界”,它已发展成一个独立自主的城市国家;在那里,中国的法律不适用,中国的法院和警察设有管辖权。这些租界极大地影响了中国的经济。中国的经济以往一向是自给自足、以田地为基础,但现在,它愈来愈依赖外国人控制的沿海城市,尤其是上海。西方列强除了控制沿岸港口外,还控制了一些大的内河航道,他们维持着几支炮舰舰队,在从上海到重庆1500哩长的、横穿中国中心的长江中巡逻。实际上,英国海军中有位军官还拥有“长江海军少将”的头衔,这一头衔是颇能说明问题的。
6. 安徽五溪山色大酒店(星牌号:3450020)4。


1. 是的,智利的精英们在推动经济增长和社会进步,在某些情况下,也采取一些具体措施解决国家长期存在的不平等问题。但是,和这些精英们的谈话常常会包括一些更为复杂的意外话题。在和智利一家主要木材企业的高层领导人谈话时,我能察觉到他对现状的满意和支持。他的公司统治了市场,当被问到智利是否需要做更多的工作以吸引外国投资时,这位首席执行官迟疑了。“是的,投资是好事。”他慢条斯理地说,但是他的话和他选择用词时的停顿暗示他的本意恰恰相反。不难想见,他对来自跨国公司的竞争充满防备。直到现在,智利重要的经济部门仍由两三家公司把持,这些公司多半是典型的地方企业或者和地方利益紧密联系的企业。企业家的创业活动受到明显制约。中小企业取得很大成功的故事寥寥无几。智利已经得到很大的发展,并实现了现代化,但是社会和结构性的现状仍然没有得到显著的改善,像那位木材公司的首席执行官这样的精英就乐于接受这样的现状。在很多方面,财富和权力的分配有其历史渊源,不平等现象可以追溯到殖民地时代,不仅是在智利,而且在整个拉丁美洲都有这类问题。那些本可以促进平等的重要资源却主要为精英们所有,因此这些不平等现象始终存在,如教育,只被少数人享有,因而导致不平等更加恶化。
2.   4. See the account of the vision of Croesus in The Monk's Tale.
3. 在2017年,只有头部、腰部和垂直大号,才可能看到希望,其他的很可能回到原点,或者沦为炮灰。

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