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1. (海外网/魏雪巍实习编译/彭卫冕)。
2.   Scarcely had it uttered these words than the king died, and the head lost also the little life that had remained in it.
3.   The light in the prince's room surprised her, and without disturbing the slave, who slept across the threshold, she entered the room, and approaching the bed was still more astonished to find it occupied.
4. 然后……嗯,没有然后了。
5.   "But the Bastille?" said Aramis.
6. 一开始你甚至没留意,但你会注意到。


1. 对此,当地教育部门、涉事学校以及该家长群的群主,都应从各自角度反思家长群管理缺失的问题。
2. 苹果从一开始就非常关注隐私。
3.   "ELMAN.
4. 由于预备党员在预备期间没有表决权、选举权和被选举权,因而他在党内的生活与工作不能不受到一定的限制
5.   Mephistopheles
6.   "And don't you know where he is?"


1. 首先,在大企业里面工作,天然和它所在行业产业绑定,无论能源产业还是电子产业,都是一个很典型的传统大产业。
2.   `So-ho!' the guard sang out, as loud as he could roar. `Yo there! Stand! I shall fire!'
3.   I and my pupil dined as usual in Mrs. Fairfax's parlour; theafternoon was wild and snowy, and we passed it in the schoolroom. Atdark I allowed Adele to put away books and work, and to rundownstairs; for, from the comparative silence below, and from thecessation of appeals to the door-bell, I conjectured that Mr.Rochester was now at liberty. Left alone, I walked to the window;but nothing was to be seen thence: twilight and snowflakes togetherthickened the air, and hid the very shrubs on the lawn. I let down thecurtain and went back to the fireside.
4.   The evening wind made such a disturbance just now, among some tall old elm-trees at the bottom of the garden, that neither my mother nor Miss Betsey could forbear glancing that way. As the elms bent to one another, like giants who were whispering secrets, and after a few seconds of such repose, fell into a violent flurry, tossing their wild arms about, as if their late confidences were really too wicked for their peace of mind, some weatherbeaten ragged old rooks' nests, burdening their higher branches, swung like wrecks upon a stormy sea.
5. 不仅花费成本更多,还有可能对作物健康造成损害。
6.   Clifford only sulked, and would not answer.


1.   "To the installation of my rival at M. Danglars'."
2. 他在为海军的某项科研实验做理论性的计算。总之,他一直没有参与曼蛤吨工程。为什么会是这样?对此,布什在一次高级研究所所长会议上曾经指出部分原因,他说:我根本不敢相信,如果我让爱因斯坦完全接触这个题目,他不会去讨论不应该讨论的问题……我非常希望我可以把整个工作同他说明……但鉴于在华盛顿这里的人们对他的态度,这是完全不可能的,这些人对他的全部历史进行过研究……“华盛顿这里的人们”当然是指政府方面的决策者们。“对他的态度”,取决于“对他的全部历史进行过研究”。这些人不喜欢爱因斯坦的和平主义倾向,可能还不太喜欢他的犹太主义。他们像布什一样,担心爱因斯坦会发起讨论那些与工程无关的问题,从而造成工程的不安全。
3. 赵俊霞还出示了9958与吴花燕、吴江龙、侯志雄以及在有30人的花燕帮扶群同学微信群众聊天记录。
4. 一分钱近年来参加了多次国际性创业大赛,屡屡获奖。
5. 《全球通史》下
6. 狄含笑  长安路派出所刘警官告诉红星新闻记者,截至目前仍未有狄含笑的消息,至于李某的下落,刘警官称警方在审查,这方面不希望有过多的介入。


1. This she laughingly disclaimed. "By no means. We are, as you soon found out, extremely limited in knowledge. I wish you could realize what a ferment the country is in over the new things you have told us; the passionate eagerness among thousands of us to go to your country and learn--learn--learn! But what we do know is readily divisible into common knowledge and special knowledge. The common knowledge we have long since learned to feed into the minds of our little ones with no waste of time or strength; the special knowledge is open to all, as they desire it. Some of us specialize in one line only. But most take up several --some for their regular work, some to grow with."
2.   Carrie almost trembled for her daring after she had said this.All members of the company had been warned that to interpolatelines or "business" meant a fine or worse. She did not know whatto think.
3. 足够的资金将源源拨出。

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