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1. 2018年9月11日,王某将摄像机、视听播放器送至蒋某家中,称摄像机36000元、视听播放器320元。
2.   `Don't you cry then!' she said, bending in front of the child. `See what I've got for you!'
3. 十、出海全球化是很多教育公司的梦想。
4. 文化程度均为小学的父母,子女总平均成绩分别为68.52和67.60,不到70分,而文化程度为大专及以上父母,其子女总平均成绩为81.68和82.87,均超过了80分。
5. 一般在工程样机之前的研发行为,我都称之为工程验证。
6. Becky lost her breath again.


1.   There was a quick step on the stairs, a sharp tap at the door, and amoment later the new client presented himself. He was a tall, handsomeyouth about thirty, well dressed and elegant, but with something inhis bearing which suggested the shyness of the student rather than theself-possession of the man of the world. He shook hands with Holmes,and then looked with some surprise at me.
2. 无忧曾在淘宝直播取得过前三的成绩。
3. To ease women's concerns following the implementation of the two-child policy, the country should put in place more explicit regulations banning discrimination against women. These could include requiring companies to have a certain percentage of female employees, as well as tax cuts or other preferential measures to encourage employers to effectively implement the extended maternity leave regulation for female workers.
4.   "Do not think of revenge, or anything of the sort, at present.I think that we may gain that by means of the law; but we have ourweb to weave, while theirs is already woven. The firstconsideration is to remove the pressing danger which threatensyou. The second is to clear up the mystery and to punish theguilty parties."
5.   "The study does not take long; it was acting as asupernumerary that was so tedious."
6.   "I have spoken to you indiscreetly about Danglars."


1.   Anyhow everything was terribly silly, and she was exasperatedly bored by it all, by Clifford, by Aunt Eva, by Olive and Jack, and Winterslow, and even by Dukes. Talk, talk, talk! What hell it was, the continual rattle of it!
2. 凯度消费的研究显示,消费者处于健康考虑将减少对传统的菜市场的光顾,疫情将进一步扩大对电商和O2O配送服务的需求,尤其是生鲜品类。
3.   Mr. Murdstone seemed afraid of a renewal of hostilities, and interposing began:
4. 看到这样的举动,超市工作人员判断该女子很有可能是在行窃,于是加强了观察。
5.   2. The young oak leaves are red or ashen coloured.
6.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


1. 再如,第2条随礼往来一二百、不把‘人情变成债,旨在倡导在人情交往方面随礼不搞攀比,避免正常的人情消费成为一种负担,在面上形成重情义、轻礼金的社会共识。
2. 这些是种子,要靠这些种子去不停地影响更多的人。
3.   "'First he will look over all his seals, and count them; then,when he has seen them and tallied them on his five fingers, he will goto sleep among them, as a shepherd among his sheep. The moment you seethat he is asleep seize him; put forth all your strength and holdhim fast, for he will do his very utmost to get away from you. He willturn himself into every kind of creature that goes upon the earth, andwill become also both fire and water; but you must hold him fast andgrip him tighter and tighter, till he begins to talk to you andcomes back to what he was when you saw him go to sleep; then you mayslacken your hold and let him go; and you can ask him which of thegods it is that is angry with you, and what you must do to reachyour home over the seas.'
4. 随后,新京报记者来到了位于开元社区办公楼五楼的该项目解决问题办公室,在该办公室进门处的墙面上张贴的协议书显示,待华元·一世界南区项目具备预售条件后,购房者须在30内按照7520元/平方米的价格与和锦公司签订合同并交付购房款。
5. [smɑ:t]
6. 但如果把前五家公司的营收规模加总,美股阵营营收总额则是A股阵营的28倍。


1. 因此,有众多的新型电视栏目,可以供本就多才多艺的赵忠祥们展示才华。
2. 点击进入专题:武汉发生新型冠状病毒肺炎。
3. 但石油是不可再生资源,沙特没有像两伊、土耳其那样充分的战略转圜空间,因为这些国家即使没有石油,也能够通过本土的工农业生产或者贸易来维持。

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